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Sunday, November 16

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

And the on top of the "Must Eat" list was Chicken Rice. And in this case Hainan Chicken Rice Ball. The name of the place is Hoe Kee and it's highly recommended by both my friend MD and CP. I noticed that most of the restaurant located along Jonker were all very long. The shop it self is really long, so they were able to fit a lot of customers behind their shop.

So here's the famous chicken rice ball. We need to take in some normal rice as they do not have sufficient ball rice for us all. Are they for real? Not to say that spectacular compared to the one which I ate on my previously trip at Melaka Raya.
Steamed White Chicken and some chicken liver as normal. Chicken was soft and tender as it should be. Not bad but nothing much to brag about either. We had ordered 2 plates of cabbages too as we though we don't get enough green during the whole trip. This was one of the last meal we had before we left. Luckily I had a good breakfast that morning so I wasn't totally disappointed bout the chicken rice. I think some of them understand what I meant from this. LOL! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

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