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Sunday, November 16

Ban Lee Siang

Second food which you must eat in Malacca, Satey Celup. And there is only two places worth mentioning (which I visited before and the only one I know). One of it was Capitol and the other is Ban Lee Siang. We had decided to visit Ban Lee Siang for this trip.
We got over quite early but there were already a lot of people sitting in front of the stall. So we found a table at the back of the restaurant. Nice~!

Once seated QQ had ordered 4 plates of bread. Too much??!! Definitely. LOL!! The sauce was freshly prepared when we arrived. So I assumed we are the first to dip our food into it. Good thing about arriving early.
So here are some of the food which we had ordered that day. So at the end we managed to eat close to 200 sticks. Not that much actually as one of my friend from Malacca previously could eat close to 60 sticks alone. Yes, I am not shitting you in here. LOL!! Normal stick cost RM0.50 while the red stick cost RM0.60. Total damage plus a mountain of drinks amounted to RM14/head (9 pax).

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