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Thursday, March 15

The Waiting

I had been waiting for this car to be launch for weeks. Well weeks turn to months actually. Yup, I had decided to change my car recently. Initial choices were:

1) Nissan Selphy 2.0 for 114K. They even have throw in the GPS and Impulse body kit FOC. As usual higher resell value on my current car and special 2-3K discount. But then most of my friends recommended not to get it.

2) Toyota Wish 1.8 (recon) for 120K-130K. Decided to go for MPV at this point. Went to Naza to surveyed and found out that there's no warranty for recon cars. A bit worried and decided to call off the decision.

3) Perodua Alza 1.6 Premium for 64K. I am actually 90% decided to get this car and even sent my current car for revalue. But decided to put it on hold at the very last minute since I decided to wait for the next car which is

4) Hyundai Elantra 1.6HS which has been delayed for such a long time. This car has been available since last year but due to pricing issue between SD and government side, this car has been in the warehouse for so long. The car was put on display on road show for so long now. Speculated price would be 95K for the 1.6 HS and 1.8 would be 115K. Now the date that they set for launching would be 28 March. Hopefully they won't delay it again since Proton had just launched their P3-21A.

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