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Thursday, December 31

Bye Bye 2009, Hello 2010

It's like a blink of an eye and it's the end of the year already. But like they always say, every ending is a new beginning waiting for you. So let us look back on what we had achieved this year. For me, if I am not mistaken, I had some resolution made earlier of the year. And I was thinking back of the resolutions which I had made and I think I had managed to achieved all of them. Being getting a house my main priority, I had managed to achieved last Apr. So what do I need to do next year? Well I think there is only one thing left to do after getting a house. And we all know what that is.  Here wishing my readers an early

Happy New Year and Cheers~!!

Wednesday, December 30

You Sure Boh??

I know some of my readers like some drama-ness in my posts sometimes to get her through the morning or night. So I went to DU FF as usual tonight and as usual I will take a bath and change before sipping my coffee and reading the paper. So since the towel is wet, I will exchange a new fresh towel from the front desk. But the lady at the front desk or actually a consultant (cause of the uniform color) told me that she can't get me a new towel. I was a bit shocked and I asked

Me: Why? I always get a second towel in every gym I went to EVEN over here (DU).

Lady: I don't think so. It's our rules to only gave out one towel per member as we DO NOT HAVE SUFFICIENT towels for the whole gym.

Me: (I was like) HUH?? (Sure Boh??) But I had been taking SECOND towels from your gym BEFORE and they never said ANYTHING!? Why is this different?

Lady: I think you had mistaken, can you let me know who gave you the towels previously? As they are not allowed to do so. Do you KNOW that we DON'T HAVE ENOUGH towels for members for those who came after 8 or so?!! And why do you need and extra one??

Me: (WTF??!!) Your front desk lady and some other guys. But that is beside the point. Why is such a large gym do not have sufficient towels for members? Do you mean to tell me that I can only get one towel per day? So why the hell did I paid the extra for the towel service for? I just bathed and the towel is wet, and I need to bath again after the class around 8pm, so ARE YOU TELLING me to STICK this WET TOWEL into my locker and wait for it to DRY for 2 hours? If so you need to inform me earlier so I won't bath first.

Lady: (Pass me a new towel)

Me: Thank You (smirk!)

By the way, I had asked WC before if they are allowed to give me the second towel and they said it's alright. So what's the fuss about? Not enough towel then buy MORE la! DUH?!!!

Monday, December 28


One setback or rather missing in my iPhone would be the feature of multitasking or opening few apps at the same time. Imagine you found a website and need to copy part of the info into your note and at the same time reading your RSS feed and playing a game. Now imagine switching back and forth, damn fussy. It's very common for me as I opened and closes a lot of apps back and forth. Although it's quite fast but still there is the loading time in between apps. So here come the multitasking apps from Cydia which solved the problem. It's called ProSwitcher and it's still under Beta version. But trust me, it's so damn good and stable. Now I can switch back and forth between apps without having to load it again and again. Although it takes up a bit of memory but for 3GS users, this is not a problem. I am not sure why Apple didn't consider of adding this feature to the iPhone but that's what Cydia for. And Yes, you need to JB your iPhone to download the apps. Enjoy~

Sunday, December 27

Avatar The Movie

To be honest I am not a bit interested in this movie or even going to watch it after I watched the trailer few weeks back. To me it's a bit too fantasy to me. But after several of my friends watched it and told me that it was really good and some even said that it's even better than 2012. This I had to watch it myself and decide on my own. Some of my friends even recommended me to watch it on 3D. My last 3D movie would be G-Force and the last experience was good, so I thought this would be a great experience if the movie is as good as I heard. The movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long but you don't really felt it's that long. That's what make it so good to watch. The director is none other than James Cameron who brought you Titanic. *spoiler read on*

The movie tells of a marine named Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) who lost his leg in an accident while is twin brother was killed during a robbery. He had nothing to loose when the company had asked him to participate in an experiment which supposedly planned for his dead brother. The task is to travel to a new planet called Pandora and infiltrate the colonial there called the Na'vi. Because of some valuable rock which the planet offers, the company wanted to harvest it but the main source of these rock are beneath Na'vi sacred tree or home. Jake's mind is transferred into one of the Na'vi and with the help of Dr. Grace (Sigourney Weaver), he managed to gained the trust of the Na'vi people. All thank to Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) who convinced his people that Jake is different. So the story tells how Jake started to learn the way of the Na'vi and becoming more like them rather than his own race. But he almost forgotten that he had a dead line to meet before the company launch the strike force to take down the big tree. At that moment, Jake is torn between betraying his own kind or the Na'vi who already accepted him as one of them.

So what is my opinion? Breathtaking graphics, superb story line and great directing and acting. Although there are no big names in the movie (except Sigourney Weaver), but the actors managed to portrayed the character they are playing so good. I love how the story starts off slow and gain momentum when Jake landed on the Pandora and slow it down during his encounter with Neytiri and back again during the great war. There is no time for me to take a yawn or my mind to stop. James Cameron know how to make grab on to your attention and but not too tight till you felt it's too annoying. I like it when the story is not dragging like some other long length movies. They know when to slow it down and when to cut it short. If I were Jake, I would also do what he did. He was a betrayal of mankind and outcast to the Na'vi during one point but he didn't gave up and kept on fighting which is really moving. Try to watch the movie in 3D if possible to enjoy the full experience of the movie. If you're not watching it in 3D, you're not watching the movie at all. (Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0)

Saturday, December 26

I Felt Privilege

After close to 3 years of holding the 1Utama's One Card, I finally felt 'Privilege' yesterday. Let me explain. I was driving over to 1U for movie yesterday around 2pm and decided to take the back road from Damansara Intan into the parking lot. Damn it was blocked off and cars were diverted to the open space parking. But I drove on and saw a lot of cars being told to u-turn from the other direction (main road). But there were a some cars which were permitted to drive through to the parking lot and signboard that read, ONLY FOR ONE CARD. I quickly flashed my One Card and the guard pushed over the barricade and let me through while dozens of cars making a u-turn and not permitted to pass. It was a smooth journey from there on. Even when I reached the parking lot there wasn't much cars in there. This is because the car park was full and they only permit the ONE CARD holder to enter. This is what I called Privilege. Drove into the privilege parking and straight away found a parking. I am not sure if this is the normal routine that they have when the place is packed but never did I see they block the road from the traffic light section. Damn it was good not needed to race with others at the parking lot. And finally I felt it's worth it paying the extra RM1 for the parking. Kudos to the management.

Friday, December 25

Merry Christmas & A HappY New Year

So how's my Christmas Eve went? Early morning sales meeting before the end of the year and submitting out forecast for incoming sales and finishing my report before joining babe and some friends with some nice lunch. Picked up babe after work and headed to Sunway Pyramid to do some last minute Christmas shopping for some friends. Had our dinner, nothing fancy just some both of us like. Surprisingly it wasn't that pack and jam as I'd expected it would be. Maybe most of the crowd went to 1U or The Curve this year around. Catch our 9.40pm show with a bunch of gym friends. The show ended 10 minutes before the clock hit midnight. A simple yet wonderful Christmas eve I had. As I always mentioned, its not what or where you are, but who you're with. To all my readers, I just want to wish all of you out there  A Wonderful Merry Christmas and A Great New Year ahead of you.

Thursday, December 24

Sherlock Holmes

To tell you the truth I was really looking forward to this movie as I had always been a fan of the world's most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Who hasn't heard of his name of god sake? OK, I spoke too soon, someone just prove that I am wrong yesterday. Anyway, in short, he's a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and since then many books, novels, dramas and movies had been made out of him. But I think nothing come close to the portrayal of Sherlock Holmes by Robert Downey Jr. All the while, Holmes to me is someone of high taste, clean, neat, tidy, out spoken and extremely smart. But in this movie, we can see the other side of him which is being tell in such comedic and action way. Damn, this Englishman can kick arse. *spoiler read on*

The story starts of with Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and his side kick Dr. Watson (Jude Law) capturing Sir Blackwood (Mark Strong) during one of the latter ritual. Sir Blackwood is sentence to hang and to the noose is where he went and breath his last air. But Sir Blackwood was seen by the caretaker to walk the earth again as he emerged from his tomb. A secret man had hired Holmes old flame, Ms. Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams). The mask man's identity will only be revealed at the end of the movie of course and for those who is familiar with the story, you should have able to guess from the beginning. Anyway, strings of murders occurred during this time as Blackwood causes panic among the people as they believe he's a devil and possesses mystical magic power as shown in the movie. But this is just a small part of the bigger agenda planned by Blackwood. So will Holmes able to solve this case? Is there really magic or mystical magic as being claimed by Blackwood? How does he fake his own death? Go watch it yourself.

Word of caution though, some of you might not be interested in the movie for some reasons. You don't know whose this fella is. You don't like to use your brain when you watch your movie. There are lots of comedic scenes in the movie and if you don't catch it, it's a dull movie for you. So my advice is, if you're looking for just action kick ass explosive movie, then go watch Avatar instead. This is a movie where you can sit on your seat and think of what, how and huh? And let Holmes amazed you with his deductions of crime solving mind. Like the tagline goes, Nothing Escape Him. And I do mean nothing. Well except Irene, and twice too. Enjoy~ (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

Wednesday, December 23

Law Abiding Citizen

I saw this trailer some where and I was really looking forward to watching it. So finally I managed to download it last weekend. Not sure if it's already up in the big screen but this is one good movie. The movie starred Gerald Butler and Jamie Foxx. Who doesn't know Gerald Butler by now? Damn this guy can act. I mean I first saw him in 300 which is an action movie, then Gamer another action movie and  the last being a love story beside Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth. Jamie Foxx we all know he won an Oscar few years back. So how does this two spectacular actors when put together, one word, Great. *spoilers*

The movie tells the story of a man Clyde Shelton whose family being murdered right in front of his eyes. He is badly injured but survived. Both the robbers were brought to justice but one of the robber, Ames made a deal with the DA and managed to escape the death sentence. Jamie played the Nick Rice the DA who had to inform Clyde that they are letting Ames off the hook. 10 years pass and one of the robber is sentence to the death sentence by deadly injection which supposed to be painless but something happened and he died in extreme pain. Ames is the link but he is too killed in such excruciating pain and horror that all the fingers point back to Clyde. He waited for the cops to catch him and even willing to confess for the murders. But why? This is just a tip of the ice berg as the tiles is starting to fall one by one.

So how's the ending? What happened to Clyde? Is he going to jail and pay for the murders? Murders? Who else is going to die? What is Nick's stand in this? He's a family man and what does he thinks of someone who take justice into their own hand even if it's involve their family. This is an action thriller movie which I totally love and long for for quite some time now. The acting is solid, story line is good and I even like the ending. Highly recommended for people who like action thriller movies. (Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0)

Tuesday, December 22

Healthy e-Cigarette

One of our friend just got back from his trip from Japan and of all the weird stuff which he saw, here's one which I wanted to share with my reader. It's called e-Cigarette. WTFIT? Yeah, same question mark overhere too when I first saw it. It's actually a cigarette which you need to 'charge' in order to smoke it.  Externally there's nothing different bout it other than the retractable two plug socket which you need to plug in. After a full charge, you can take it out and open the box of cigarette. Inside the box, there's the usual filters and as you can see you need to screw in the filter to the but of the cigarette. The end of the screw in part is built in with a heater sort of thingy to burn ignite the filter. So where's the tobacco? Heck, it's called Healthy e-Cigarette, so there's no tobacco in it. But trust me, there's light coming from the end of the cigarette and there's actually smoke coming from your mouth from each exhale. Interesting? You can only find this wacky stuff from Japan.

Sunday, December 20

Pre-Christmas Dinner

It was my pleasure to organized this year's pre-X'mas dinner with my gym mates. Cracked my head looking for a venue suitable for all of us. Not too fancy and not too plain to say the lease. Well actually I had one in mind. It was between buffet luncheon at Shangrila's Lemon Garden or Louisiana. At the end, we all agreed on the latter. The usual suspects were back this year around and most of us managed to make it for the dinner. Food was a bit slow as there were a lot of customers that night. Specifically arranged the seats near to the lake and luckily it rain that afternoon hence it wasn't that hot that night. We had appetizers, starters, mains and of course the cake for Lea & Yew Tong's birthday. Food was great and the ambiance was good. The other customers were looking at us as we were a bit loud and crazy as usual. With flash and camera flashing away like paparazzi the whole night. Hope that we will carry on with this ritual for years to come.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year ~~

Saturday, December 19

Bodyguards & Assassins (十月圍城)

I wasn't that interested in this movie in the beginning as I thought it was just another Hong Kong movie with lots of big cast to cover for the lack of substance. But since I saw Donnie Yen was in the movie and it's an action movie, I thought I would give it a shot. Not until a friend told me that it was based on a true story about the revolution period of China and how some ordinary people who did some extraordinary thing during that time to protect a political man name, Sun Yet Sen. For those who still remember their world history, you should be familiar with this name. Well I know I do, even if I failed my history test. lolx~! *spoilers*

The film was originally named the Dark October as the incident happened during that period of time. The movie started of with the assassination of Yang Qu Yun (played by Jacky Cheung). This is the first political assassination in the history of China recorded. And this brought darkness in the political era during that time. The story continues with the news of a man named Sun Yat Sen who is coming to the new Hong Kong to have a secret discussion with the other leaders of the provenance in China. The Emperor of China wanted Sun to arrived but never to leave Hong Kong. So Jun Hu who played the Assassin was sent to accomplish the task. Donnie Yen who played the Gambler cop was hired to follow The Revolutionary played by Tony Leung. The latter acquired the help of The Fugitive played by Simon Yam but was all killed by the assassins.

This revolution movement in Hong Kong was financially sponsored by The Tycoon played by Wang Xue Qi. His son was chosen to become the decoy of Sun when the day arrived. The Concubine of Wang played by the ever gorgeous Fan Bing Bing seek help from The Gambler who happened to be her ex-husband to protect his current one. He promised her for the sake of their daughter. And the day arrived finally when Sun arrive and the assassins sent from the Emperor had ambushed and killed a lot of the bodyguards who was protecting Sun. The bodyguards had to stay alive for 1 hour for Sun to have a discussion with the other leaders while the decoy traveling around town being escorted and protected. Leon Lai played The Beggar who was asked to protect Sun by Wang. Damn we all laugh our heads off when we saw him standing at the stairs before the big fight. I didn't know that they had rebonding during that time. lolx!!

So how was the whole story? I didn't noticed that it was even two and a half hours during the whole movie. I know it was long but not that long. As the movie really tried to portray the situation and also the emotions of people during that time. The director tried to show each characters who played a part in this historical moment and at the end gathering together to protect the man to have a new world for their younger generation. The Policeman played by Eric Tsang really shows the part which the British played during that era. They were ordered not to interfered in the issue even though they know it's happening right under their nose. Is it worth the money and time? For me, Yes. But this movie is not for all I guess. If you're looking for action movie this is not all action but also with a good story line backed by strong actors and good scriptwriting. Will I watch it again? Maybe if someone gonna treat me. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

Thursday, December 17

Latest Addiction

I had found out that there is nothing much to do with an iPhone but buying more and more accessories. No wonder there are so many 3rd party companies out there selling their products in the market. To date I had got myself a alarm clock dock and a battery charger for the iPhone. Casing wise, I had 4 to date and one more on the way (pos laju) as we speak. I am still waiting for the reply from the seller of the Ed Hardy casing I posted up before this. If the price is right, I think I would most probably be getting it. Since I kinda like Ed Hardy stuff since back. Babe will always show me the look when she saw me with a new gadget be it  the charger or even a new casing. lolx~ Hopefully she won't notice the new casing I just bought but then again, the striking Orange color of the casing doesn't really blend in with the environment much.

Tuesday, December 15

Which Ed Hardy?

Deciding to get either one of these cover for my phone. Which is better?

Monday, December 14

FF-TC Platinum Upgrade

Finally after two weeks of absent in FF The Curve, both the studios (main & RPM) are ready for class. Double confirmed with the front desk before going to the locker and checking out the time table. Except RPM, there's no time table or board showing the schedule. The pantry is like a maze as we need to walk to the end and there is a small small place where 5 tables are set over the corner. Part of the waiting lounge is still under renovation. First class was Riyo's Body Step class. Noticed that they laid a new wooden flooring for the main studio. Repainted the ceiling or rather ducting of the AHU. The stage is still under renovation and there was no spotlight on the stage, so it's a bit dim during her class and Master C's Body Combat. But I noticed that K-Bear really blend in with the background with her new tan. LOLX!!!

Managed to joined Herny's RPM class tonight as it wasn't a full house. The class is more brighter now. They installed plaster ceiling with box in light (red, blue & green). But you can't really control the amount of lighting of each color, it's either all red or blue or green which is a bit dumb. No air condition yet, so we're practically doing Hot RPM tonight. Just placed a standing fan in front of the whole class. Clever chap~ Some said it looked smaller but it's more spacious to me since there are still space for more bikes. Talking bout the bikes, I thought it would be new. Damn I was wrong. It may look new but heck, it's just being clean up and polish. Maybe put some oil or lubricant and touch up here and there but the bike I am on tonight still suck!! Heard that they are gonna change it next year? Supposedly~!!! Anyway, no changes in the locker room for now. No new toiletries or sort for the members. So what's the upgrade again???

Sunday, December 13

Two Weddings & A Movie

So what's up during this long weekend? Since I work like half day last Thursday and it's a holiday on Friday, the weekend seemed so long for me. I had two wedding dinner to attend during these two days. One was babe's friend in Klang on Thursday night. I can't remembered when is the last time I went for an Indian engagement ceremony. It's really cool and the bride is so beautiful too. The next wedding would be my good friend, Jason and his wife Ai Ling which is also in Klang the next day. Luckily we were able to make it on time after watching a movie beforehand. It was a very wonderful and beautiful ceremony where all of us gym friends attended. Just wanna wish both the newly weds Congratulations and a Joyful life with your love ones.

Friday, December 11

Storm Warriors

Initial plan was to watch this movie on Thursday night but delays here and there finally made me buying the tickets the next day. That is the last day that I would need to watch it as there would not be a THX hall for the movie after Friday. So let's get back to the movie shall we. The movie brought back the two main character, namely Wind and Cloud starring Eakin Cheng & Aaron Kwok. To be frank if either one of them are not reprising back the character, I won't be going to the cinema to catch the 2nd episode. Just to intro a bit of the movie for those who never heard of it before. It's a famous weekly comic book character from the same name created by Ma Wing Shing. This time around the directors are being helm by the Pang's brothers (Oxide and Danny). So after 11 years from the first episode, what does this story brings us to? *spoilers read on*

The story tells of Lord Godless (Simon Yam) who came with his son, Heart (Nicholas Tse) to conquer China. He managed to captured the Emperor and put under his control. Most of the martial art masters in China had been poisoned by him and being captured including the legendary Nameless (Kenny Ho) and also Cloud (as he wanted to protect Chu Chu). A cool fight in the early stage of the movie shows how Wind & Cloud being beaten by Lord Godless so easily and even after Nameless unleashes his ultimate Thousand Swords moves couldn't kill Lord Godless. I think that is one of the best CG in the whole movie, so make sure don't miss it.

After that, they all escaped and Wind decided to enter the demonic side to enhanced his power with the help of Lord Wicked (Wong Tak Bun). Second Dream (Charlene Choi) is Wind's new love interest. While Cloud improved and created a new sword style with the help of Nameless. As Lord Godless was about to destroy the Dragon's bone, Wind & Cloud arrive and they in short kill him (easily surprisingly) and Wind go psycho when he can't control his inner demon. The movie should end here but they managed to drag another 30 more minutes with Wind fighting with Cloud for the grand finale. My gosh, this is one hell of a long scene to watch. The final blow was spectacular but maybe they over did it on the scene.

Anyway, want to know the ending? Go watch it yourself. Worth my money? Well as I told my friend, I am watching it for two reason. One, for the cool great CG effects and second, just for the sake of watching it. It's like Harry Potter. I don't really wanna watch The Half Blood Prince, but I am watching it since I had watched the first 5 episode and might as well finish it. A good story but sorry to say that Eakin's acting was a bit too himself and nothing surprises me in the movie. Charlene for Second Dream was a bit desperate as I don't think she is suitable considering the age and persona. Will I watch part 3 if there is any? Hell Yes~ I wanna see those cool CG of swords flying anytime. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Thursday, December 10

Another 10%

Just received another certificate of stage completion letter from the developer today. It's dated 20th Nov but only arrive today, how weird. Anyway, it's another 10% nearer to 100% completion to date. They had billed for the completion of the sewerage and drain works serving my house. The next stage would be the completion of the road serving my house. After that, it's just time before they hand over the VP to me and also connecting the electricity and water bill. After that, I can get my keys to start doing my renovation. From the progress to date, I can say that this will happen around mid of next year. Fingers cross~!

Wednesday, December 9

iPhone Alarm Clock Dock

Recently I had been searching around for an alarm clock dock for my iPhone. Been to Low Yat, Digital Mall, PC Fair, Pyramid and well you name it, I am there. Saw a few units from Edifier and Altec at PC Fair but it was too pricey. I mean RM1K+ for an alarm clock? Not to say it's over priced and all but since it's a branded speaker so maybe it's worth something to those who know how to appreciate it. Anyway, I saw the above unit and it looked very simple and nice to operate with acceptable sound system. This is the only unit I found below RM250. Will most probably be getting this one if I can't find any other which I like.

Saw this unit from TDK called iCubic which has a better sound quality compared with the above Memorex. But then again, the LCD is a bit too small for me to read and I don't like the white color outlook as it will looked very dirty after awhile with all the dusk all over it. As this unit come with a built in woofer so the quality is better. Size is moderate and not too large. But the buttons seemed too plastic to me and a bit fragile. The price for this speaker is the same as the previous unit. But I prefer the first as it looked more elegant.

Actually I wanted to get this unit but it's too pricey again for me. It's called iHome and the sound quality is better. LED is large and clear which I like too. For this baby I need to fork out RM549. Just for a night stand alarm clock? Well, not for me. And most important for all the alarm clock above, it must be able to charge my iPhone in the process. I mean no point docking on it for music without charging it. Not all dock support iPhone so you need to test it out with the actual unit and see for yourself. Cause most of them are made for iPod Classic or Nano and some for Touch only. But the new ones should be compatible with all.

This unit isn't too bad either. It's called Moondance Home by Altec. Tested this baby out at Harvey Norman last night at Sunway. Sound quality is what you would expect from Altec, solid and transparent.  The unit also come with a remote control for you to play around with the music, FM channel and other usual stuff that you would find on a normal radio remote. This baby will cost me around RM475, so called PC Fair price.

Saw this baby during PC Fair by Edifier. Damn the speaker is large. I heard that it contain 6 speakers inside that large black piece of speaker at the back. This baby can really blast you back to the future from the size of that speaker. I think my iPhone will get damage from the sound vibration of the speaker after a period of time *kidding*. Anyway, the baby cost close to RM1,000. Worth it?

Lost My Mood

It was Monday and I can't decide which gym to go to when finally I saw the time table at WC which shows that Brian is replacing June for her RPM class. So it's Body Combat then RPM then Body Pump and RPM again. Yes, I know it's crazy but what the heck. The last RPM is optional for me. But it's nice doing back to back classes once in a while. So I arrived early and joined Alvin's Body Combat class. I just realized it was a replacement class for some other instructor and it's his last class. Anyway, we had fun and he did some really old tracks. The class finished at 6.30pm sharp and RPM class is 6.50pm. So I walked down to register as I assumed that it's open for registration 20 minutes before class. Heck~ It was FULL!!! For REAL? I know it's Brian's class but Monday class too?

Anyway I walked up and checked if there were any unoccupied bike and luckily there was one. But Brian told me it was reserved. Aikss~ I stood outside waiting if the member arrived to take the bike and there were another member who just finished the Step class earlier waiting for it. She was walking up and down and looking at the bike. Brian signaled me to wait 5 more minutes to come in and the girl thought it's alright and just walk in and take that bike. WTF??!! Brian can't do anything as he is teaching half way and the member (who reserved the bike earlier) arrived and sadly her bike had been taken by another lady (the member who didn't registered). Sigh~! Totally lost my mood that night and decided to call it a night and headed back home.

Tuesday, December 8

Plastic or Paper? Both?

I was out buying my grocery in one of the local hypermarket and was queuing up at the counter to pay. I saw a lady who bought a lot of those instant coffee, like 15 of them. Then I saw her taking out a paper bag from his bag. I was thinking, damn~! I need to bring my own paper bag or those recyclable bags from all the exhibition I'd been to and use it during my shopping. I think we need to play our part of not creating so much garbage so that we can still leave something behind for our grandchild and not just a big piece of junk to clean up. So anyway, back to the lady. I was really surprised when I saw her packing her groceries into a plastic bag AND then putting it INSIDE the paper bag that she brought over. HUH? WTH??!! She did that for all the stuff which she bought and to make it worst, she even took extra and stuffed it down the bag like no one could notice it. So I took my praise back on her and I conclude that Malaysian will always be Malaysian!

Monday, December 7

Astro Boy The Movie

 Those who are from the same generation as I am should have heard of Astro Boy. It's an Japanese comic series created by Osamu Tezuka. Finally it was made into a big movie by the American and I managed to watched it during this weekend. Wasn't expecting much of the movie but just to pass my evening at home and it was really entertaining. Some of the big names who lend their voice for the movie are Nicholas Cage, Charlize Theron, Samuel L. Jackson and Donal Sutherland to name a few.

For those who didn't have any clue what the movie was about read on. The movie tells of a boy genius name Toby (Freddie Highmore) who later turn into a robot called Astro Boy. *spoiler* He was killed during a freak accident in one of his father, Dr. Tenma (Nicholas Cage) experiment. Dr. Tenma was devastated and decided to 'create' his son back into a robot and transferring all Toby's memories into the robot. Toby didn't realized anything but Dr. Tenma couldn't stand looking at the new Toby and knowing that his son died and decided to shut Toby down. President Stone (Donald Sutherland) spotted Toby and wanted the blue stone which powered him. After some cat & mouse chase, Toby got stranded into the real world and befriend with some other kids and some really funny robots. To cut the story short, Toby return and saves the town from a crazed President Stone who is power freak who turned into a robot called Peace Keeper.

My brother who was watching with me almost cried at the beginning when Toby died as it was really sad and I think I understand his feeling as a parent. When Dr. Tenma decided to shut off Toby at the end of the movie, it was really sad to me too. As Toby know that he wasn't the son that Dr. Tenma wanted but still treat him as the one and only father he had. Other then the father and son relationship which we can see from the movie we can also enjoy the adventure Toby had from all the flying and fighting with other robots in the movie. Nothing fancy but it's a good movie to watch on a weekend night with some friends or families. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Sunday, December 6

Long Weekend Pt. 2

The day started with only 4 hours of sleep for me. Had early breakfast with my friend as usual before our trip down KLCC. This had been our tradition since 5 years back. It's nice meeting up with my college-mate once in a while. Was supposed to get myself something for my iPhone but didn't saw anything interesting or attractive actually. But at before I left I did managed to subscribed a year of magazine and got a set of speaker for FREE, what a bargain. Got back and rest for a while before heading to my friend's house for pre-wedding dinner. Gotta rest early again as I need to be at my friend's house very early in the morning.

Rest for a few hours and woke up with some mild running nose from last night. The fetching of the bride went quite smooth and I could say that the ladies was quite lenient with us guys. Nothing crazy stuff or something we would regret doing I might say. Managed to settled everything before noon and have a rest before lunch with babe and we had a long shopping. Return home early to settle all my washing and ironing of clothes which had been lying there for weeks. Finally I got a good rest before the start of another week. Nice~!

Saturday, December 5

Long Weekend Pt. 1

Sorry for the long disappearance act this few days. As I am off to Labuan last Thursday morning and was only back the day after. How's the trip? Well the usual stuff of eating and drinking with the customers most of the time. The flight over was right on time but the one back was delayed for almost 20 minutes but that is not the worst part. The flight back was one of the worst I had as it was really bumpy and rough. I think there were a lot of clouds when we entered Peninsular so the plane was going up and down and it caused one hell of a migraine which almost lead to vomiting. Decided to hit the gym right after picking up babe and it was some really good work out I had since I had so much food to eat during the trip.

Was told last minutes by babe that we're meeting up with her friends for some rendezvous up Pandan Hill or more familiar with the name Little Genting at Pandan Indah. I think the last time I was there was like 10 years ago. The place really did changed a lot. For one, there were so much stuff to eat up there. We celebrated two friends birthday at a place called Look Out Point which was really cool but the food was so so. Sorry, no post on that this time but maybe next round over. As it was a bit chaotic. Got home around 2am plus and quickly went to bed as I have another early appointment with my friend to PC Fair.

Wednesday, December 2

Platinum Club WOR!!

I was contemplating whether to joined yesterday night's Body Step class by Prudent or not. As mentioned earlier, he had took over Brian's class (which the latter had held for more than 5 years or so). Wasn't really happy bout it and so is the other members from the chat we had. So I took my time taking a bath, sipping on my coffee and reading the paper as usual as the others rush in to place their boards. I realized that I didn't saw his name on the board and decided to asked the front desk and they inform me it's his class. Well anyway, I will try out the class and see how it goes. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and still no sight of him. Others were getting agitated with some being really pissed as they purposely rush all the way from work for the class. Am I mad? Well to be honest, not really but rather disappointed as they didn't announce or inform the members earlier. A PT instructor thought of doing a body weight class to fill the time but sadly no one was interested until Sue P arrived and was informed of the situation. 

Initial plan was for her to do some warm up tracks from Body Vive but ding dong here and there, it's time for her class and we all continued with it. After the class, I'd decided to joined Brian's RPM as Master T wasn't around town. Chong was replacing his class as WRITTEN on the board (this time). 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and still no sight or announcement from the front desk again. Members were again frustrated as I am cycling in the studio. I am not sure if other instructor replaced the class as Body Jam class or not during that time but I did saw them walking in and out at the end of the class. Anyway, was I surprised? NO! Was I pissed? NO! Am I disappointed? Heck, I am getting used of it already by now. But I heard a lot of the members gonna complaint to the front desk though. Good luck on that for some feedback if they are wishing for. And they just upgraded the status Platinum. haha! But don't get me wrong, the staff are nice and friendly maybe just the management issue or communication (as always).

Tuesday, December 1

FF TC Under Renovation

I was planning for my Monday workout when I was chatting with an instructor when she told me that RPM class had to be canceled last night. Reason was the RPM studio is being renovated inline with the Platinum upgrade at the end of Dec 09. Damn~ There goes my RPM class. The main studio will be next starting from this Wednesday if I am not mistaken. I was doing my Body Step class half way when we all smell some foul scent coming into the studio. Damn I was grasping for some fresh air during the power track. Imagining breathing heavily but enable to get sufficient air. Like a gold-fish grasping for air outside the aquarium. Anyway, I think it is something to do with the sewerage as mentioned by an instructor but to me it's like pesticide. Anyway, hopefully it will all be done by next week. Talking bout next week, since the main studio is close, so no class for me either. Might be going back to WC for some RPM classes then.

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