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Wednesday, April 30

David's Bday @ Marche

Today is David's bday (well not today but we're celebrating it tonight la~!!) at Marche. Since the majority haven't tried the place out before. I arrived around 7.10pm and BQ called me up and asked where did I parked my car. Dear~! Your car just one car next to mine la~~ (speechless) I tagged you BQ, confirm is correct one la~ haha!!!

Then Fong and KNS-Q came shortly after we arrived. The last to arrived is non other than MD and CP. Well can't blame CP, cause he tumpang MD's car. haha!!! I Wasn't aware that SHG a.k.a COM is coming tonight. So anyway eat and eat and laugh our way through most of the night. Best moment? Well I need to say, the scene where I asked LP to share her pizza and she challenged me to ask MD to come get it. And well, you know la, we guys cannot be challenge one la~ haha!!! Well for those who is lost and didn't understand what happened above. Your lose~!!! haha!!!
After the dinner we all took some pictures with the bday boy and one thing lead to another, we got a tour of cineleisure and ended up in FF drinking some drinks and Arianna taking a bath. But we decided to have a drink at a place MD recommend called Tree House in Uptown. It's actually part of Neile's, for those who familiar with this name. And MD gave us the WRONG direction. KNS~!! McDonalds and Allianze Bank are situated in two different building kawan~!! haha!!
The place was cool as there's an escalator going up to the place and the ambiance was nice too. There were a guy singing some songs from the 90s. Cool~! We drank some and had some laugh but we need to called it a night as CP need to wake up early tomorrow. So we all went home around quarter pass midnight.

Tuesday, April 29

Bumbu Bali-Bandar Puteri

This is definitely one of my favourite place for lunch. The place is called Bumbu Bali in Bandar Puteri. Today i took my usual set lunch which consist of Fried Chicken with Nasi Kuning . Sweet!! The set comes with a glass of Bali Lime and their Soup of the Day. All for RM13.90. Nice!! (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

Monday, April 28

Super Monday~!

Tonight was really a treat for all, as Master C had two other instructors to shadow with him. And the two other instructors are none other then, Renee and Lilian. Super Cool~! One is a BA super instructor and the other is one of the best women BC instructor. How cool can this be? Well it's a dream class if Master T was there. too. haha~!!

The tracks were OK only but maybe it's the other instructor, so the class was more lively. Or else I think it's another normal Monday BC class. haha~! Yes~! I am a very demanding Combater~! And ya~ Guess who was here tonight? BQ~! Sweet~!!!

I shown Master C of the food I had with Master T at Bubba Gump and he went excited and wanted to go after gym with me~! Dinner at Bubba Gump is super filling. So need to do extra classes to burn away all those cholesterol. hehe~!!!

Then I continued with BP class as normal. Colin was there to team teach (hopefully he will pass this time around). But if you ask me, his vocal is good and his technique is also OK. But the problem is his instructions during transition of each chore. But then again, it's my own opinion : )

And thanx again SSI for correcting me of my squat technique. I know I tend to do that mistake when I got tired. Will try my best to do better next time around : )

PS : SSI, do you know the chick with the tatoo on the chest? The one who carried 10KG for the chest track? Damn power~! haha!!!

Sunday, April 27

Piece of Love CD

Romiko had just bought this new CD from Rock Corner. It's called Piece of Love and it's Exclusive for Rock Corner outlets only, I think. The songs are really nice and soothing. You might had heard some of the songs before but maybe being sung by someone else or in a different language. So this is another interpretation of the song in their own respective singer's style and feel. Something to share with you all music lovers. The CD comes with another CD which consists of music box songs. Which is really nice and good to listen to when you're looking for something soft and mild. They are selling at RM 49.90 (but we got 10% less).

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co - The Curve

So as usual I finished Sunday BC class and I asked Master T to joined me for lunch at this new place called Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. So off we (Me, Romiko, Master T and Jacque) go and there's a waiting list. Oh my gosh~! We'd waited around 20mins before being seated. So we browse through the menu while we're waiting and straight away ordered once we're seated. There's a souvenir shop next to the restaurant for you to get some memorabilia of the place and movie. For starter, we had ordered their house special, Shrimper'sHeaven. It's what the name said, shrimp in all type of flavours. They have coconut shrimp, chilly shrimp, fried shrimp and tempura shrimp. Well you can see in the picture. It's something like Triple Play in Chillies and Three for All in TGI. So this appetizer is a must order. I am an onion freak, so I won't let go an opportunity to order their Onion Rings. haha~!!! It's delicious and it's large~! The two sauce was terrific. Must order~!!!!OK, let's go through the drinks. We had ordered all 4 different flavours. (from L-R) Run Forrest Run (fresh oranges, strawberries, bananas and non-fat raspberry frozen yogurt), Alabama Sweet Smoothie (peanut butter, chocolate and non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt), Mango Sparkler (mango, lemonade, orange juice and lemon-lime) & Jenny's Favourite (strawberries, cranberry juice and non-fat raspberry frozen yogurt). Master T and Jacque shared this Sweet Home BBQ Burger. It's basically grilled beef burger with two onion rings on top, and fries with salad on the side. This dish is quite filling, although it's not as large as Chillies. Romiko and I had ordered one of Forrest's Favourite which is the Bourbon Street Baramundi. It's charbroiled cajun spiced baramundi with bourbon street sauce and shrimp, served over mashed potatoes. This dish is simply large. The mashed potatoes is so large that we can't finished it. But the fish was quite over cooked and we can taste the bitter from the it. But anyway, it's a nice dish to order.
For those who still don't realize up till now, the whole place is based on the Forrest Gump movie. All the food's name up till the decoration of the whole place were based on the movie and the character. There's a part in the meal where the waiter will come over and ask you some questions regarding the movie and if you got it right, you will be rewarded. Cool~! And there's a "special" way to call upon the waiter which we never heard or see before normally.
So what is the damage for the whole meal? It's totalled up to RM 177.30. It's not to say expensive I guess. Since it's seafood were all fresh and it's super filling. Definitely worth a try for those who like shrimps. (Rating : 3.8 out of 5.0)

Saturday, April 26

Day Out with Family

So after the lunch that we had at The Curve, we walked to some stores around 2 hours and I decided that we go to some place and have a drink. So we went to Just Dessert. It's a shop that serve, well Dessert. haha~!!! So I had ordered Honey Lemon Ice as always and a set of Ham & Egg Sandwich. Then I went over to the traffic conuter to check my summons again and found out that I can get some "special" pricing over there. Cool~! We left around 4pm and I rest while before going over to my bro's house to meet up with my parents for dinner. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

We went over to a place called Good Luck in Bandar Puteri for dinner. As usual I had brought my personal own "Pu Er" tea to drink. hehe~! The restaurant is located at No.19, Jln Puteri 4,1, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong. Somewhere opposite Boom Boom Bali. Tel : 8062 2763So the first dish we order is their restaurant famous Deep Fried Pork Belly. It's very crunchy and also nice to eat. This is my family's favourite vegetable. Kang Kong with Belacan. It's not too salty and not that spicy too. Just nice.
As my mom said that she got a pain in her tooth so I had ordered the restaurant's famous Braised Tau Fu with Bamboo Fungus. It's nice and soft. And there's broccoli also. Delicious~!!!
What is a dinner with out Foo Yong Egg. haha~! But it's a bit scattered. I mean it's all cup up into small pieces. That is the only flaw. OK, the main dish of the night. The restaurant most famous Special Steam Telapia. If you like ginger and onions than this dish is just right for you. The total damage for the whole dinner is RM 78.00. (Rating : 3.5 out 0f 5.0)

So after that, I went over to Kuchai Lama's Wisma FGA to meet Eva and her friend Pauline. for supper. It's these stalls in front of Wisma FGA. One of the stall is famous for their grilled lamb. Forgot what's the stall name. But it's just so so only. Some TV variety show (Wong Chui Ling Food Segment) had recommended the stall but it's over rated for me. haha!!! (Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0)And for supper, my parents had bought Seremban's famous Egg Tart and Pork Bun for us to eat. hehe~! Thanx Dad~! Love Yer!! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Nan Xiang Mantou Dian @ The Curve

It's Saturday and me and Romiko with my brother's family went over to have lunch at Nan Xiang Mantou Dian. My first visit over. So I thought what the heck and ordered quite a number of dishes to eat.

Romiko had ordered their Shrimp Fried Rice which is quite nice if you like to eat a lot of shrimps. What can I say, it's a fried rice.
Me and sister in law had ordered the Yangzhao Fried Rice which is around the same as Romiko's fried rice except there's Chinese bacon in here. My brother had ordered the Pork Meat with Steamed Bun. The Pork Meat is really nice and delicious. You can order a plain rice to go with it.While Sam had ordered the Sauteed Chicken with Dried Chillies. This is also a very nice dish to eat. You can also order a plain rice to go with it. Now we can't leave without trying out their house famous dish now, can we? So we had ordered 2 sets of their Pork Meat Steamed Bun. It's not as good as Dragon-I but it's still nice to eat. The last side dishes that we ordered was the Steamed Glutinous Rice. It's so so only. Actually not that nice also. haha~!!! So how much did we paid for all this? The total damage for the lunch is RM 103.50 for 5 pax. The variety not as much as Dragon-I but it's still worth a try as it's slightly cheaper than Dragon-I. (Rating : 3.8 out of 5.0)

Predictable Tracks

Finally I am able to joined the usual Friday class which I miss so much. I just sent Eric to KLIA this afternoon and he won't be back for another 2 - 3 weeks. Cool~! So what's up with tonight's track? Well for one, SSI wasn't that late. hehe~!! The BP class tonight wasn't that pack. LP and BQ was there as usual. And MD doing his Yoga class as well.

The BP track tonight was quite tough especially on the Squat, Triceps and Shoulder. Well for me at least. But Bicep was still OK. I was struggling while doing the track Car Wash last time, but now it seemed better. Sweet~!!

As for BC class, well let's just say that the class was fun~! And I still wanna say, SSI your tracks are predictable. haha~!!! Even on BP!! Well maybe cause I did your class one too many. But it was alright. And did you managed to hurt your left arm again?

Later after the class,BQ, CP, MD, LP and Me talked about our muscles and all. BQ and LP show off their nice small biceps and even some shoulders muscles. Cool~! And we're all comparing our muscles after that~ haha!!!

Minum session as always in Asia Cafe. Just the five of us. We all car pool in BQ's car. Talked and laugh till around midnight and we called it a night since BQ and LP was soooooo scared of the kitten which was playing next to us. haha!!!

Thursday, April 24

Restaurant Golden Dragon City @ Kota Permai Golf Course

So why am I not in gym tonight? Cause one of my colleague is leaving us soon. So it's a farewell dinner for him (Man). So Eric had suggested that we all go for dinner at the Golden Dragon City Restaurant at Kota Permai Golf Course in Kota Kemuning.

We arrived at 7.15pm and the food came around 7.40pm. Ms. Chua had initially ordered some dishes (8 to be exact) for all 9 of us. The interval time between each dish was really long. But the food is nice though. But the portion was really small. It was supposed to be 8 ~ 10 pax set dinner.

First was the appetizer which was just OK only. Then came the shark fin. After that is the steam fish in garlic. They had initially de-bone the whole fish and steam it. Nice~! Then is the Curry Seafood Pot. It's very nice but the portion was so little. This is the fried chicken in salted eggs and curry leaves. Nice and special if I may say so. First time eating this dish. The vege was siew pak choi in kei chee. Nice~! Fried Rice was OK and the dessert is green bean soup. We added to more dishes which is the Roasted Duck and Chicken and the other one is Seafood in taufu and vege sort of dish. But it was one of the best dish that night. haha~!

We took some pictures and say goodbye around 9.45pm. My god, really long dinner. Cause they really work in a slow pace well at least the chef is. Maybe not enough staff? But we were the only table at that time. Weird~!!!! (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

Another Day Without Class

Ahhh..... another day without doing any class. haha~! Damn I am busy these days. Well maybe just this few weeks. Hopefully my after work appointment won't kept on increasing. I was so lazy that I didn't even do an entry last night. Got home and check some mail and just sleep like a baby.

Today I gave Master T a call and asked if he be doing his class tonight and the first word that he utter to me was, "Any Request?" haha~! As always ... ~!! But I told him that I wasn't going as I got a dinner appointment tonight. But I did gave him some suggestions. haha~!!! So you guys have fun tonight~!!!

Gonna have dinner at Kota Kemuning Golf Resort later at 7.00pm. Haven't tried this place before so hopefully I can give some goof reviews of it later tonight. : ) For their sake at least. haha~!!!

Tuesday, April 22

Skipping Class Again~!

It's Tuesday night and why am I not going to gym. Well part of it was because Sue wasn't here for BP and Master T is in Hong Kong for his business trip. So no mood to go over WC also. Fong message me that she's going for BS class and asked if I'll be going. Sorry babe~! hehe!!!

What am I gonna do? Well I did mentioned to BQ yesterday when she asked me to go for BC class tonight. I am gonna look for a cafe and sit down and have a sip of fresh brewed coffee reading something or just sit there listening to some soft music. I don't wanna do or think bout anything. This week have been a very hectic for me. So I thought that this is a good opportunity for me to just sit back and relax. Some sort of a personal retreat for me (well at least for just one night~!) So you all back at gym tomorrow then : )

Happy Earth Day

Just Wanna Wish All of You Out There
Happy Earth Day~!!!!
Please Do Your Part to Save Mother Earth

It's A Sad Morning

For those who was wondering where I was yesterday night after missing from BC and BP classes. Well I'd got a called from Romiko telling me that her aunt was not doing very well and we need to rushed down HUKM to meet her. That was around 3pm.

So I rushed home around 5pm and waited for her to arrived from Klang. She was quite down when I saw her. As her aunt was quite close to her when she was young. So I drove over HUKM and arrived around 6pm. The sky was dark and seemed like it was gonna rain. Her aunt was situated on the 6th floor. It was a long walk.

We saw her mother and the other aunts outside the ward. All were just like normal and talking. The aunt's 2nd daughter was there. She was around 6 yrs old. But she didn't know what was going on and her mother is going through. She is playing around with her younger cousin. So we went into the ward and the doctor briefed us on her condition.

She had this problem with her blood where it would clog very easily. She was admitted last week as she can't see anything. This is caused by the clogging of the veins in her eyes. Her condition just went down hill from there. Her blood pressure drop below normal and they had already gave her the maximum dosage but her pressure was still below normal. She had just went into coma when we arrived. Her arms and legs was turning blue as there were no blood going through it. According to the doctor, it was just a matter of time when she will just leave. She is still holding on so long as she is quite young (30s). If she's someone older, she would have been dead for sure. So nothing much they (doctors) can do now but just wait. If she recover, it's a miracle according to them.

We had waited for 3 hours and her mom asked us to go back and rest as they will stayed back for a bit while. So we left around 9.30pm. Reached home around 10pm and got a call from her mom that her aunt passed away. She was very sad and she is not feeling that well too the whole night. So she slept early and we will see what we need to do the next day. The sad part is that her two young daughter has no one to take care. As she is a divorcee.

Monday, April 21

Visiting Inti International University College

I had visited my college last weekday. I'm proud to say that, now it's upgraded to a University status. The college that I am talking about is non other than Inti International University College.

It was around 3pm when I arrived. I parked my car at the main admin. building. And took a few shot of the building. So grand. haha!!! There were a new building next to it. The building is called Learning Resouce Centre. It's a library I think. Don't know la. Cause it was still in the midst of completation when I left.

This is the block where I attend most of my classes. Well part of it anyway.

This is the other block where I attend all my practical classes and also some other lectures. OK, now let's go inside and check out the labs.
This is the hallway which I walked by during most of my semester over there. Bring back memories when I took this picture. This is the side view of the walk way going to the practical lab and also my lecture classes. There is an elevator at the middle of the block. Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering & Technology. This is the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Laboratories. Now for those who don't have any idea what it's like inside. Let me take you on a tour than. This is the Engineering Simulation room. It's the first room on the right once you enter.

This is the Digital System & Microprocessor practical lab.

This is the Power System Practical Lab. This is where the BIG BOYS play with big power supply. hehe~!

And this is where we do our testing for our final year project room.

Now let's see who is who in the Faculty of Engineering. haha!!! A lot of new faces but still the dean is the same.

This is a new place in our Campus. Well for me atleast. It wasn't here when I left. It's a new apartment which called Desa Palma. They leased it out to college students to outside working people.

And finally this is the row of shops which is in front of Desa Palma. Damn~! It's so happening over there right now. They have food court, stalls, 7-11, marts, Cyber Cafe, Cafe Lounge and many more. They don't need to leave the campus for any reasons now. Lucky for them.

Robbed In Broad Day Light~!!!!

I arrived in my office and found out something shocking. Eric, my Director got robbed yesterday. He was in a book store called Star Book. LP and BQ should know where is this place. It's just behind the KK Police Station.

So the story goes like this. Eric was there reading some magazines from 4pm. At about 6pm, two Chinese in their 20s went into the store and took out a cutting knife and point it at Eric. He was quite surprised at the beginning. There is another young chap sitting across Eric who is still reading his comic. Eric signal him and finally he realized what happened but the other robber went over and demanded his wallet and also handphone.

Eric "negotiated" with one of the robber. Eric asked for his SIM card back as they don't need it. They agreed. He took out his wallet and straight away shoved RM 500 to them. Actually there is still a lot of Taiwan Dollar on the other section of his wallet. The young robber took it and demanded for the wallet. Eric told him that the wallet was old and tore up. The credit card they can't use definitely. So they left him and took the car key from the other young guy. Eric was clever enough to kicked his car key underneath the carpet before they can find it.

The other two store helper was relief of their cash and also handphone. The robber got out from the place and try to get into the young fella's car but somehow they managed to sound the alarm. Stupid~!!! So they left with their get-away car. Eric and the other went to the Police Station at the back row as it is in "walking distance". But they (police) can only record their statement and they need to go to the Shah Alam police station to get the full report in. Stupid again~!!! Ding Dong Ding Dong and Eric got it all done around 9pm.

This shows again how "inefficient" our police could be. Even reporting in the crime was so tedious. Not mentioning the sense of unsafe towards Malaysia by foreigners. My boss was quite disappointed with the people here once again~! Sigh~! Kota Kemuning is not that peaceful anyway~!!! So LP and BQ, take good care of yourself and do take more BC classes for atleast you can show him some uppercut or jab crosses. haha!!!

Sunday, April 20

Super Sunday~!!

I slept quite late this morning cause it was a very tiring Saturday with the blardy long queue and all. I had supper with my ex-colleague outside my house and we catch up on what's happening these days. After that I got home and watched "Meet The Spartans". OK~! I agreed, this movie is a no brainer~! Cause I don't wanna think or use my brain that much after such a tiring day.

I watched till around 2.30am and fall asleep. Well not before I switched off the TV of course. Woke up around 8.30am or 9.00am. Washed my face and go online. Check my mails and also blog. Read some news online as I don't wanna waste money buying paper today also. Planned to go eat dim sum across the street at Taman Megah with my baby. So finally we dragged our lazy arse out the house around 11.30am. Luckily they still have lots of dim sum at that time.

After breakfast we go across the street to the morning market and bought some pork, vegetables and some other herbs and spices for tonight's dinner. Yup~! We decided to cook at home tonight. Later we went over to Pet Family which is just next door to look at the pups and kittens. They had this promo now for a Beagle and also Chow Chow. The Shih Tzu's so freaking cute. A guy just bought one of the pup. Sweet~!!

Got home and Eva decided to come over for a movie. So we watched "The Forbidden City Police" by Stephen Chow. Our favourite actor. hehe~!! We invited her to stay for dinner and we all had dinner around 6.00pm. There's a soup, eggs and onions, vegetable with garlic and pork. Superb~!!! We finished the whole pot of soup. My gosh~! haha!!! Went to the night market to buy some food and also CDs before my girl drove back Klang. Than I start my usual Sunday night report typing while listening to Michael Buble's new CD which I just bought today. Sweet~!!!

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