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Sunday, November 30

Tiring Weekend

This weekend seemed a bit too short for me. It all started with the early morning warehouse sales which I went but was disappointed with the items which they put on sale. Nevertheless I never go home empty handed, so I managed to get myself an electrical appliance. Sweet~! As my brother was on duty that day, so it's my duty as the second in command in my family to take them out for lunch. Since Chloe misses her dad so much, I decided to drive them all to Sunway to gave my brother a surprise.

Damn long crawl up the parking but my luck was really good that day, managed to find a parking within minutes. Go for some watch hunting with my girl and finally send my SIL and mom back. Continued with my new drama marathon at home and fall asleep half way. I was really that tired. Decided to have a home cook pasta, so we stayed home and enjoyed the comfort of my room with delicious food accompanied with a good movie. What can a guy ask for more? : )

Woke up early as my brother decided to come over for dim sum. My gosh, I am so tired but since they did mentioned the magic word, dim sum, so I picked myself up and get ready. After breakfast went back to sleep for a while before heading down to KL for my friend's post wedding luncheon at Imbi Palace. Food was fantastic (sorry no picture as I was pai seh to take!!). Picked up Romiko from home after lunch and went to Summit to send her watch for service. And finally bought myself a new watch. Sweet~! Went home and continued with our drama and had dinner before she went home. One word ... tiring!

PS: And I was supposed to go house hunting this week. Damn~!!

What's The Time?

Finally decided to get myself a new watch. Can't really stand (pun not intended) without a watch these days. It's quite troublesome to kept getting my handphone out to check out the time. And I always lost track of the date without a watch. Hopefully this baby will get me through at least longer than the previous one. Still sad as I really like the previous one a lot. Since it's passed down from my dad to my brother and ended up with me. It has been with the family for near to 30 years. So it's like family treasure. Maybe I can start with this one to my son. LOL!

Saturday, November 29

Golden Egg Noodle

This is a place I randomly choose for lunch last Saturday with my family. It's located at Pusat Bandar Puchong. Same row as Old Town Kopitiam. The place serve noodles and also fried rice. The have 4 type of noodle which made from seaweed, coriander, pumpkin and chilli. The place was packed when I arrived but still managed to get a table inside.

So we had decided to try out their famous Dry Golden Pan Mee with Pumpkin Thin Noodle. Feedback from SIL and Romiko was positive. So I guess you can give this a try if you want.

Mom decided to try out their Dry Curry Chicken Pan Me which was quite OK but the scent wasn't that strong. Maybe I like my curry hot and spicy the way they should be.

As for me, I ordered their Golden Fried Rice which was alright. Nothing spectacular but just a decent fried rice with prawns and eggs. They didn't named the dish Golden for nothing now.

Mom wanted Dumpling so I had ordered 6 pcs of dumpling in soup. The dumping had a lot of coriander stuffed inside instead of meat. Well for those who like coriander, this is your favourite.

Altogether it was a nice lunch with slightly special type of noodle. They have this Golden Pan Mee which was recommended and I haven't got the chance to try it. Maybe I will come back and maybe not. But one thing for sure, I won't drive all the way to Puchong for this noodle. The whole meal cost me RM 38.00. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

Back to Back

Friday is always my favourite day of the week. Last day of work of the week. I had a great lunch at TTDI with my girl. Went to a bridal shop to visit her friend and did some model while she was there. Sorry but unable to post the picture up as it will land her friend in the hot soup.

Was really hyped for gym last nigh, dunno why. So decided to joined my friend in Celebrity for Combat class. Then came back to FF to continued with Catherine's Balance class. Not sure why but I was sweating from Track 2. BQ was so nice to set up my board and weights for me while I am finishing my cool down. The class wasn't that tough last night but the triceps and biceps are quite hard. But I like the challenge. K-Bear is joined with Jackson Ng who is TT'ing from Track 3 to 6. What do I think? Chore need to be revised again as there's mistakes here and there. His techniques are bearable but improvement is preferable.

So what is the highlight of the whole night? Minum session was great with MD and BQ. We fickle around with our handphones again. She is one funny girl to be with. We called it a night around 1.30am. Trust me, it's a long chat.

  1. Thank You / Smells Like Teen Spirit
  2. Action
  3. Baby I'll Let You Know
  4. We Will Survive
  5. How Far We've Come
  6. Stamp
  7. So What!
  8. Sea Of Love
  9. We Got It Going On
  10. World In Union 95

Friday, November 28

MacBook Sales from Machine

For those who wanted to get themselves a new MacBook or iPod, please drop by Sunway Pyramid this Saturday and Sunday for Machine's 1st Anniversary Sales. I heard from my brother working inside saying that the price of the notebook are really cheap (price reduction from RM311 to RM2200). These are new units but as the new model came out they decided to clear their stock of t he old ones. But if you know the specification of this units well, you will know that actually this previous model had more features than the new ones.

The new MacBook only had a physical uplift with a new Silver color casing. Like my brother says, MacBook is famous for their white color casing, why buy a silver and be the same with the rest of the other notebook in the market. And the new model lacks some other connectivity port such as the fire wire which is very useful if you want to do video transfer files from your DiVi cam.

There is also those refurbished units where the price cut goes to RM3600. You can always get these units and add another RM800 for extended warranty and you are off with a brand new unit (well practically). These units are still warranty but it's best to get their extended warranty for safety sake. Trust me when I say you won't see Apple doing these kind of sales very often, so do take this chance and grab something for yourself. Here is the details of the price for those who are interested.

House Hunting

I was in the mood to look for a house these days. The idea actually came from MD who is now renovating his house. And getting a new house right now seemed to be my main priority. So I had decided to check out MD's place at Setia Alam. Yes, I know it's a bit far but I am going in with an open mind. Take away the distance and location, just look at what they gonna offer.

So after lunch I went over with another friend of mine, Ken. Found their sales office and damn it's unique. Imagine the whole building made out of glass. But once I went in, major glare problem. Sun light coming in from all direction. So what is the morale of the story? Something might look nice when you first look at it, but it doesn't mean that it's practical.

So back to the sales office, I check out the new phase of the same area as MD. The price of the house already increased by 25% (give and take) since he bought 1 year ago. But they did fully extend the whole house to the end. So if you think of the renovation cost of it, actually it's the same. Few lots left but no show house to see. Bummer~! Took broucher and went back PJ to discuss further with my friend of the house. Called up my friend from HLB and he offer me BLR - 2.05%. But found out that KNSQ can give me better interest. Interesting~!

Went for gym as usual and joined Jean's yoga. Master T was replaced by JX tonight. She managed to do some older tracks which I think is something good. SOS came back from their trip from HK. Thanx again both of you for the gift. Went for minum and all of us played with our handphones tonight. LOL~! Rainy night and you know what that means, good cold sleep.

Wednesday, November 26

Life Is More Than Just Work

Busy Busy Busy! That is the only way to describe my whole day. Since my boss was on leave since last week and came back today, me and my colleague was able to clear some of our urgent matters. Proposal to go out early morning and appointment with my boss. Came back follow up on the revised proposal and more proposal to go out. It was calculation and proposal and revision and continue with that cycle 3 more times. Time was of the essence and my boss was leaving the office, so I need to finish the whole thing up before he left. Managed to finished off everything before 5pm.

A close friend called me asking for some advice and some called up for dinner appointments. But I was all booked for my brother as he wanted to get a new gadget. So waited for him at SS2. Finally he got his new toy, Nokia E71. Toy around with the new Nokia N85 and N96, SE 905 and X1. Had dinner with my brother and SIL. Damn got curry oil on my short. Fark~! Used the whole night washing it but still there's some little stain on it. Damn it~!

Got a surprising call from someone. It was a long chat and I am still expecting another call from my old friend from noon. At least my night was filled with activities right? Who says there's no life without gym. Oh I did.

Tuesday, November 25

Quality Over Quantity

I arrived at Consplant and guess who I saw outside having a smoke? Jackpot and co. Damn! Quickly went up and saw the floor was 90% covered by step boards already. Quickly get a board and set it behind Jackpot. No choice, it's the only one available. Maybe there's a reason why it's not occupied? Can feel that my stamina today was really good as I managed to finished the class with ease.

So continued with the next class. Fark~! Realized it's not Sue teaching tonight. MG was replacing. Sorry I am not complaining here but I came for Sue's class. And they took out the Combat class tonight too and replaced it with an intermediate-advanced step class. Bloody hell~! Should have checked the time table online. Nevertheless, need the work out and joined MG's class.

Classes started with some nice warm up and the 'competition' started when Jackpot friend saw me doing 17.5kgs for squats. They really do putting on extra weight during the back track. Well at least the friend did a 12.5kgs. The whole class till biceps was a stupid weight competition. Damn funny. I was looking at two of my pump kaki at the back and they smile at me looking at Jackpot and co. Jackpot even go to the extent of pumping 7.5kgs for triceps. Mind we're doing All Things (Just Keep On Getting Better). But the pain kicks in when they were doing biceps. Struggling like hell. LOL~! Like I said, I was on tip top condition tonight, so not much struggle the whole night. Like the instructors always says, it's not the quantity but the quality of the exercise that matters. Totally agreed~!

No combat class but MD was here, so he took a sauna and we went off for minum later. Had a discussion and well I decided that I might go to Singapore for this coming X'mas. Damn it's all your fault MD, but I like the idea. LOL~!

WarmUp: 5kgs; Squats: 17.5kgs; Chest: 8.5kgs; Back: 12.5kgs; Triceps: 6kgs; Biceps: 6kgs; Shoulder; 5kgs

Restaurant Weng Kee

This is a placed which was recommended by a friend not long time ago. I had always patronized this area at Section 17, P.J for years but never imagine that this corner lot sells Roasted Duck. So I had decided to have lunch with a friend of mine, Ken and try it out. The name of the shop is Weng Kee. It's located at the wet market in Section 17.

Let's get into the food. I saw that they offer more than just roast duck. They also sells roast pork (char siew) and also sliced stuffed pork (yuk cheong). So I had ordered the combination of the three and make it for 2 person portion. To be frank I am not sure what is so famous bout his duck. Other than it's fresh scent of roast and juicy meat.

This is the roast pork and also sliced stuffed pork but a bit little. I know it's expensive but can we make it a bit less pathetic? Roast pork not that special and juicy but still alright. Stuffed pork was a bit hard but still able to sink your teeth in it.

This vegetable came as a SOP for the whole dish. We didn't ordered it but it came together. Anyway, it's rare for me eating roast duck, pork or even chicken accompanied with vegetable.

Altogether we had spent RM22 inclusive of two glasses of herbal tea. I think I still prefer other places like Sunrise or even the roast duck at Damansara Utama compared to here. But surprisingly there is a lot of customers and some times I even saw the place pack and customers need to wait for a table. Weird! Will I return? Slim chance. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

SonyEricsson Xperia X1

I was having coffee at 1Utama last weekend when I saw a couple sitting next to us flicking through their new handphone. From the box I know it's a SE handphone. And when the girl came over to browse through some magazines, I finally saw the model. It's the new Xperia X1 from SE. So finally it's out. Curiosity got the best of me and I asked the girl who is now standing next to me, how much did they bought for the phone. She told me it's RM3199. But they got a special discount as they are the first 50 people queuing up for the phone. Wow~! That expensive. Last Saturday was the offical launching day for the smart phone.

So what is packed inside this 145g baby? It's HSDPA, TFT screen with 65K color (quite outdated). 800x480 resolution 3in screen. Full QWERTY keyboard with optical keypad. Built in 400MB of internal memory, 256MB RAM and 512MB storage memory. Running on Qualcomm MSM7200 528MHz processor. Standard Class 10 GPS, built in WiFi, bluetooth and USB connectivity. Running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. The camera is 3.15 MP, 2048x1536 pixels with auto focus. Stand by up to 833 hour (or they claimed) and 10 hour talk time.

It's their answer to Apple's iPhone and Blackberry Smart Phone. But I guess SE still has some distance to go to match both of the giant in smart phone. Blackberry Bold came out but problem with the battery life caused some of the consumers to hold their guns. iPhone haven't officially launch in Malaysia so not much to be said unless you're ready to fork out RM3+++ for a cracked unit from our neighbour. iPhone is running on independent OS while Blackberry on Symbian which is both more stable compared to the SE which is running on Windows Mobile. Although it's the brand new 6.1 version but still it's Windows based and you know what happens to your Windows in the office now, don't you. So the OS that they choose for the X1 is still quite disappointing although they did make up with a lot of customizable shortcuts and icons. Will it give both iPhone and Blackberry a run for their money? We will see. (Rating: 7.5 out of 10.0)

A Walk At The Night Market

I was really bored yesterday, thinking whether to go for gym after work or not. My laziness got better of me and tons of excuses came flying through my head not wanting to go for gym. So I msn K-Bear and told her that I won't be going for her pump class. Called MD up and he too can't make it for the early combat class at Consplant. So off I go back to my house and drop off my laptop at home. Traffic was really smooth these two days. And it's 6.30pm at traffic central. So I decided to go for a walk at SS2 night market with my housemate.

It's been a while since I last went to the night market. As usual the market was packed but it wasn't that hot last night. So I managed to grab some snacks along the way and packed a nasi lemak home for dinner. Some of the stalls even started playing CNY songs. OMG~! What happened to X'mas? Decided to go home when the crowd started to built. Stayed home and continued with my CSI marathon. Two more seasons to go. But most definitely I'll be going for Sue's pump class tomorrow. But Master T is not teaching, so whose replacing him? JX? Eugene?????

Sunday, November 23

Yoga = Haram???

I was really surprised when I saw the headline today. Fatwa council deems ancient form of exercise from India 'haram' for Muslim. In other words, Yoga is non-Halal. Their main reason was that yoga had been practiced by the Hindu community for thousands of years and incorporated physical movements, religious elements together with chants and worshiping, with the aim of “being one with God”

Because of this, they believe/claimed that it is inappropriate for Muslims to do yoga. The council is declaring that practicing yoga, when it comes together with the three elements, is haram,”. While merely doing the physical movements of yoga without the worshiping and chanting might not be against religious beliefs, Muslims should avoid practicing it altogether as “doing one part of yoga would lead to another”.

Muslims, were discouraged from practising yoga even as a form of exercise as it would ultimately lead to worshipping and chanting, which is against Islam. After studying the matter, including the history and purpose of yoga, the council decided that it was inappropriate for Muslims as it could affect one’s faith.

I can't say that I agree with them but what is the logic of that? It's just an exercise. Don't they realize that they are doing one of the Yoga pose each time they prayed to their God? As long as they know what they are doing and have a strong believe, I don't think that it is any issue in this at all. But people tends to blow everything out of proportion. What's next? We can't do Combat as it promotes aggressiveness and competitive among each others? Well we can always trust our local society or organization to come out with some really interesting and outrageous remarks in the future bout god knows what.

Saturday, November 22

Right or Wrong?

Have you ever did something RIGHT and still felt GUILTY about it later? Well I got this feeling not long ago. It's always difficult to determine what is RIGHT and NOT. What is RIGHT to us might not always be the case for others. So do we make a decision based on self interest or the whole BIG picture?

They say life full of decision and why do I felt guilty after making a decision. I looked at the whole scenario and made a wise decision (or so I thought) but some people still think that I did the wrong decision. When I said people, I do mean people who meant something to me and not any tom, dick or harry. They always seemed to have a better ideas or opinions (according to them). So do I have to pleased everyone? Do I listened? Do I follow? Do I even care? I think I should, well to some extent, but is there any guide lines? I don't think they came out with a dummy guide book for this matter right?

Sometimes I wanted to just shut my ears and don't listen and not letting other people's words get to me. But I am those people who got effected easily by other people's view or opinion about me. I tend to go through my life as simple as possible and always looking at the bright side of each event. I am those people who can always turn a bad situation good by looking at the bright side. I know it's quite contradicting with my previous statement. But that is me. I may looked complicated but I am simple to some, but to others I might looked simple but inside I am very complicated. LOL!!! Hard to describe me, well maybe those who knows me, can describe me better.

Friday, November 21

Body Combat 38 Review

OK OK, I know I shouldn't be reviewing it so early but I got time. And I promise myself that I won't be reviewing it too much and get bored of it like I did with the previous release. But than again I got the previous release like 2 months before the launch. So don't blame me. At least they're gonna launch this new release around the mid of the next month (I assume).

As usual, choreography by Dan and Rachel Cohen. For those who didn't know Rachel married Dan early this year. The new release invited two other master instructor. First is Hernan "Dientitos" Lopez (you saw him in few previous releases, not too fond of him) and Justin Sanchez from The States. For those whose been with FF for many years should have heard of Justin as he once teach over here and was quite 'famous' among the ladies.

First track upper body as usual starts with a double upper and going to hooks and jump jabs. Lower body starts with alternating front knees to side kicks and front round house. Nothing special. But the song by Cascada really pump you up for the next round. Second track starts with a upper block and a cross with a front kick. Second combo is the hook upper and round house kick. That is the whole combo. There's a lot of jump jab and speed ball for track 3 which I don't really like and Hernan leading this track doesn't help much too.

Round four starts with back knee, front kick and add another 3 back kicks at the end. The neat part of this track is the end where we have triple side round knee plus one back kick. Similar to The United Vibes but with a long repetition on both sides. Avril Lavigne starts track 5 off with double jab and two uppers. Not forgetting a lot of body ribs punch. Pain starts to kicks in during track 6 rather than a conditioning track. It starts with palm strike with back elbow and back kick. Esciva is back and adding to the fun is some front kicks. Track 7 starts off strong with Jab, Cross, Jab and two back knees. A lot of knees to the ends and also descending elbow.

The last tracks is one of my favourite as it was Cascada's What Hurt The Most. Chore was simple with plenty of jabs and crosses. Continued with Upper and strong upper and lastly hook. It's quite similar to Believe in Me but more simpler. It's quite tiring if you're doing it correctly. The conditioning track focuses on abs, triceps and biceps so it starts with a lot of slow triceps and biceps push ups. This time around we have the Plank move and alternating leg change along the way. Rapping up the whole release with a nice cooldown accompanied by OneRepublic's Say (All I Need). Overall it's a nice release and it's strong. Hopefully you all like it when you saw the launch.

Yes! I Will Try Not To Review It Too Much

It was pouring heavily when I arrived at Summit for Jean's yoga. She herself was slightly late but informed the front desk about it. Most of the road coming into USJ and Subang Jaya are flooded or jammed with cars. Luckily I was able to squeeze myself through the jam before it started. Yoga class was as usual but I managed to hurt my shoulder blade while doing the head stand. Yes, I know, do more warm up. But it's not the case for me this time. Didn't do head stand for like ages so it took me awhile to get a hang of it.

Master T was able to make it on time this week so no more rushing like mad during the class. LOL! A lot of new members or people who came over for the trial session joined the class. So it was a bit havoc in the beginning but they were able to catch up at the end. Tonight it was just me and MD with Wannie. After class we decided to go over minum at our usual shop. Browse through the new release with Master T. Yes, it's no surprised that I got it quite some time. Yes, I will try not to review it too much. Yes, I will try not to get bored of the new release when they launch it next month. And Yes, the songs are damn nice this time around. LOL!!! And Hell Yeah, your legs are gonna be so tired that you will need a stretcher to carry you out. haha!!!

Wednesday, November 19

Sheraton Restaurant

Finally I found another place which served All-You-Can-Eat. Me and some of my makan friends were sad when we found out that the previous venue (Old Ship) had to be closed. But luck was on my side when my ex-colleagues called me up and told me they found a new place which serve the same and at a cheaper price. You don't have to ask me twice. The place is called Sheraton Restaurant which is located in the heart of Puchong.I think a lot of people know of this place but just didn't know that they serve All-You-Can-Eat buffet style.

As always they will gave us a special menu with food listed in their respective category. Crab and shark fin can be ordered once but this place could order fish unlimited times. Other than that, they served vegetables, pork, chicken, prawns, squids, dim sums, omelets and desserts. Sorry no clams over here. And here are some of the food which we ordered. Yes, this is part of the whole course of the meal which worth mentioning.

Fried Squids in Butter Cream, highly recommended.

Crab in Kam Heong, flower crab not that much meat but still alright.

Chicken in Special Sauce, tasted very nice and the sauce is quite special.

Roasted Crispy Duck, not bad.

What is a course without Shark Fin.

Sweet & Sour Prawns, this is really nice. The blend between the two taste was really good.

Drunken Chicken in Claypot with mushroom. My ex-colleagues said it's very good. I don't like it.

Fried Squids in Salty Eggs which is OK but I like the butter cream anytime.

Sweet & Sour Pork, I think, but not to say that good. Don't know which part they took as it's quite tender.

Fish in Garlic and I do mean a lot of GARLIC. Practically the whole fish was covered with garlic. Did I mentioned there's a lot of garlic?

And lastly we ordered some sea coconut with longan for dessert and also fruits on a platter. When the sea coconut goes down your throat after a long filling meal, I must say it's an unimaginable sensation. We were damn full. Didn't managed to finished the fish and a few pieces of squids and crabs. So how much did we paid? It's written there RM23.80++. All together we paid RM29/head inclusive of a pot of Chinese Tea and also 5% government tax. Not expensive at all for all the stuff that we all ate. Service was pretty good like changing a clean plate and pouring the tea and all. Definitely be coming back real soon. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Another Rainy Day

It was another rainy day yesterday but luckily my house didn't got flooded again this time. I was leaving from my house for gym when I saw the thunder and lightning. Having some second thought of leaving my computer and modem ON. I am in the midst of downloading CSI and I thought that the rain would stop. But it kept on getting stronger and nastier. Pray hard my PC and modem is still intact when I got home from gym later.

Reached Consplant and it's still raining. Had to parked outside and ran in. Step class was alright with ten over people showing up even during the rain. Continued with Sue's pump class. Triceps and Biceps were really tough. But at managed to finished the class in one piece. But my chest and shoulder were hurting like hell. Gonna skip if Master T doing some hard push ups track later on. Luckily it's an easy one but with a lot of abs work. Sigh~!

  1. Stuck On You
  2. Livin' On A Prayer
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. Power Of Love
  6. Anything For Love
  7. Hardcore Paradise
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Sound of The Underground
  10. I'll Stand By You

Tuesday, November 18

Duck King

An old friend had invited me for lunch today. She told me that there's this place called Duck King. OMG~! A place pro-claimed themselves duck king. This I had to see and try. The place is located inside Jaya One. Just park in the basement go to Ground floor. It's behind Starbucks. You can't miss it. I was quite surprised with the whole place as there were so many restaurants to try out.

OK, now back to the main dish. Like the name says, the place served duck but not just duck but also Hong King Dim Sum, Noodles & Porridge and full varieties of Chinese cuisine. Their menu is damn big and one thing caught my eye at the bottom of the menu. It's written, "This Menu Cost RM1500++". WTH!! I am not sure it's the menu cost or the total cost of the dishes in the menu.
Since my friend, Tania had tried out the place before so I let her decide what to ordered. For the main dish we had ordered 1/4 portion of Roasted Duck. Well the duck was nice and juicy as it should be. Skin is crispy and sweet. Not bad at all.She recommended the Grilled Squid with Butter and Salt. I like my squid deep fried but grilled is alright with me. The portion was quite large for two of us. Taste is salty but nice. Duh!We had also go for the waitress recommendation of their house specialty vegetable. It's organic and it's very special as I haven't tried this vegetable before. She told me the name but I don't really remembered and heard it before. It's not in the menu but most importantly it tasted really nice.As for the rice they have four type to choose from. Plain, Oily, Minced Pork and Pork Oil. All are steamed in a pot of rice so the fragrance of the pork sips into the rice and it's quite nice if you really like pork.

The place was already packed when we arrived around noon. You need to have reservation if you wanted to sit inside. Even during dinner the place is packed needless to say weekends. They do served their specialty Peking Duck, Shark Fin, Geoduck, whole lot of fresh ocean fishes and also dim sums. There is this dish called Barbeque Meat Five Combination which I would like to try out on my next trip. The whole lunch cost both of us RM87 inclusive of a pot of tea. Tummy was full before I could finished off the rice. A very satisfied customer if I would add. Most definitely coming back with my family on one of the weekends. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

8-G, Block M, Jaya One,
No.72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 603 7957 9819

Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Yap Chuan

This is my second visit to this restaurant. The first visit was few months back with some of my friends. Read here. I would definitely say that the taste had changed a lot since I last visited the place. The place I'm talking about is called Restaurant Bak Kut Teh Yap Chuan located in Bukit Raja. Those who familiar with my makan style should know that I am into dry bak kut teh compared to the traditional wet one. So I had ordered 2 pax for the dry bak kut teh this time around. The outlook was really nice but I couldn't say that the same bout it's taste. It lacks that scent of spice and taste. Although it's a 2 pax, it wasn't that large of a portion too.
My girl is more to the traditional bak kut teh eater, so I had to order single pax for her. Yes, two of us ordered a 3 pax meal. The soup wasn't as thick as before in term of taste. It's quite plain and fall flat on the scent too. Don't take me wrong, it's still a nice average bak kut teh just that I expected more from the shop. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

I think I still prefer the one at Sentosa with their dry bak kut teh and also Zheng Jia from Puchong. This is the two places which I love the most. Teluk Pulai is another location which I heard so much but didn't have the opportunity to try it out till now. Anyone up for bak kut teh??

Someone's Back

Finally Master C decided to come back well I should say able to come back. After one month of not seeing him, he looked more thinner. How can this be? Weird. And baring that new hair cut. OMG! A bit like Edison to me bro (just the hair cut only. LOL!! ). The class wasn't that packed last night maybe not many people know that he's back. The Malay guy was late so we (LP & BQ) was able to stand in front. The whole class waited for Phoebe as she was late. But class started before her but she managed to joined in middle of Track 1. No surprises, we're doing the whole new release as according to him, he haven't done enough of it (bro, you did multiple times in CF la). Anyway, it was a good work out for me. Stamina is back and I am back at 100% strength.

Continued with K-Bear's pump class as usual. Mic decided to gave in on her and we all know she'll get really pissed when that happens. But luckily they found a replacement set for her. Coming out from the lion's mouth and into the crocodile's mouth. Her iPod was not fully charged and most probably could only last her till track 3 max. Luckily for her (and us) some member borrowed his charger to her. Finally we could start the class in one piece. So many events unfolded but like they said, all well ends well. Class was tough but was able to finished it off in one piece. Squats getting better with the reduce weight I am carrying now. I'm getting there, I know. LOL!!!

Sunday, November 16

My Test Result

I had went for a blood test with CP last Friday at Plaza Mount Kiara. I had always wanted to do a full body check up for ages but didn't have the time or effort to do it on my own. So since CP offered and it's FOC, I gave it a try. It's a private institution called Palace Health Sanctuary. It's a sister company of Golden Horses. They offered full facilities in house, so you can get your result really fast.

I had my blood, eyes and body tested the whole morning. Obtained the result around noon. Quite fast, I guess. The consultant as usual need to introduce their facilities and also program to us. But as usual, we let her know our intention was just for the FREE test. My result was quite satisfactory just for some minor cholesterol problem.

So for my body composition analysis, I need to lost 4kg. But everyone told me to stop losing weights. A bit confusing for me but will try to loose some for health sake. Drink more water as usual as my liquid intake has always been not sufficient for my body. Systolic pressure slightly higher as I slept quite late last Thursday night. So it's normal. Both my eye pressure are normal, so no sign of yellow eyes disease.

OK, here comes the serious test. Diabetic screening shows that my Glucose level was alright. YES!! This is one of my worries actually. HDL-Cholesterol or good cholesterol is above average and so is LDL Cholesterol which is the bad ones. I scored a 5.45 out of the averaging 5.15 for my total cholesterol level. So I need to cut down on my cholesterol in take which in other word, less nasi lemak, prawns, eggs, hokkien noodle, fried lards and BKT too. OMG~!!! But I can still live with it. For my health sake, I will try to cut down on all of the above.

Jess & Kenneth Wedding

Had to woke up really early last yesterday morning as it was my primary school mate, Jess wedding day. Need to go over her place to take some pictures for her. Entourage came around 8.30am and some games were played as usual. Very disappointed of the Heng Tai as they are not sporting at all. They purposely drag and waste the time until the bride's mother called for them to be let into the house. WTH!!

Don't even wanna go into the open door ang pow as that was given upon sincerity but I was really disappointed. But it was my friend's wedding so I should be happy. The Chee Muis was really good staying up thinking up of games and also preparing the food and all.
Dinner was held at Imbi Palaca near Jalan Imbi (duh!). My first visit over the restaurant. The restaurant was able to fit maximum of 40 tables I think. Stage was a bit far and speakers wasn't available for those sitting behind. So they were quite left out at some point. Surprisingly meet a lot of long lost school mates. It was rather a wedding cum gathering for some of us.

We left before the last dessert was served as we were afraid of the jam that it would create after the wedding. So we quickly took a picture with the bride. Congratulation again to the bride and groom. So girl, you're finally married, now start to worry bout your in-laws. LOL!!!

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice

And the on top of the "Must Eat" list was Chicken Rice. And in this case Hainan Chicken Rice Ball. The name of the place is Hoe Kee and it's highly recommended by both my friend MD and CP. I noticed that most of the restaurant located along Jonker were all very long. The shop it self is really long, so they were able to fit a lot of customers behind their shop.

So here's the famous chicken rice ball. We need to take in some normal rice as they do not have sufficient ball rice for us all. Are they for real? Not to say that spectacular compared to the one which I ate on my previously trip at Melaka Raya.
Steamed White Chicken and some chicken liver as normal. Chicken was soft and tender as it should be. Not bad but nothing much to brag about either. We had ordered 2 plates of cabbages too as we though we don't get enough green during the whole trip. This was one of the last meal we had before we left. Luckily I had a good breakfast that morning so I wasn't totally disappointed bout the chicken rice. I think some of them understand what I meant from this. LOL! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Ban Lee Siang

Second food which you must eat in Malacca, Satey Celup. And there is only two places worth mentioning (which I visited before and the only one I know). One of it was Capitol and the other is Ban Lee Siang. We had decided to visit Ban Lee Siang for this trip.
We got over quite early but there were already a lot of people sitting in front of the stall. So we found a table at the back of the restaurant. Nice~!

Once seated QQ had ordered 4 plates of bread. Too much??!! Definitely. LOL!! The sauce was freshly prepared when we arrived. So I assumed we are the first to dip our food into it. Good thing about arriving early.
So here are some of the food which we had ordered that day. So at the end we managed to eat close to 200 sticks. Not that much actually as one of my friend from Malacca previously could eat close to 60 sticks alone. Yes, I am not shitting you in here. LOL!! Normal stick cost RM0.50 while the red stick cost RM0.60. Total damage plus a mountain of drinks amounted to RM14/head (9 pax).

Jonker Dessert - The Museum Cafe

Sorry for the late update on my food entry but I was really busy with both my work and hectic weekends. Let's get back to the menu now. Last weekend I was so excited as me and my group of friends from gym had decided to go for our annual makan trip down Melaka. So here's one of the shop which we found something good to eat. The place is located along Jonker Street and the name is Jonker Dessert.

This is the one of the few stalls inside this shop selling Cendol.
This is the stall which we ordered the Curry Laksa and also my Dried Pork Noodle. I don't really fancy curry laksa that much but from the feedback from my girl, it's not bad. But the noodle do taste like curry noodle more than laksa for her. (RM3.50)
What is one of the food that you can't miss when you're in Malacca? Cendol and in this case, Baba Cendol. The special thing bout this cendol is the syrup they used. It's Gula Melaka. So it's really sweet and tasty. (RM 1.70)
Last but not least my dried pork noodle. To my surprised it wasn't that bad. I didn't have high hope on it as the place wasn't famous for any of their noodle. But surprisingly it's quite good and they even added extra minced pork for me without any extra payment. Cool~! (RM3.50)

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