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Wednesday, September 30

Life Is So Boring Without Broadband

I still can't accessed the internet at home to date. Reason was I am still contemplating whether to get a wireless USB drive or pull a long network cable from my room to the other. Why do I wanna pull such a long cable (close to 8metres maybe) you may ask? This is because the signal traveling by using physical means (i.e network cable) are more stable and reliable (secure). If you are thinking about just surfing the net or reading mails, well you can use the wireless USB anytime. But I need the broadband each day to download movies. So if the strength of signal is not constant, it will effect the speed. For some special reason, I can't do much knocking and cutting in the house for the time being, so pulling a 8 meters long cable around the house is quite frustrating if you kept tripping on them on the floor. Oh, what to do? And Heroes Season 4, Supernatural Season 5 and Gossip Season 3 had just started. Arggh!!! The agony!!!

Personal Note: RPM: 637kcal

Tuesday, September 29

I Survived Body Pump 71

So how was it? Well let's go through the tracks shall we. But before that, need I remind you that I had just finished Brian's BS class and totally forgot that it was a launch tonight. Class was really packed tonight. So here goes with the run down. We started with the warm up by James Sampson's Magnetized which I think wasn't that strong compared to the few previous release. The squats part of the warm up was so darn short. I am not sure how long was the track, but it was short. Continued with the highly anticipated Squats track by Mega Mania. I was very familiar with the changes of the song (Summer of 69) as it was featured in Body Combat 37 before. The focus are the singles and also bottom halves. Lots of them. 2 repetition of 4 bottom halves continued with 8 bottom halves to finish one combo. And you have at least 4 of them to go through. Well it isn't as tough as I imagine. Since there are some short interval for you to reset yourself before the singles each time.

Chest track was one of my favourite as it features Flo Rida's Right Round. The chorey was perfectly blended into the music. The combo are quite straight forward as I remembered. 4 top halves, 4 singles and 8 bottom halves. I think we have 4 sets of them with a break after the third. Definitely a killer track for the chest for me. Continued with the back track with Liz Kay's When Love Becomes A Lie. It was a powerful track as it has 4 continuous clean & press. Continued with 4 singles (I think) and then 2 sets of 3 wide rows. We have at least 3 sets of this combo before we finish. Not that tough but a nice song selection as it really explodes.

Back to to board with the Triceps. We have lots of bar to chest with a combo of 2 bottom halves each for lots of time. Finish it off with standing overhead press. This is definitely an easy track for me. Period. And when you thought it was time for you to take a break, WRONG!!. Biceps has got to be the hardest track in release 71. Totally love the track by Linkin Park, What I've Done. Let just say that we have tons of singles and also bottom halves. We have for sets of those combos with a break after the third set. Totally crazy. We have a new move for the Lunges this time around. Pumpers can opt to do on the board or without it. We have some single lunges on the board for each side of the legs. The new moves is the lift knee that we normally do in BS. Now it's in BP. This proves that all programs shares some bit of the moves with each other.

Shoulder track was a fast one. What do you expect from a Public Domain music. We started with push ups then plates to push up again and bar all the way. I think there is another push up in between there but I am not sure. It's not that tough for me and the track was a bit short but it packs a omphh in it. So what's new for the abs? We have this new moves which requires us to lie on the board with both our hands on the board over our head. Then we will move our knees up by using our core muscles. Then we shift over to abs press with optional plates to the forehead. Nothing fancy but effective work for the core muscles. Cool down was Sober by Pink and it's all we need after a long tiring work out. Hopefully you all enjoy the new release as I am.

Personal Note: BS: 516kcal; BP: 630kcal; BC: 718kcal

Monday, September 28

Stupid Jam!!!

I woke up so darn early today (Monday) as everyone was telling me that the traffic would be hell as it's the first day of work after Raya. And since I had just moved to Kinrara, I am not sure how bad the traffic would be. Leave home around 8.15am en-route Jalan Puchong. Surprisingly there wasn't any jam at all. Wow! The day seemed a lot brighter out of a sudden. Then it was decision time. Either I continued down to PJ using Jalan Templer or heading towards Midvalley. Decided to go with the latter and heck, it was one hell of a decision I made. The jam started straight away from the point I had turn. My day seemed so dark again. WTF!! How can it be so farking jam??? This was supposed to be the smoother route as I heard. It took me 35minutes to get clear of the whole stretch to reach Federal Highway. Go up Kerinci ramp and reached office in less than 10 minutes. My gosh~ I took me close to an hour to reach work. And I have to endure this every single day!! Well I heard my friend got stuck in the jam for two hours. So I need to be grateful is it?

Sorry for the late post as I didn't have Internet access at home for the time being. Well the house has wireless but I don't have a wireless connection for my desktop. Gonna get one tomorrow maybe. Heard from my friend that Coco isn't taking his food and a bit agitated. Still can't release him out of the cage for the time being. Need to take him out during the weekends and bring him around the area to get him familiarize before letting him loose. Can't really sleep well thinking of him after my friend told me his (Coco) condition. Thanks again to my dear friend who help me to take care of him.

Personal Note: SS: 221kcal; BS: 676kcal; RPM: 794kcal; BC: 729kcal

Sunday, September 27

I Miss My Old Life !!!

So many things happened last weekend. It was really a rush for me to move all my stuff to my brother's house during the weekends and attending LP & QQ's birthday dinner in between. As I mentioned earlier, I had already moved around 80% of my stuff to my parents house last two weeks ago. But heck, I was WRONG!! I think it was just 50%. There were so many other stuff to pack and move over. There were so many small tiny items which need to be pack. Needless to say my hanger and desktop. God~ I totally forgot that I have so many shoes. Just realized it when I was clearing off my stuff. And bags, I got plenty of bags. But mostly I had already disposed off. 7 years living in the house had given me the time to accumulate mountains of stuff in the house which I didn't even remember having them in the first place.

Moving them out is another issue. To move or not to move? Head ache. But the biggest issue was sending my pet, Coco over to a friend's house. My housemates were so attached to him. But sadly they can't take care of him at their new house or else I would gladly let them adopt Coco. So after driving up and down Puchong with rain pouring down on me while moving my stuff, I had finally managed to moved almost all my stuff and settling Coco to his temporary new place. Was really sad seeing him in his cage and all. But that is for the time being. Really wish that my house would be ready as soon as possible so he can move back in with us. Sigh~ Another year to go and my house would be ready to move in.

I miss Coco, I miss my bed, I miss my (rented) house, I miss waking up at 8.15 EVERY MORNING to work and not having to spend 1 hour in some stupid JAM!!! I MISS MY LIFE!!!!

Thursday, September 24

Did I Mess Up My Hair?

Do you have a pet? A dog in particular? If you do, do you bring them out? Do you drive them out if you're going out for lunch, meeting up with friends, supper or for any other activities other than to the vet or grooming? Why do I ask this question? Well my babe has a dog and a lot of my friends do too. The reason is, I was driving my car to gym yesterday when I saw a guy holding or in fact placing his Silky Terrier on his lap while he was driving with the window down. The dog was actually half way out the window and the driver was making a sharp U-turn right in front of Subang Parade's traffic light. So he was one hand holding his dog as the other trying to maneuver his car to make a U-turn. WTH?!!!

Does he know that is so farking dangerous? I mean not to him alone but to the other drivers on the road and not to mentioned his dog too. Another stupid thing is that, there was a girl sitting next to him and she didn't do anything. Maybe taking a smoke or something. Damn! I saw him struggling to make the U-turn as the dog kept moving (I assume). We all know that you have a dog and you drive a big fancy car but do you need to put yourself and others in danger just to show that???!!! Speechless!!!

Wednesday, September 23

Food Fight!!!

I was driving this morning when I heard an interesting topic. Where does Hainanese Chicken Rice origin from? We all know that it's created by Hainanese but whether it's from Singapore or Malaysia? It's all started when Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen, our Tourism Minister decided to claim several dishes namely Bak Kut Teh, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chili Crabs are originated from Malaysia. I fully understand what's her intention and it's all for the good of our country. So for those who are still sitting around scratching their heads on this issue, let me enlighten your morning.

The reason behind her claim on these dishes are to let people (tourists) all around the world know that these dishes are from Malaysia. As we all know, these mentioned dishes can be found nearly every country now especially neighboring countries like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and China. Some other countries just brush off the claim as a 'promotional exercise' but there are some strong response from the Netizens (Singaporean for those who didn't get it). They (Singaporean) of course claimed that Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Crabs are from their country. From Singaporean point of view, these two particular dishes are originated from their country as they are the first which promoted them and we some how copied it along the way. But I heard from a caller this morning (OneFM Morning Kaki) who said that the dish came from China (obviously) and during that time, Singapore was still under Malaya and when they go Independent, the cook was in Singapore and that is how it was said to be originated from there. But how do you decide on this then?

I had Google both Hainanese Chicken Rice & Chili Crab and both said that it's originated from Singapore. So do we need to alter that? Do we need to bring this issue back to Hague (International Courtof Justice) again? Heard a funny comment from one of the Netizens that said that Malaysian will one day claimed that Steamed White Rice are from Malaysia. lolx!!! So what do you readers think??! What do I think? Nasi Lemak & BKT confirm from Malaysia larr! Laksa? Should be kua, not so into them. Don't really care where it's from but as long as it's being promoted to all around the world as sharing is caring !!

iTunes 9.0 (Updates)

iTunes 9.0.1
I think it was just a week or so when Apple released iTunes 9.0 and now they have an update of 9.0.1 which supposedly fixes a couple of 'bugs' in the previous version. So what's the issue with the previous updates you ask?
  • it resolves the issue of browsing the iTunes store (which I had no problem with);
  • it resolves the performance issue of iTunes being not responsive (which I had not encountered);
  • it resolves the issue of iTunes quits unexpectedly (never happened);
  • it resolves the Podcast playlist syncing between iPod & iPhones users (which I don't use);
  • it resolves sorting albums from several discs (which I don't really understand);
  • improves the syncing apps for iPod Touch & iPhone (it's alright with me) and
  • automatic updates Genius for Genius Mixes (which I don't uses)
You can download the latest update at the Apple's Website and try it out yourself if you had already update to iTunes 9.0 and encountered the above issue.

iTunes 9.0
What's new? Do I need to upgrade? Will it effect my iPhone or iPod if it's been jailbreak from a previous version? Geniuses from Apple will tell you that they had added in a lot of new features to their new iTunes 9.0 and bla bla bla. But let me cut it down for you.
  1. iTunes LP - which you can download selected album online and have the complete album art, animated lyrics, liner notes and so on. So if you don't buy music online, this is useless.
  2. Home Sharing - which makes sharing your music, movies and applications up to five authorized computers in your house. So you can import what you like to any computers around your house.
  3. A new face-lift to iTunes 9.0 - which they redesigned the navigation and this makes exploring for music, movies and applications online more better and convenient.
  4. iTunes Extra - this is some sort of an add on to the existing feature they have when you download a movie. You can know enjoy the trailers, photos and interview in your PC.
  5. Genius Mixes - this is something like an enhanced Genius function from the previous iTunes. The new Genius will automatically mix and create mixes from your library.
  6. Improved Syncing - able to arrange your apps from your iTunes library. This is some add-on which I don't think is that important.
There are also some other minor enhancement from the previous iTunes. So basically it's something that you can upgrade but will it improve or make your life more simpler? I don't think so. Can I live without it? Why not?! And lastly, NO it won't effect your jailbreak iPhone or iPod as it's only the player and not your phone. Enjoy~

Personal Note: BS: 518kcal; BP: 638kcal; RPM: 621kcal

Tuesday, September 22

A Long Holiday

So what I did this weekend? Well it's too long to tell but let's just say that it involved a lot of house moving, eating, movies, eating, shopping, eating and more eating. Did I mentioned I had a lot to eat? lolx!!! Had a big dinner with parents after moving my stuff over on Saturday night. Movies with babe the next day. My first 3D movie and it's so cool. Another great dinner with babe at Pasta Zanmai. This place is so good. MD called up and we had a long late supper talking and eating.

Totally forgot how many nasi lemak breakfast with crullers I had for the weekend (well basically it's twice). I think the auntie is getting to know me now. Decided to stay watch some movie at home. Had dinner with MD again that night. Yes, Hokkien Noodle. I was so surprised half way through the dinner when I saw my friend from my hometown. What a small world indeed. Continued with more movies at home after the dinner.

After hearing some good review from MD about the Singapore movie, I had decided to watch it today. Well not all bad. It's actually some sort of interesting too. While buying the ticket, we had decided to watch another movie after the first, Gamer. The second movie is more exciting than the first and action fill. Got home and take a rest as we're out for more than 6 hours again today. Totally exhausted and wanted to wash and iron all my clothes before I start work tomorrow. What a long weekend we had and I'd gained 1kg from all the eating session I had this holiday. Guess I gonna step back into class again this week.

Where Got Ghost?

Was really skeptical when I heard some reviews about this movie at first. It was Jack Neo's first attempt in producing a horror movie. But it's not totally a horror movie as it is mix with some humor in them definitely. I am a bit worried as it's not easy making a horror movie and it's definitely not easy combining them both together. Heard some mix feedback from friends who watched it beforehand and decided to watch it at the end since babe wanted to watch as well.

There are three stories in the whole movie. There are Ghost in The Jungle, Ghost on The Road and lastly Ghost in The House. The first story revolved around 3 guys who go around fooling everybody with their fake 4-D winning scheme. Then one day a real spirit call upon them demanding a share of their winning. Second story tells about two soldiers who got lost in the jungle and decided to take a short cut which lead to their short life at the end. The last story is a continuation of the Money No Enough 2 not too long ago. The 3 brothers, one by one are being visited by their dead mother in their dreams. And they blame their mom of not helping them to become rich and wealthy. But sometimes, rich & wealthy is not always the most important thing.

So what do I think? Well, first story a bit predictable. Well all the story are predictable but you have some cheap thrills and laugh along the way. Did Jack managed to bind both the element of laughter and horror together? He's getting there. There are still rooms for improvement. Something light to watch but no high expectation here. Stay put at the end of the show as they shows you the NG footage. One part where the Indian soldier kept repeating the same line, "Mai Keh Kiang!!" (don't act cleaver). The movie is around 1 hour and 40 minutes and I can say that I quite enjoy it at some point. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)


As if one movie is not enough, we decided to watch another movie after the first. This time, the movie is call Gamer. The tagline, Who's Playing You? The story tells about a near future where we can control an environment of people like we're doing/playing now i.e Sims but get this, what if those people are real life people. Yes, it's called Society. Where you can pay and take control of people's mind and body and dress them up as you like. They will interact in a close society with the other gamer's character to interact with each other. You can practically do what ever what you like in there, you just have to think and it's done. Yes, you can even do some nasty kinky stuff that you can't do in reality.

But the creator got creative and evolve the Society into another gaming sensation called Slayers. Imagine Counter-Strike but in real life. Where you can control the people inside and they will show the battle or combat in a pay-per view around the globe. The people in the game are life sentence convicts with no chance of parole. So if they can stay alive for 30 rounds, and they will be set free. A guy name Kable, is the only guy who made is so far. He is just 3 round away from freedom. But the creator had other ideas for him, as in dead. As Kable holds some information about the creator which could take him down. So watch how Kable get himself free with some help of a society called Humanz who is against the whole society thingy.

The action was great but you tends to get a bit head ache with the fast pace, sudden camera shifting around you during combat. So better sit far away from the screen if you don't wanna get a migraine during the movie. The whole people controlling other people are very realistic to me. I mean it's possible in term of idea but not the technology. Lots of censored part in the movie so gonna download the blu-ray version when it's available. If you're a action freak, this is your movie. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Trivia: Kable is one of the character in Marvel comics together with Mutant-X.

Sunday, September 20

G-Force in 3D

To be frank I wasn't into this movie that much but since babe wanted to watch it so much, I had no choice but to accompany her. So I am going in without much expectation at all. But surprisingly, I was really an enjoyable movie at the end. For those who haven't heard of the movie or doesn't know what the movie is all about, read on.

Actually I was quite relieved when I know that Jerry Bruckheimer was the producer of the movie. The story tells how 3 guinea pigs, Darwin, Juarez and Blaster lead by their supervisor Ben (a human) who trained them to be secret agents. Their chance come when Ben decided to help the FBI to solve one of their cases. But something happens and the feds decided to close down on the whole project and send the cute agents into experiment. So the 3 guinea pigs had to race against time to save the world from world domination from an unknown person. Will they be able to save themselves and save the world at the end? Well do I really need to answer that?

As mentioned, I had watched this movie in 3D. Damn it was such a realistic experience. This is one of my first experience watching any movie in 3D. Totally worth the extra RM5 for the glasses and all. It's a family movie and something that you can watch with friends for some good laugh. Nothing much to think about during the whole movie but as usual I had managed to guess whose the villain even during the early stage of the movie. Just buy a large drink in and sit tight with your 3D glasses on and prepare to laugh your heads off. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Thursday, September 17

Platinum Membership Anyone??

Before I leave the gym tonight, I saw they had finally printed the leaflet on the new Platinum membership. The first two Platinum Clubs would be The Curve & Klang Bukit Tinggi which will be upgraded this December. It means that if you're not a home member from both the club, you can't enter both the club after December. WTF!!!! The one at Wisma Consplant will be moved to the new Empire Building next year March and it goes the same. WTF!!! Since I am not a home member for all the mentioned clubs, I am opted with 4 choices.
  1. Automatic upgrade (no towel service). Note: TC & KBT members only.
  2. Pay one time conversion fee of RM109 for a full upgrade to Platinum (including towel service).
  3. Re-commit for 12 months and receive a full upgrade to Platinum (including towel service)
  4. Stop going to those clubs, which I doubt as most of the classes I joined from WC & TC. Fark!!
This is how the people at FF treat their loyal members. Sigh~! Totally disappointed. I think I would most probably take up the second option of committing another 12 months. Fark!!!

So what's new in the Platinum Clubs you may ask?
  • Full executive towel service to all members (who upgrade and pay)
  • Hot Flow Yoga & fully upgraded RPM studio at The Curve
  • Extended range of toiletries
  • Access to Fitness First Empire Gallery Platinum (opening March 2010) which offers the first fitness club in Malaysia with spectacular infinity-edge swimming pool (whatever that means)
  • Reciprocal Access to all Platinum clubs worldwide
  • Upgraded executive members lounge including new internet stations
  • Upgraded cardio theater at Klang Bukit Tinggi including all new LCD Tvs
  • And more to come as they mentioned ....
Personal Note: BP: 443kcal; RPM: 667kcal; RPM: 634kcal

Wednesday, September 16

I Hate Moving House!!!

Moving house is such a fuss. I mean it's not just the head ache of moving my stuff out from my current house to my brothers but something else. Now I need to change my mailing address too. I have so many bills ranging from credits cards (4 banks, I think), insurance, housing progressive letters, lawyers corresponding letters and not to mention from friends and relatives. Other than mails, I need to go over Tm Point to terminate my telephone and also broadband services. Fortunately I had managed to terminate the phone and broadband today. Still got few more banks to go for the alteration of address. Not to mention going over to the lawyer firm and developer's office to do the changes. Gonna move most of my stuff out to my parents house this weekend and unfortunately I won't be able to go back to my hometown during this long holiday. Sigh~ ! I hate moving house.

Monday, September 14

Apple OS 3.1

I just heard that Apple had just released their new OS 3.1. So what is new in their new release this time around? Well lets see if it's worth the upgrade at least. From the Apple's website, it shows that they had enhanced the Genius function from recommendation of applications to mixes in my phone. For those who are using iPhone, you should know that you can't create ringtones (well I did with some software anyway), so Apple had created a download-able iPhone ringtones on the iTunes Store where you can buy from. You can also organize apps in iTunes on your computer to drag apps onto the Virtual Home screen and then sync them to your iPhone. These are some of the new major changes with some other minor ones.

But since my iPhone had been jailbreak since OS 3.0, hence I can't upgrade to the new OS 3.1 as the DevTeam still trying to crack it. But one thing for sure, I can't down grade back to OS 3.0 if I choose to upgrade to OS 3.1. WTH??!!! This is because the geniuses from Apple had allegedly stopped signing iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone 3.0.1 firmware files, which means that iPhone 3G S users can't restore using any firmware files. They can only restore using iPhone OS 3.1 firmware file. So it's a cat and mouse game between Apple and iPhone Hacking community right now. But again, do I need to upgrade my firmware to OS 3.1 in the first place. I think OS 3.0 is sufficient.

Personal Note: BS: 607kcal; SS: 232kcal; RPM: 620kcal; BC: 706kcal

Sunday, September 13

My Future House Site Visit - Sept 09

It's been more than a month since my last visit to site. Actually I'd been to the site but was stop by the guard on duty from entering the site. But I got lucky today as there wasn't any on sight. So I quickly walk over to snap some picture of my house. Nothing much difference on the outer part of the house from my last visit. As mentioned in my last post, the developer had installed in the electrical wiring and internal piping. There were a truck right in front of my house so I can't take a direct photo of it but I thought since I had walk this far, might as well take the chance to walk in for once. And I did.

I walked in from the kitchen and saw that the tiles on the walls are all up. As mentioned, all the electrical and pipping had been installed and the walls are plastered. Walk to the living room and saw they had placed the tiles on the floor, ready to be install. I thought, what the heck and walk up to the living room upstairs and went snapping right away on all the rooms and toilets. All the tiles are all up in all the toilets in the house. No fittings are installed yet to prevent theft. This is the first time I step into my actual house. As previously I had only view it from the outside. Was really a great feeling as I can imagine that after 1 more year, this is gonna be the place where I am gonna start another chapter of my life and starting my family. Can't wait for the time to arrive. Save money, save money~~~!!!

Saturday, September 12

The Unbelievable

We were discussing on the movie that are showing right now in the cinema during supper last night and one catches our attention. It's called The Unbelievable. For those who is unknown of the name, it's a TV reality show from Hong Kong which explores the unseen and unknown world of the supernatural. So this movies is nothing different from the TV show but this time around they combined 5 stories with 4 from around Thailand and the last being taped in Malaysia.

So the crew is headed by Sifu Sze Toh, Rachel the host and some other filming crew. The main highlight of the show is to show the spirit after they are dead for 7 days. This is because, it is believe that those who had passed away within 7 days still roams the world as they didn't realized that they are dead. So the first story brings us to a guy who hang himself to death in a house. The girls went back to the house the next day after and sat in the room while chanting and burning some incense paper and some spooky stuff happens. Well you get the picture I guess. And then the second story continues from there and so on.

So what do I think? Well, it's a bit fake to me or pre-planned at least. For starter, there is always some ceremony going on every time they arrived at all the shaman's house, and they are permitted to record the whole process. For me it's not to horrifying but rather gruesome. For instance, there is one shaman who bite a live chicken to death to feed his small spirit. The last part as mentioned was filmed in Ipoh, Malaysia. They are guided by a local girl who at the end got possessed by a spirit while they are playing the Oouji board game. How predictable can they get. Anyway, it's a good cheap thrill movie if you are in for it. Not too lengthy and it's straight to the point but there are no conclusion to it. So it left me hanging especially the last part. You need to watch it to know what I am talking about. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

Friday, September 11

I Survived Body Step 77 @ Consplant

It was Friday night and as usual I am attending my first RPM class of the night. But not before doing my usual warming up before the class. Although I am doing it alone tonight as someone FFK me last minute. But I had a good work out. Continued with the second class of Body Step 77. It's a sneak preview of the new release. Class was headed by Roland and Eric T, which I never saw and tried their classes before. So how was the new release? There are a lot of new moves which is good but still a bit confusing to me at some point. Music selections are alright. The warm up was nice and fun to do. Specially like Track 8 which is the fun track featuring Just Dance music selection by Dutch Swing. Am getting hold of the whole leg crossing and hand swinging part though. At least there's something new for me to look forward to on the new release.

Continued with K-Bear's Body Pump after the step class. Boy, my legs are so tired at this point. And babe, your Voodoo Child for squats didn't help much. LOL!! But I didn't go all the way that night for some part of the track. Chest and Back track was similar to Cindy's class last night too. lolx!! What Hurts The Most seemed easier the more I do it. It was supposed to be one of the tiring Back track for me initially. Finished the class and decided to skipped the combat class as we wanted to have supper. K-Bear finally managed to get her bird pose right. How? Youtube. Yes, you heard me right. When they say you can learn and find practically anything in Youtube, they are not kidding. Congrats babe : )

Personal Note: SS: 476kcal; RPM: 579kcal; BS: 822kcal; BP: 657kcal
Total Calories Burned for the week: 6,252kcal

Thursday, September 10


I think most of you heard of the song, He aint's heavy, he's my brother but what if it's not your brother but rather your notebook that you're carrying the whole day up and down. My current company gave me a notebook to use and we are supposed to carry it wherever we go so that we can check our mails and do the proposal for our customers anytime when we're not in the office. Problem is, it's DAMN HEAVY!!! Imagine carrying 2.5kgs of steel the whole freaking day. Those whose into sales like me would understand the suffering that I am going through.

But nowadays, some company had opted to purchase those small notebook (net-book) which is around 1.2kgs. That is 1kg less. I even changed my notebook carrying bag to those backpack type to lessen the burden on my shoulder but it's still bulky. Weight is not the only issue as I need to carry it all the time as you all know it's common that you heard someone notebook got stolen when they left in their car. Headache~! So I got no choice but to carry it all the time even to gym.

But lately I found out that I can left it in my office inside my drawer (locking it of course). I don't really need to carry my notebook all the time as I can check all my mails (including office and personal) using my phone. As for the proposal I can do it the next day. And it is safer and also more convenient for me. When you don't have one, you wish to have it, but when you have it , you will regret having one. LOL!!

Personal Note: BP: 314kcal; RPM: 537kcal

Wednesday, September 9

1 More Year

Received another letter from the developer on the progress of my house. It's the certificate of stage completion by the developer. According to the certificate, my house is now 55% completed. Wow! That is more than half completed. They had just billed the bank for the completion of the roofing/ceiling, electrical wiring, plumbing and internal telephone trunking and cabling. Can't wait to go over this weekend to check my house at site. It's been a month since I was last there. Definitely need to update my house's progressive picture. The next billing would be for the internal and external plastering of my house.

Nowadays, I am a bit contemplating as I wanted my house to be ready as soon as possible so that I can move in. In the other hand, I wish that I have more time before it's ready so that I have the sufficient time to save some (a lot) of money or the renovation and also filling the house with appliances and furniture. Babe and me had been surveying around town for furniture and appliances these pass week. Had discussion with friends on the cost of renovation and furniture, and the estimated budget startled me. OK, need to snap myself back to reality when I heard that. Now I got one more year to save more money before my house is ready. GanBaTeh!!!

Mental Note: RPM Challenge: 631kcal; RPM: 486kcal

Tuesday, September 8

Great Day To Start Work

First day of work from a long holiday really kick start my whole system. It's like injecting some adrenalin into my heart. I can't stand too much free time without doing something. Don't get me wrong, I like a break once in a while but I don't like my body to rest too long. Like Newton said, a body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest will always stay at rest. First day of work doesn't really seemed that rush for me today. Although I have an annoying customer who kept pestering me to do something for him although it's not that relevant to my work. I just found out that it's so darn inconvenient for me to travel from my office, Damansara Intan over to Damansara Specialist Hospital. It's so darn near, it's practically opposite my office. But I need to use at least 10 over minutes to get over.

Had a really late lunch as I am catching up with my cousin who is passing his daughter's wedding invitation to me. Yes, my cousin is that old. So what do I call my cousin's daughter? Niece? So many birthday and wedding dinners to attend this two months. Need to really check my schedule carefully as I am a bit forgetful. Anyway, gym was great tonight. Did Body Step, Body Pump (Yeah! Sue is back!) and RPM (cause Master T not teaching tonight!). Just remembered that I just ate a plate of rice the whole day before the class. Luckily I didn't really faint or what so ever. Maybe I have some extra food to burn from last weekend's dinner. lolx!!!

Personal Note: BS: 491kcal; BP: 549kcal; RPM: 710kcal

Monday, September 7

Final Destination 4

I had always been a fan of this quad-trilogy supernatural/horror/thriller movie. I was fascinated from the very first Final Destination franchise. The idea of Death's master plan for every one of us and what IF one of us can see the plan from the clues being shown to him/her before it happen. What IF? All started from the first chapter when a college student ruined Death's plan and saving some of the passengers in the plan. Although all of them died at the end of the story but in the process of not being dead in the plane, it altered some part of others life and that is where the second chapter kicks in and so is the third.

Now we are being introduced yet again into a group of people saved from a freak accident which happened during a race car crash. 4 friends and some others life were spared from death when they walked off the stadium. But Death wouldn't rest until he gets all his soul intended. So Death planed for all of them one by one and it's up to the lead actor, Nick O'Bannon (Bobby Campo) to see the clues in his head and trying to intervene with it. They figure that if they could break Death's plan, they could save themselves in return. But I guess for those who saw the previous trilogy would know it's totally NOT TRUE.

Not gonna ruin the ending for you all so just go and watch. How's the movie? For me it's alright for a Sunday night movie with friends. As the poster written, Death Saved The Best for 3D, so do try to go for a 3D experience if you have the chance, I heard it's quite interesting. Most of the time, you couldn't guess how the person will die but you know they will die in some freak accident, and I think that is the interesting part of the movie. There are some suspense part of the movie, so make sure you sit through the whole movie. It's not too long, less than an hour and a half. Babe was gripping my hand most of the time while I was laughing all the way when I saw how all of the die. Sick, I know but heck, we all learn to enjoy seeing other people's misfortune and in this case, dead. Enjoy~! (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Saturday, September 5

Easy or Hard???

So after all the classes, decided to have a chat with K-Bear and we're talking on this Bird Pose thingy and was trying to show her how we do it. And suddenly this lady, B came over and kepoh with us. And when she was telling K-Bear that the one we're doing is the HARD version with the thigh supporting on the shoulder and the one I did with the elbow underneath the arm pit was the EASY option, I was like HUH??!!!! I looked at FP and he was too dumbfounded. WTH is she saying. She kept telling K-Bear to turn and spread his hands and all and doing her so-called EASY option of the bird pose. WTF??!!! Does she really know what is she saying??? Sigh~ Damn frustrated. FP and me was so damn annoyed and frustrated. And FYI, she didn't even did an actual bird pose the WHOLE FREAKING NIGHT!!! I rest my case.

So I'll let you decide which is which from the picture below:-

This is what I did.

This is what she did (opss, sorry she didn't actually DO it, but she SHOW it with the legs on the floor).

Anyway, my advice to you dear, please don't be afraid to fall as you will then learn from there. You will know what is the balance point when you fall (a couple of time). You will never learn how to ride a bicycle if you don't learn how to fall first (literally).

Personal Note: SS: 416kcal; RPM: 625kcal; BS: 671kcal; BP: 643kcal Total Calories Burned for the week: 6,398kcal

Thursday, September 3

Do You Think You're Safe?

I was sipping my coffee at my place when my manager walked over and told us a startling news. His notebook had just been stolen. I know it's not the first time you heard about this kind of incident but let me share his experience here with all of you. My manager was sitting with his other customers at Coffee Bean, MV discussing some project. There were 6 of them (3 sitting facing each other) and my manger was seated at the furthest of one end. Anyway, those seated at the end would need to stand up and lean forward to the middle to talk or discuss on some issue and at the end of the discussion when they are about to leave, he realized that his bag was missing. The bag was placed next to his seat. The guy just walk over and grab the bag and walk off. I think this is not the first time he did this kind of stunt. No one saw anything and it happened so fast.

Let me clarify that they were not seating outdoor but indoor instead. They are seated near to the CitiTel entrance if you know the place well. So it's not that easy for people to just walk pass you and grab it. But this did happened to my manager. There were no CCTV in the shop but luckily one of the consultant know the boss of MV and called for his assistance. They are not reviewing the tapes from the CCTV outside. Then my other colleague mentioned that his ex-boss too got his notebook stolen from MV. It's a very famous hunting ground for thief. According to him, there are these certain group of middle east people who prey around the area looking for their victim. So for all of you out there, please do be careful of your bags and property when you're sipping your coffee. Cause you never know when you will be the next victim.

Personal Note: SS: 428kcal; BP: 439kcal; RPM: 602kcal

Wednesday, September 2

Happy Birthday to MY BABE

Wanna wish my babe Happy Birthday on this very day. Love you babe : )

Personal Note: SS: 326kcal; RPM: 922kcal (Yes, surprise surprise!!)

Tuesday, September 1

Back In Shape

My first class after a long weekend. Supposed to take it easy but heck, I need the extra work out for the extra food I had last weekend. Since someone was in the studio and I wasn't able to use it for my warm up I just took my time sipping on my coffee before Brian's class. I noticed that I burned more when I stop my work out for a few days. This proves my theory. Or maybe I am just hyper tonight?! Found out that Sue P. wasn't teaching tonight and was being replaced by this Gino guy. Sigh~! So I skipped the class and went down to chat with the other RPM kakis. Signed up for RPM tonight as Master T is still over sea and not teaching tonight.

RPM class was really tough tonight, well partly cause I am pushing myself extra hard tonight. We did Summer Rain and I know I can really do lot of damage with this track. Painkiller and Blade was the other power track and I practically climb the whole mountain without much rest. At the end of the class, I was soaked in my own sweat and the floor had a big puddle of my sweat. Damn fulfilling. Since I didn't do the Body Pump class, I had burned extra more for RPM to compensate back for the class. Right on.

Personal Note: BS: 600kcal; RPM: 726kcal

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