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Saturday, May 31

Broken Ankle

I got a shocked today when I called my SIL (sister in law) up. She told me that my brother was admitted into the hospital because he "broke" his leg. My gosh~!!! I straight away called my bro up and asked him. He was admitted to Sg. Buloh Hospital after he fell down while playing paint ball. I rushed over to pick my SIL up from Puchong with Romiko and straight away went over to see my brother.

Upon arriving I got a glimpse of the X-ray. But he tried to calmed my SIL by saying it's not his x-ray. His colleague's had helped send him to the hospital. He was in the plastering wad after x-ray. His hold leg from ankle down was plastered. I can see that my SIL was really upset and mad at my brother as he had initially told him not to go. But what is done is done as they say. I can see that my brother is taking it quite well as he can still crake jokes and talk as normal bout this. So I send my brother back home while Romiko driving my car.

As my SIL can't drive that means I need to stay with her for the whole month at least. I need to send her to work in Menara Axis and go to work after that. How am I gonna make it? God knows~!! And I need to fetch her back from work after that too. In other word, I'll most probably be MIA from gym for 1 ~ 3 months.

Consplant BC Members Rock~!!

Tonight was really fun and tiring as usual. Started off with SSI's BP class. Aubrey team teach with her and most of the tracks quite normal and not to say that difficult. But anyhow some of the tracks was the same as last Monday's class in TC. The class was so packed tonight as there were a lot of other club members joined in together for the class. Maybe because it's a team teach class?? Anyway, finished the class and rest awhile before joining the next.

My goodness, what a packed class. When I use the word packed I do mean sardine tin pack. There were members from Summit, The Curve, Maxis, IOI and even Leisure Mall. So us BKLTL member's represents the crowd from Consplant. As the theme color for the night was RED, so you can imagine how's the place looks like at that time. Macam RED society's gathering. So here's the run down of the tracks that most of us requested for the night.

  1. Angels
  2. The United Vibe
  3. Angel Eyes
  4. Tribal Dance
  5. Don't Stop The Beat
  6. Hung Up
  7. Hardcore Paradise
  8. Neck Breaker
  9. Dance Floor Anthem
  10. Because of You

What a tiring track this is. My legs was tired from the previous BP class already and there were so many legs and hand work in BC too. But I guess we asked for it. hehe~!! Well at least we didn't let someone's "lau pui" and managed to hold the stage till the end. Finished the class and members from The Curve decided to take some picture with the instructor and we as BKLTL's members can't let go of this opportunity and joined in to take with her.

After that we all went for minum session at Asia Cafe, our usual Friday night minum venue. No dinner for me tonight as I had some heavy lunch this afternoon. All were OK till someone started some stories bout ghost and all. All of us share a bit of our experience or stories. KNSQ started to sing some church song and all we all laugh like crazy. haha~!! But all good thing must come to an end, so we all called it a night around midnight.

Thursday, May 29

Jam Jam Jam

I was on my to Simpang Pulai in Ipoh when I was stuck in a jam at KESAS highway. What's the problem? Cause some idiot decided to blocked one of the road to construct a billboard during peak hour. Fucking stupid~! Stopped at Rawang for an appointment and continued up for the second in Ipoh. Waited for the customer in the lobby for almost 1 hours. Fucking stupid Pt.2. But the meeting was fruitful and also promising. So it's good. Rush back down from Ipoh around 5pm. Along the way saw at least 8 accidents. Raining maybe?? Master T sms me and informed me that he won't be teaching tonight. Cheng is replacing, I'm not picky so I just go.
Reached KESAS highway and another jam. Fucking Stupid Pt.3. What happened? Nothing, just that all the cars were going really slow that's all. Managed to send Sim back to his office and rushed to Summit for BC. All were there except QQ in IOI for rpm and KNSQ working I think. Found a new place for minum in USJ 10. The place is not bad but the service fuck up~!!! That is mamak for you. Left early as I wanna sleep early tonight. Finished ironing my clothes, washed my gym clothes, fed Coco, pack for tomorrow class, blog and FB. OK la, let's call it a night now~!

Wednesday, May 28

You Will Be Miss

Today's lunch was a killer. I had lunch with Eric and Sim at Seri Muda. Lunch with Sim will never be simple. Today's venue is Spring Golden. It's famous for it's Char Siew.
Sim had ordered Roasted Goose, Char Siew, Roasted Chicken, Vegetables, Wan Ton and also Dumpling in Soup. My gosh~! when the came I was like ..... can we finished this?? But we did finished it la. haha~! Cost us RM70.00. Cheap??
Tonight was SSI's last BC class at WC. So "someone" kai lui had suggested that the BKLTL group of member wore black for this "memorable" occassion. What the heck~! Black is BC color anyway. So most of us wore black except LGM who stand to be different and wore Pink (as usual). haha!! Imagine a bunch of people at one corner all wearing black. Makes you wonder what is the occassion for the other members who saw us. Most of the tracks was suggested by us all. So it was a fun class. Later we all went for minum and she finally joined us. The final supper. We had a lot of drinks and laugh. Just wanna say, our Wednesday won't be the same without you. And thanx again for the Milo 'O' Ice.

Tuesday, May 27

The Night Without SOS

My day started off again with the usual meeting today. I went down to Rawang in the morning and due to some communication problem, I had waited for 2 hours for my men to come down. So had to canceled off my planed lunch with my friends. Fuck~! Finally managed to come back down to PJ for lunch in Kelana Jaya. What I eat? New place I found accidentally. The place is called Ikan Bakar Fend. Located opposite Kelana Jaya's Giant. I saw a lot of people queueing so I thought, this should be good. haha~!! A lot of people were ordering this Ikan Bakar with rice. So I just follow la. Not bad. The curry was nice and the side curry was spicy too. Just the way I like it. I added an egg too. The whole meal plus one Sirap Ice cost me RM6. Ok la for my lunch. hehe~!!

Had a long discussion with Eric back in the office and only managed to leave my office around 6.30pm. Fuck~! Sue's gonna kill me. I arrived and they were already doing the chest track. Fuck Fuck~! Sue saw me and said something to me. After the class I quickly went in and apologized to her as I can't make for the class. She told me that a lot of people gonna kill me as I had requested Miracle for the clean and press. haha~! So I had asked her to do another Cascada track next week. Hope I can make it. I had requested around 8 tracks for Master T class tonight. So you see girls, I can't skip the class. Ann, Cindy, KNSQ and QQ were there tonight. MD and me stand at our usual spot as usual. Oh ya, Delon was there too. So what we did? For the others who didn't make it and for those instructors whose gonna do it tomorrow. Here's the run down.

  1. Shake That
  2. Never Surrender
  3. Shooting Star
  4. Sexy (last minute request by a member)
  5. Power of Love
  6. Bad & Sexy
  7. 6th Gate
  8. U R My Phantasy
  9. Paradise City (i think, the shoulder and triceps simultaneously)
  10. Because We Believe
Later me and MD went for minum at the new place called Canai 15 Cafe. QQ and Ted joined us later on. Almost finished watching Forbidden Kingdom from the shop next door. Cool place to hang out~! haha!!!

PS : You might be gone, but your spirit will always be with us.

Monday, May 26

One Hell of A Monday Class

My day started off with a very lengthy Monday morning company meeting and also the ever so stressful and tension 1-on-1 meeting with Eric. Well it didn't turn out so bad as I thought it would be. Sweet~~~!!! So later I rushed to finished my claim for this month. Managed to finished it and submitted it in. Wow~! Thousand over ringgit this month. Cool~!!! But found out that I miss one bill for the accommodation last two weeks in Batu Pahat. Fuck~!!!

Had lunch with Sim and his two other colleagues in this restaurant called Ah Yeh in Kota Kemuning. One word, EXPENSIVE~!! Let me explain what we ate and you decide. We ordered Oyster in Egg, Hong Kong Baby Choy Sum, Meat-less Bean curd, Salty Veges Soup, Pak Suk Kong in Gralic & Onions all in small portions. Guess what is the damage??? RM 109. Fuck~!! The stupid fish cost us RM 47. The taste all normal only not to say spectacular or anything. Highly not recommended. But there's a lot of people eating there though.

Rushed for tonight class in TC as Cindy and Wannie will be there. I arrived in the nick of time actually. Lucky~!!! We had a very strong crowd tonight and all we all out with the shouting and kicking. I was all sweating from the first track. We did some really nice tracks too. As my sister in law told me that I gained a bit weight so it's a very big impact for me. So need to do more and eat less. BP's class as usual put in some extra weight for the squad and triceps. I sweat like a hell tonight. Thanx again LP for the water.

Sunday, May 25

MKA K9 Exhibition

So after the lunch, we went over South City Plaza as plan. Parked my car inside and saw a family holding a ShihTzu going into their car. Romiko was excited and regret didn't brought Bobo over. But Bobo and Coco in a house together confirm HAVOC~!!! We went in looking for the place and finally saw a banner and it's located at the LG. Went down and to our surprised it wasn't as grand as we expected. There were only a few stalls over there. Only some breeders attended the exhibition. But there were demonstration by the MKA Masters. Damn their dogs all all freaking trained. The crowds were all amazed. There were even a Pug and Silky Terrier in the show. Damn~!!! Training a large breed for this is normal but seeing small breeds like Terrier and is rare for me. There were a picture session for the photographer for some K9 magazine. So I took the opportunity to snaps some for myself. hehe~!!! From the above picture you can see how behave are the dogs. So cute~!!!

Seri Kembangan Steamed Chicken Rice

This morning I woke up around 10am as I am not going for the usual gym. Wow~! Had been weeks since I go for the Sunday morning class. Yesterday night was tiring as I slept around 3am after finished watching a movie in the idiot box.
We're going to South City Plaza after lunch for the MKA K9 show. So I decided to go over Seri Kembangan for lunch. What to eat? Hmm....steamed chicken rice suddenly came to mind. So I drove over the old town and the place was already packed with customers around noon. All the people were queueing up for take aways. This is not my first visit but it been ages since I visited this place. The place is located beside the main road into the old town. The address is 1732A, Jalan S/K7/12 behind a bus stop on the right hand side of the road. You can't miss it. Stall name? Nope, can't find it. Just called it Seri Kembangan Steamed Chicken Rice.
I had ordered their steamed chicken for two pax and liver (i think it is??). One word of advice, you do not to go and order, people will come over and take your order. It may take some time but they will come. Trust me~! haha!!! The chicken was oily and nice. Soft and tender. Just the way it should be. But the best is not the chicken for me but their steamed rice. I had a second because it tasted to damn nice. They added a lot of margarine and garlics into the rice so it look very yellowish and tasted very nice. The price for the whole meal plus two drinks is RM 11.30. I saw a lot of people who ordered an additional pax when they order. Should do that next time. hehe~!!! (Rating : 3.8 out of 5.0)

Saturday Day Out

So before we (me, romiko, cindy, aaron, mark) went for movie tonight, we decided to go for a light snack. Cindy decided to go Madam Kwan. As I am not that hungry, I had ordered their Classic Nasi Lemak. Not the first time eating this but need to say that it's getting from good to bad. But service is good though. haha~!! Their famous nasi is definitely Nasi Bojari but it's also not as good as it use be. Cindy ordered it and from her feedback it wasn't that nice.

After the movie I had decided to look for my brother for supper. So off we go to Bandar Puteri to meet my brother and sister in law. What to eat?? Hmm...choose from Ah Soh, Pizza Uno and Ahan Thai Restaurant. Finally decided to go with the Thai restaurant. My bro said they tried it before and it's nice.

So we ordered their Tom Yam Ratchda Soup. It's their specialty Tom Yam soup. It's sure spicy and sour. But for me it's just nice. But the others said it was very spicy. There were a lot of seafood in it too. The price is RM 15.90.I had ordered their Thai Fried Rice as it seemed nice. One word, small and oily. Ok that's 3 words. But nothing else to describe it. I think you can see the oil from the picture. The side dishes was so little. I mean the meat and garlic. So freaking little, might as well don't give. But it tasted nice. Price is RM 7.90.My bro had ordered their noodle specialty which is the Pad Thai. The outlook was really delicious. And it tasted good too. Recommended for those who like fried noodle. But it's also very oily. Sad case. Price is RM 6.50.

And finally I cleansed all the stuff down with their home made Ice Kacang. There's the normal jelly and all. What can I say more, it's Ice Kacang. How bad can they make it be. haha~!!! Price is RM 4.50.

Will I go back again? Yes, with friends so that I can order the other dishes in the menu. hehe~~!!! Rating (3.5 out of 5.0)

Saturday, May 24

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull

One word, Super~!! I'd just watched the movie at midvalley today and it was superb. I was a fan of the original trilogy since I was in the early age. Raiders of The Lost Ark was the first of the installment and it came out in the year 1981 continued by Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom in 1984 and the third in the year 1989 with Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I thought that was the last that I would see the movie but I was happy to hear few years back that George Lucas is planning for the 4th installment. So after 19 years, came Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull.

It was definitely not a let down from a 60 over years old Harrison Ford. He still got it in him. Some might say that he is old and should let the younger ones take his place. But I beg the differ. At his age he can still give some really nice ass kicking. Ok, let's get back to the movie then. It's a must watch if you watched the previous 3 installment but if you are new to all this, well then maybe you don't really feel the hype in the movie. As there is a lot of the old elements which they use in the movie.

Some younger ones will think what is so special with this movie and what is the bragging all about. Well let's just say that those who was born in the early 80s or late 70s will understand this. We practically grew up with Starwars and also Indiana Jones. I don't wanna reveal the plot that much. For those who like action movie I suggest you go for this movie. (Rating : 8.5 out of 10.0)

Friday, May 23

I'm back and tired~!

So I started my journey on Thursday morning well actually it's afternoon. It took me less than 4 hours to reached Sg. Petani. And I wasn't speeding at all. There were a road block around Kamunting but they didn't stop me. hehe~! Sweet~!! Visited a few customer and ended up having dinner with one of them. Eat and drink and another friend joined in and we (4 pax) ended up drinking 12 bottles of beers. Damn I hate beer. Arrived at the hostel around 11 and went straight to bed as I was very tired from the drive and all.

Friday's appointment was really fuck up~! I had to drive down to Juru from S.P in the morning and back up again to S.P for an afternoon meeting. And we had to waste 2 hours in a cafe waiting for the customer. But it was worth it I guess since there's some business opportunity. Drove back down to KL around 4pm from S.P. Sure can't make it for gym already. And it rain all the way from Penang to KL. Fuck~! I drove so freaking fast and at the end when I reached my office, Eric reminded me again for my reckless driving. Sigh~! Saw two accident on my way back. One BMW fella I think he died as they cover him with some plastics on the road and another Gen2 flung out the road and got smashed also.

Well at least I can rest early tonight as I got a meeting with Eric on the company's future plans tomorrow morning. Head ache~! But at least I prepared what I am gonna say and all. After work will go Midvalley to watch Indiana Jones with FF members. Cool~!!

PS : Thanx Cindy for inviting again~!

Wednesday, May 21

Do I Need A Change?

I started off my day by picking my boss up from KLIA and had a long discussion with him once we're back in the office. Need to think about the future of the company and all. Sux~! I hate thinking. Why can't it be like it was?? Maybe it's time for a change??
It's been bugging me this few weeks now. There's a few offers but I had rejected as I still left some hope in this company. Well, I will just follow the flow for now. Journey again tomorrow morning. Really felt tired but in the same time excited as I can travel. I know, mix emotions. Let's put it this way, I like travelling minus the driving. Well back to reality now. Need to call it a night now. Sorry no fun entry tonight as too much to think about. Till I come back now~~~

Morning Jam

Stupid jam. I was stuck in a very stupid jam this morning. Well actually I was running a bit late this morning. So I was quite grumpy too. hehe~! So what happened. I think some motorcyclist died or something. So the road heading down Subang from Klang is all piled up till the toll. haha~ Lucky me on the other side of the road which cleared off once I pass the over bridge. The jam was still there when I drove out to Subang around 10.30am.

So after that I reached Sunway and I send my "wife" for major service. Changed the this filter that spark plug and oil and what ever la .. cost me RM 580. So I asked them to wash my engine for me while they at it. Took them 2 hours to do all this. Later I went home and took my car's cover note to renew my road tax and insurance. Took my lunch outside my house as I was in a hurry.

Went down to PJ Old Town to renew my car insurance. Cost me another RM 790. Drove down to JPJ thought of renewing my road tax but the running number was imaginable. There is 160 people in front of me. So to hell with that and I went to Amcorp Mall's post office and took me only 5 mins to renew my RM 90 road tax. Drove back up to Sunway to have my car wash and vacuum.

Look at the time and it's 5.20pm. Drove to WC and joined BS class. So long didn't join Brian's class already. haha~! And he was asking where the hell I have been. Later Sue's BP class and managed to request some tracks from her for next week's class. Cool~~~ !! Master T's BC class as usual. The whole gang was there except MD as he wanna surprised someone in MM. It was a fun class. Lost my voice as I shout too much tonight. haha~!!!

Later go minum again and MD joined us at Old Town. Zee was there as well and we all talked about the earth quake and tsunami and one thing lead to another and KNSQ ended up giving us tips on Viagra and how to use it. haha~! Ya, funny bunch right??~!! haha~!!! This is the BKLTL group of members ma~!!! haha!!!

Monday, May 19

Wesak Day - Vegetarian Day for Me~!

Happy Wesak Day~! Not sure whose out there is celebrating it but just wanna wish it out. Today I went to Klang to have lunch with Romiko. Saw a lot of people crowding the Buddhist Association along Jalan Kemajuan heading towards USJ. So I decided to go for whole vegetarian lunch. Called up CP and asked him for recommendation in BKT.

He had instructed me to look for a restaurant with a BIG VEGETARIAN Signboard outside on the corner lot. But we found 2 restaurant with the same description. So no point asking anymore, choose one and just go in. ( I think I got the right one as this is the one nearer to Satey Kajang, hehe~!!) My gosh~! The place was packed. A lot of people were queueing up to take their food from the counter and even paying up for their food.
This is what I took. Hmm...not much of a vegetarian meal but it's still vegetarian la. I know, a lot of flour and potatoes. But I like it ma. haha!!! It's quite cheap I guess. Less than RM 10 for both of us plus two glasses of flower tea.

My 100th Post~~~!!!!

In merely 3 months, I had managed to write off 100 post in here. Not bad if I do say so myself. haha~!! Thanx again for all the readers and all the top bullshitters for contributing and taking times to read all my post and gave some comments to it.

I remembered when I just started off writing in here as some of my friends persuaded me to leave my old blog and start fresh in here. It was quite difficult for me as I had spent so much time and uploaded tons of info and pictures on my old blog. I can't transfer the entries over here. That is the worst part. But like they said, "every beginning has an end and where there's an ending, there will always be a new beginning". As they say, the rest is history and so here I am today on my 100th post. Sweet~~~!!!

The whole idea of this blog started off as a continuation of my old blog which is about "eating out". But as time goes by, the direction of the blog changed as time goes by and now I started to write more of what happening around me. Don't worry, I still write some "makan places" if there is some nice place to introduce.

I wanted to thanks SSI who helped me in discovering the features in here and also the most memorable Shout Box incident. That was one stupid application~ haha!!! And thanx for all the help from the others who helped me in this blog. Hope that there will be 200 and 300 more posts to come. In the end, I just wanted to say ....

Outing with Ex-Collegemate

Just when I reached home after sending Romiko back, I got a call from an old friend from college asking me out for dinner. What the heck, a man need to take his dinner anyway. So they (Chany and his wife Suzanne) came over to pick me up and I recommended to go SS2's One Noodle Restaurant. They are getting marry this September and asked me to become their MC for the night. Damn~! Not again~~ But anyway, I agreed as they one of my best friends in college.

Bingy came shortly after and we ordered some food to eat. Bingy and me had ordered the Golden Fried Rice. My personal favourite. We had a long talk on the wedding and also some other stuff. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)Decided to continue our talk else where, I had recommended K.T.Z which is 2 blocks away. So we walked over and damn the place was packed~! We had waited for 5 mins and there was a seat for us. Lucky~!! The place is always pack around this time and there were a long queue after us. So what I ordered? Well I only drink one type of "Loh" in the place which is the Honey Dew Loh. This is because I don't fancy Mango or Strawberry that much. We had ordered some side dishes to eat. We left around midnight as my eyes need to apply the eye drops. Continued home and managed to watched 21 before I sleep. (Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0)

Sunday, May 18

Outing with My Best Friend

It was a lazy Sunday for me as I woke up around 11.00am. Maybe cause it rained and stop and rained a few time early this morning. So I was very comfortable sleeping on my bed. Yup~! Decided to skip BC class this morning as my eyes are still a bit swollen. (sorry Master T, gonna pass the BC 36 to you next week. haha~!!) But more better. Decided to eat at home and watched some show.
Got a call from Eva, and she want to go TC for high tea. Well what the heck, I need some fresh air anyway. So we went over to Vivo Cafe for some cafe. I forgot what is the name of the coffee already. But anyway, we ordered Mocha, Cappucino and my Choco Brownies Mallows. The choco brownies was nice as there were some marshmallows on top of the whip cream.


Well while we were watching Narnia in the cinema I felt that my eyes is a bit itchy and I kept on rubbing it. But I thought nothing of it as my eyes got itchy all the time. haha~!!! So I just kept on watching and watching and half way through the movie I felt that my eyes are a bit swollen and I asked Romiko to looked at it. She was very surprised and told me that my eyes are swollen and was very scared. I'd tried to calmed her down and waited for the movie to finished.

After the movie finished around 11.30pm, I bid farewell to Cindy and told her that I got some allergy or some sort and needed to make a run. Romiko was all the way worried and forced me to see a doctor that tonight. Well it's almost midnight and I was driving through SS15 and there wasn't any 24Hours clinic which are open. So I drove back SS2 and Tmn Megah, Sea Park and finally found one in Paramout which is next to the Public Bank. Lucky~! Or else she's gonna force me to go UH later. haha~!!!

Doctor told me it was a case of allergy and asked what I ate today. Couldn't tell what is the allergy was but no point knowing by now also. So he gave me some anti allergy pills, anti itch and eye drops to clear the dirt in my eyes. What a night. Now my eyes are better and not that swollen. I am not sure if it because I took my antibiotics pills and drank some Coke earlier that night that causes this to happen. But anyway, I skipped Sunday BC class. Damn~~~

Saturday Home Cook Meal

It was Saturday and we were too lazy to go out today as Romiko wasn't feeling that well also. So we decided to cook at home and watch some DVDs. We went over Giant to shop for some ingredients. We decided to prepare 3 dishes as usual, one soup, one veges and one meat. Got home and finally I managed to finished the movie, Water Horse.
She had started cooking the soup while waiting for dinner time. We had decided to go for something normal and easy. So it's some sort of ABC Soup with 2 Drumsticks + Carrots + Garlics + Potatoes + Tomatoes and some other spices. Easy~~~!!
We started our cooking around 6.00pm and the first dish that we finished was the Siew Pak Choy with Mushroom served in Oyster Sauce and Garlics. From the picture you can see that there were a lot of garlics and onions. haha~! Just the way I like it~~~~!!!
How can I eat without pork or meat. So we had Luncheon Meat with Egg. Normal can food can always satisfies me : )
It was a simple and nice dinner. We finished all the food and got some spare soup for my housemate. Later we got prepared and went to Pyramid to joined Cindy and her friends for Narnia - Prince Caspian. Something "happened" but it's on my next blog.

Saturday, May 17

Friday Yoga Class

Was quite tired this morning but managed to see two customers before lunch hour so it's OK. As I was heading down Damansara, I called MD up for lunch and decided to asked the BQ and LP out too. So we went over TC for lunch. Initially we were decided to go Ayam Penyet but it was full house when we arrived. So we go over Kim Garry.

Head to gym and decided to do Yoga tonight rather than my usual BP class. Did some really incredible poses and my back nearly broke in the process (well literally) haha~!!) But I heard some of my favourite tracks played that night. Damn~~~ Can we do the same tracks again on Monday??? haha~!!! KNSQ came but she did Katherine's yoga but left after that. CP and LGM came for the BC class later on. Sweet~!! Ann also suddenly appeared during track 2 or 3. haha~!! Cool~!!!

Than CP left as there is a bee hives outside his house and the fireman are on their way over. Weird that they wanna catch it at night though??!!! So me, MD, LP, BQ and LGM go for minum session at Asia Cafe and left around half pass twelve. Tired ... no time to blog also last night. haha~!!

Friday, May 16

I'm back .... yet again~~~

I just got back from S.P last night and went to gym for Jean's Yoga class. So long didn't saw Soon Seng and Loo. Miss my Thursday night Yoga class so much. But I will be off again next week. Damn ~!!! MD and QQ joined me for the second Yoga class. And guess who was there, KNS-Q.... super~!!! Take it slow dear, you can do the head stand after a few classes. : )

We went for minum later at, where else but Old Town Kopitiam in USJ. haha~! Our usual hang out place already. But need to find another place la, getting a bit bored. haha~!!! CP decided to come over to joined us ... sweet~!~!!! Wah u really syiok now days for supper with us all hor .. kekeke~!!! But nice having you there cause sure noisy as hell one la~!!!

Wednesday, May 14

Tired and Exhausted

It was a slow day for me. For those who didn't know, I was on MC today. My cough was really bad. I cough all the way to sleep last night. But Romiko was here to take care of me. Thanx babe :) Woke up and had breakfast with my girl before she went for her appointment. So slept again during most of the day.

Decided to go for gym as I don't have much exercise these days. So I went for Sue's BP class. Can't make it for BS class as it was full so I went down and read some paper. Sue came over and we had a little chat and I managed to request 1 track from her. Well it made my day more better. Cindy was there for BP class too. Cool~! Continued with Master T's BC class as usual. Mark, CP and KNSQ wasn't here tonight. But CP did managed to joined us for minum session later on.

Felt very moody and tired so I didn't talked that much tonight. Sorry to those who thought that I am a bit "out" tonight. Hopefully I will feel much better next week. Need to sleep early now, got a long journey up North waiting for me in around 8 hours time. C yer all on Friday class.

Tuesday, May 13

Perodua Nautica 4WD

As I was walking with CP yesterday in TC we saw the new Perodua Nautica 4WD being displayed. So this is what the car looks like.

It's running at 1.5L and come with a 4WD system. DOHC, 16V with DVVT. Fuel tank capacity is at 50litre, EFI (electronic fuel injection) system. 4 cylinder, 80kW/6000rpm max. output and 141Nm/4400rpm max. torque. OK, let's go to the interior. For me it's not that spacious. It's just OK. The dashboard is very small. And the 3-spoke erethane steering wheel is the same as the previous version I think. It comes with 4 multi-function display, wireless door lock, electrical and retractable side mirrors, reverse sensor and key remind warning system. It comes with dual SRS airbags (nice~!!), ABS and EBD system, Alarm and central locking with immobilizer, child safety lock and also steering lock.

The overall length and width is 4115mm and 1695mm respectively. The height is 1740mm, interior length and width is 1800mm and 1385mm respectively. The car is selling at RM 89,900.00 on the road inclusive of road tax. What do I think? I rather add RM 10K and get myself a Honda Jazz. It's fully made in M'sia and the spare parts are mostly from Daihatsu, so it won't be that cheap either. It's a nice try from Perodua but I bet it won't out sale their Myvi , but still there are peoples who go and buy it.

I'm Sick and on MC~!

It's Monday morning and I was felt so tired. I can't slept well as I was sweating and feel so cold at the same time. Coughing during the whole night long doesn't help much too. There were a lot of flam in my nostril and also throat. My body was aching too. But I still woke up around 7.00am and feed Coco and went to work. Went over to see the doctor and he told me it's a throat infection. Some white spot around the area. So I got an MC for tomorrow. Sweet~!!!

Went for Monday class gym as I wanna sweat it out. I felt much better after the class. LP and CP was there. Master C did some request from CP. It was a fun class. Skipped BP class and "someone" wasn't that happy that we skipped her class. Sorry dear, was not feeling well and I don't think that you would let me leave half way through your class. :P

After the class joined Romiko for her friend's bday dinner at Pirates restaurant in Kota Damansara. Six of us eat and drink and finally ate the birthday cake. The cake was really nice and not too large. Call it a night around half pass midnight. Tired and didn't even online. Went straight away to bed.

Sunday, May 11

Enjoyable Sunday

Gosh~! I woke up around 8am and I go online. Checked my mail and update my blog. Read some news while waiting for my girl to wake up. I had decided to skip gym this morning and go somewhere with my girl. So I decided to go Thean Hou Temple for prayers.
I arrived around 11.00am and there were quite some people around. I managed to took some (well alot) of pictures while I am there. Went to the temple for prayers and got some fortune read. Burn some joist sticks and gave some donation. Well the usual. Wash my face at the Kwan Yin Fountain.
Walked through the Herbal Garden and also took some pictures of the Tortoise Farm. Damn there were a lot of tortoise.
After that we went to Midvalley as Romiko had the urge to get some Feng Sui books or magazines. So off we go and reached around 1.30pm. Parked in The Gardens as there are a lot of parking space over there. Walked over to Midvalley and went to Lilian Too's World of Feng Sui. Got some tips along the way and finally decided not to get the magazines at all. haha~!!! Went to Pet Wonderland but didn't purchase anything as it was very pricey. So we decided to go over Carrefour and bought a bigger litter box for Coco and also some cat food.
Reached home around 4.30pm and my housemate just made some pancakes with chocolate topping. Nice~!!! Got some Italian mood tonight, so most probably I'll be dishing up some pasta dishes. Yummy~!!!!

The Tiring Saturday~!

I woke up around 8.00am and we took breakfast and lunch together around noon outside my house. We started our journey back Ipoh around 12.00pm. The journey was nice as there wasn't many cars around. And I was cruising around 110km/h (yes~! i followed the speed limit!!)

Reached Spg. Pulai R&R waiting for my brother and parents. My father lead us to Menglembu which I don't even know where is it. Arrived at my auntie's house and my uncle brought us out for lunch in Ipoh Town. Freshen up and off we went to the restaurant which my cousin was getting married. It's just 5 mins drive from the house. Lucky~!!!

The road alone had already 3 couples getting married that night. So it's a good day to get married I assume. Anyway, we waited for around 1 hour and the food started to be served around 8pm. Finished around 10pm and I wasn't gonna overnight in Ipoh so I drove back. Came out from Jelapang toll and reached Damansara around midnight. My gosh~! Ipoh to Damansara in less than 2 hours. haha~!!! You can imagine what speed I was driving that night. Got home and I still can watch a movie. haha~!!!

Thean Chun Restaurant

Ipoh's Best Mee Hoon Soup~ that is what I was told when I am there~ This is not my first trip over to this place but it's been a while since I last visited the place. It's located in Ipoh's Old Town. I forgot what's the road name. The place was packed when we arrived around 3pm.

There were around 7 of us and we all ordered their mee hoon soup. Well I am not a mee hoon and especially soup type person so I can't comment much. But the rest was really enjoying their food.
We had ordered the local White Coffee also. The coffee and the food was OK for me. (And NO, there is no problem with my camera. I purposely made the picture brownish to add some of the old time effect in it. haha~!!)

The one food which I love most over there, was their Poh Pia. As informed by my uncle, it is also one of the best in Ipoh or some say M'sia. It's really tasty and also juicy too. The stuff that they stuffed inside was really fresh. The texture was just nice and it won't tear away like the other which I ate in KL. There were some crunchy mince meat inside too. Super~~~ (Rating : 7.5 out of 10.0)
After the lunch my uncle had shown me the Original Ipoh Old Town Coffee shop along the way back. Cool~!

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