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Monday, October 26

What Do We Expect From Budget 2010?

OK, I am not political analysis but I am too a Malaysian and a responsible tax payer if I may add. So when our PM announced announced the Budget 2010 last week, I was quite eager to know how does it affect me and you all next year. I am not gonna go into each and every one in details but just some which is related to us.
  • TNB to spend RM5 billion to implement electricity generation, transmission and distribution projects in 2010. So can we say that our electricity bill will INCREASE again next year?
  • Individual tax relief on broadband subscription fee up to RM500 a year from 2010 to 2012. This should be good as I think most of us are using broadband nowadays. But does they have a clause that says only applies to Streamyx? 
  • The Government will implement fuel subsidy management system in early 2010. I heard that the new system will differentiate who got more subsidy and whose not and we require to use our MyKad for fueling in the future. Huh????!!!
  • Government to launch a scheme in January 2010 that enables EPF contributors to utilize current and future savings in Account 2 to promote house ownership. This I am not too sure what are they talking about as currently we had been able to withdraw from our Account 2 for first time buyer up to 100%
  • Employees EPF contributions will be raised again to 11% on a voluntary basis with immediate effect. However, from Jan 1, 2011 employees' EPF contribution will revert to 11%. This is like a chicken and egg story. And now it's back to 11%. Wasting time~ 
  • The Government proposes existing personal tax relief of RM6,000 for EPF contributions and life insurance premiums be raised to RM7,000. I think this is good as I think our contribution for this is always more than what they stipulated for us.  
Well, it's not all bad I guess. At least it does helps us here and there. So I just hope that next year gonna be a better year than this. Cheers~!

Sunday, October 25

Did You Said Something?

My right ear had been giving me some irritating numbness and slight pain when I press on it. The ordeal started few days back but I didn't give it much though at that time. This is because I had encountered the same symptom  before this and it went away after a few days. Previously it was due to over body heat but I am not too sure bout this time. The numbness had change to some pain now. I had tried to clear the ear with cotton buds if anything was blocking the air way but I might had injured my ear in the process. I think I had some issue hearing from the ear too this afternoon. Scary~ But not too sure if it's really that serious. Hopefully it will get better as I need to go out station next week.

Saturday, October 24

I See Red

If you're following my blog, you would have know that my cat Coco had safely return home last week. We are all glad and all but babe found out that he had been pissing a lot and there are some trace of blood in them. I was really startled when I heard that from babe. So we decided to send him to the vet. According to the vet, it was due to the pet food which he had been eating. According to the vet, most of the pet food from hypermarket will cause this kind of problem to our pet. I had heard bout this on dogs but it was first for cats for me. So Coco was given an injection and we had decided to change his cat food from now on to see how it goes. For one, he didn't litter that much and no blood trace in it anymore. We had also decided to continue buying him fresh fish and feeding him again with that. Hopefully it will all be fine next week when I come back.

Thursday, October 22

Warranty Claim

Finally I had decided to make a trip to the Maxis Centre at Pyramid to claim warranty for my iPhone's headset. The problem arise few weeks back when the volume control couldn't function properly. But I still bare with it as there were still sound coming out. But I draw the line when the RIGHT side of the headphone stopped functioning. So I brought it back to the center and was waiting for my turn. A young chap attended to me and I was told that all iPhone's accessories (i.e charger & headphone) only has 3 months warranty. While the phone itself has 1 year warranty. I was really lucky as my warranty ends at the end of this month. *wipe sweat off forehead* Was told that they need at least 2 working weeks before they can return a new unit to me. WTH??! So long just for a freaking headset? I thought that he gonna get a new one for me when he walk back to the store room inside.

I need an original headset as the sound quality from other headset if plugged into the phone will not give the result of the original one. Trust me, I'd tried. So I asked bout the battery claiming issue, and he told me that I will need to top up RM300 if it's over the warranty period (1 year). Which is so farking CHEAP!!! My brother told me that is impossible when I informed him bout this. He told me that an iPhone 3G already cost more than that needless to say for 3G S. And saw a guy/customer making a 'scene' as he complaint that his iPhone battery life span is now what he expected. Dude, please read the reviews before you get the phone, it's not your ordinary phone where it has 7 days standby. Duh!!!

Wednesday, October 21

Lost & Found

Those who had been following my FB status would have know that my cat, Coco had ran out from the house and hasn't been back since. Babe had been looking high and low for two days now. Last saw him at a neighbor's house but he didn't show any sign wanted to come back. I think he needed some space alone and getting familiar with the neighborhood. Well that is what I tell myself anyway. I had told babe that if he didn't come back, well we just accept the fact and let him be. But what worries us is that, Coco will try to find his way back to my PJ house.

Received a miss call from babe tonight as I was doing my class. Called up the voice mail and heard babe informing me that Coco is back. Babe said that as she was going out to work she tried calling out to him again and he surprisingly purred back. Finally he walked back into the house compound and went straight into his cage looking for food. I think he came back as he can't find any food outside. At least now, we can be sure that he know his way back home. So glad that my cat is back now. At least we can sleep well at night.

Tuesday, October 20

The Sound of Wedding Bell

Was having lunch with my ex-colleague this afternoon when we stumble upon this beautiful place. It's located inside Plaza Kelana Jaya. As you can see the place is located next or facing the lake. What's so special? It's actually a bridal shop called Cover Shot. We understand that they can held ROM at the venue outside their place (picture above). You can take your pictures inside their show room too. But what catches our attention was the ambiance of the place. I mean, imagine saying our vows to each other with friends and relatives as our witness under the sun light facing the lake with bells and birds flying over. Sweet~! OK, will put this under my consideration next year.

Monday, October 19

No BC Tonight

This is my first class on Monday night after missing for almost a month. Quickly placed my board at my usual spot and get myself ready. But was disappointed as Riyo wasn't teaching tonight but was replaced by Bryan. They had just changed the name on the board last minute as I saw Riyo's name when I arrived. I even saw a women return her board after finding out it's not her. Well I am not particular with the instructor and I had tried his class before and it's passable in my book. Realized that I love the new release of BS after each time doing it. Continued with Herny's RPM class and LP was able to join tonight. The class was packed tonight and luckily I was able to get a bike tonight. But the bike wasn't that good so I was a bit annoyed during the speed work. Damn I was so exhausted after the class.

Decided not to join my usual BC class as I wasn't in the mood at all. I am so bored of the new release. Can't wait to return to the old tracks selection next week. But the class was so damn full as usual. Got home early and bought a double special burger for dinner. Woo Hoo!!!

Sunday, October 18

WHAT??? RM2.10???!!!

I was having my breakfast early this morning at one of the crowded food court at Section 17. I was waiting for my appointment with my hair stylist and decided to have an early breakfast with babe. The place was really crowded and we finally settled down sharing a table with a lady. I had ordered Milo Ice while babe ordered Hot Coffee. Our order arrive shortly and I asked what is the amount which I need to pay. To my surprised, he told told me it's RM3.40. OMG! So expensive!! So I asked him how much was my Milo Ice and he said RM2.10 and the small cup of coffee cost RM1.30. OMG!! The medium size Milo cost RM2.10??? From the look of it, there's not much Milo but a lot of ice instead. Take a sip and the taste was so plain. OMFG!! And they charged me RM2.10 for that???!!! The price of drinks nowadays are coming as close to those in Old Town or Old Taste Kopitiam one day. So expensive and not worth the money! Am I being over board on this? You tell me.

Saturday, October 17


There is not much Hollywood block busters around these month of the year but luckily there is still one which catches my attention. Surrogates by Bruce Willis. I had mixed feedback for the movie but mostly are positive. But lesson learn that I need to actually watch the movie myself to judge it for myself (most of the time). So this is one of them. I had always like Bruce Willis in all his previous movies and Die Hard 3 being last one I watched. So I am going in with not that high expectation as usual as I know this movie emphasize more on the idea or message that the story need to send to us rather than all action kick arse no bull shit kind of movie.

The story starts by telling us how our technology evolve from using our mind to control machines for medical purposes and then towards warfare. But as time goes by, 17 years that is, the creator of the surrogate, Dr Canton had mass produced these surrogates to consumers so that we can live our life outside but still in the comfort of our own house. You will not get hurt, get ill, lower crime rates and also war. But a small people lead by a messiah who called himself The Prophet are against the idea of living your life by using this surrogates.  Story starts when a young chap got fried (yes, he practically got fried) by someone. But the problem arise when the real person hook onto the surrogate really died at home. So it's up to Tom Greer played by Bruce Willis to uncover the whole sinister plot of the man behind the assasination.

The story is very real and it's happening as we speaks. I mean scientist around the world had been doing research on how to replace human parts one by one as we humans are so fragile. So it is possible one day that we can be replace by these surrogates and we can live peacefully and safely at home. I love the idea of not living the home and sending my surrogates out but at the end of the day, we do need human touch and love. So this is what the story is trying to tell us or what I feel and understand at least. So watch this movie and try to see what you get from it. Definitely worth my RM11 watching it. (Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0)

Thursday, October 15

It's Already 65%

I received a letter from my developer last week or so informing me that my house progress had reached 65%. Which means that, the interior and exterior plastering had been done. For those who is not familiar, when I say 65% completed, it doesn't mean that there's another 35% more to be completed. Well physically the house itself is ready. The next 15% would be for the exterior work on the sewerage, electrical points and ground works outside. Once it's done, it will be the date where I receive my Vacant Possession (VP). And after that, checking of the house with the developers on defects and final settlement will be done by the bank to the developer. I will require to start paying the installment once I receive the VP. Seemed that they are speeding the pace up this few months. But I'd just realized that it doesn't matter if my house is ready, as I need to wait for the whole phase to be ready to get my VP. As they will come out with the CCC (which is replacing the Certificate of Fitness for Occupancy) to the whole phase one shot rather then one street at a time. So I still need to wait till end of the year maybe for the handover although my house is completed at the mid of the year. Sigh~~!!

Wednesday, October 14

100 Plus & Coffee Don't Mix!!!

I had learn something valuable yet again in gym last night. So let's see what I did. Arrived early so went to the juice bar to get myself some drink. Usual drink would be Nescafe but since I am early, I had choose 100 Plus. Just before the class start, drank another cup of hot coffee. First class was Brian's BS class. Boy I am so good at the new BS now. The fun track, Just Dance, damn Syiok to do! Got the full chorey memorized to the spot. Exploded during the last power track as my HRM shows 102%. Cool!!!

Continued with Sue's BP class after that. Decided to increased my weight for Chest to 11kgs. Forgot that there's 4 sets of combo before heading to push ups. Struggling at the end of the 4th combo bottom halves. Sigh! Did I mentioned that Biceps is so farking tough to do. After Lunges, my heart beat was beating so fast. HRM showing 95%. Slowly realized that the new release of BP is more of a cardio class rather than resistance now. At this point, felt a bit of uncomfortable on my chest as the air/gas was trapped and trying to get out. Finishes the class and felt really uncomfortable. Decided to skip Master T's BC at that point as I can't really imagine myself shuffle and jump that much with this gas pushing up my chest and all.

So what is the morale of the story? Don't drink any carbonated drinks before class. Mind you, it's a small cup that I had consumed and not that much. And definitely no mixing of carbonated drinks and coffee. A friend told me that it's not even good to consumed any cold drinks before, during and after the class. As it will damage the kidney. Lesson learn!!!

Tuesday, October 13

The blackra1n has arrived!!!

For those who had/plan to Jailbreak (JB) their iPhone & iPod, the name purplesn0w, redsn0w should be very familiar to them. Now George Hotz or more familiar with Geohot had finally released the all new blackra1n to JB the new OS 3.1.2 on any machine. As claimed by Geohot, the new blackra1n only requires 30 seconds to JB your phone running on OS 3.1.2. Even the ipt3 but is tethered. In order to boot it, you will require to rerun blackra1n.

But there are some warning to those who wanted to unlock their iPhone 3G & iPhone 3G S.
Warning 3g and 3gs unlockers, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team's offerings. Also blackra1n doesn't hacktivate.

Take note that blackra1n only JB your phone and doesn't unlock it. So for those who wanted to unlock their 3G and 3G S, you will need to wait for the iPhone Dev Team to release a new version of the PwangeTool which allows you to upgrade to JB iPhone running on OS 3.1.2 and also preserve the baseband.

If you just wanted to JB your phone and not unlocking it, then you can start to download blackra1n now from here. Always take note that hacking your iPhone could VOID its warranty. My advice is, backup all your data before before proceeding with the JB. Please take note that the author will not be liable for any damage to your device as this is just for personal sharing info only. Please proceed with CAUTION always.

PS: Thanks to Geohot again for this superb contribution.

Monday, October 12

OS 3.1.2 Anyone?

Finally geniuses at Apple had decided to come out with the new OS namely 3.1.2. After a disappointing feedback that they received from the previous OS 3.1, they had quickly come out with the new upgrade to solve the problem. So what is new in this new upgrade? I think they are four main problems from the previous OS namely, random shut down or they called it coma mode, poor battery life, bricked iPhone and slower performance. These are all feedback from all iPhone & iPod Touch users around the globe and not just one or two users.

Many users had complaint that their iPhone had problem 'waking up' from the sleep mode and required to hard reboot it. And many users also claimed that their iPhone would randomly restart too. So the people from Apple had confirmed that the new OS 3.1.2 will totally solve this coma mode issue facing by the current users who is on OS 3.1. The new OS also fixes some other intermittent issue that interrupted cellular network services, which in turn requires a restart and also a bug which will cause your iPhone to crash during video streaming.

But what about the poor battery life issue? Bricked iPhone and the slow performance on our iPhone? Is anyone gonna look into that? So for me, I will stay put with my pre-loaded OS 3.0 and will not upgrade to any other OS till further notice. My motto is, 'why upgrade when its so good right now?' So it's all up to you all if you wanted to give the new OS 3.1.2 a try. Do let me know if it fixes the coma mode as claim by them.

You can download the OS 3.1.2 directly here if you don't want to update it via iTunes.

For iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Sunday, October 11

Life Back In Track

Life had finally back in track for me this weekend. For one, internet connectivity is GREAT over here. It's even faster than I am having at my place. I am now able to download multiple movie and drama and assured that it would be completed on the next morning. Supernatural Season 5, Heroes Season 4 and Gossip Girls Season 3 and not to mentioning my favorite Kang Xi show. LOL!!

Saturday was really long and tiring for me. As I need to get a cage for my cat and make it in time for a friend's open house. Transport my cat back to my babe's house at Klang after the luncheon and get him groom after that. Need to get ready for my friend's wedding dinner after settling my cat's welfare and all. It's great meeting with my friends again during wedding dinner and also someone I hasn't seen for quite some time.

Thursday, October 8


I was just chatting with LC yesterday bout this. It's quite common to hear that someone accidentally deleted their whole phone book nowadays. Especially if you are using an iPhone. I was thinking to myself, how stupid can that people be? I mean, don't you know how to back up your phone book to your address book??!! Common sense what??!! Well, talk bout the devil, it happened to me tonight. So let me explain how this happen to someone that clever.

I had over 300++ contact in my phone and I had back up to my address book few weeks back. But I had altered a lot of the contacts using my phone and sync it back to my address book. By doing this, iTunes will automatically copied all the originals contacts to my current phone book. Damn it's so irritating to see all my contacts double at that point. So I deleted it manually, mind you it's 300++ contacts. Fed up! I deleted all my contacts in the address book. BIG MISTAKE!! I sync again tonight and it DELETED ALL MY CONTACTS as there was no contacts left in my address book. FUCK!!! How can this be??!!!

I didn't know realized it at the beginning until I got a miss call from 'anon'. There was just numbers. And I checked my mailbox and all the names had changed to contact numbers. FUCK! Quickly checked my phone book and it only left 5 numbers. OMFG!! Major head ache!! My contacts. My friends, my business partners, customers, relatives ... how, how, how??!!! Stayed calm and I a light bulb lights up on top of my head. Ah Ha! Lets just say I managed to retrieved all my contact at the end. LOL!! Eat brain one ma, dun pray pray!!

Wednesday, October 7

I Survived Body Bike/RPM 44 @ Uptown

Finally it's the night that I'm waiting for, the last release for LM which I had yet to join, RPM 44. As usual I arrived early to get a bike. Surprisingly class isn't full tonight. 3 more bikes left at the back of the class. QQ was team teaching with LC tonight. She's gonna start the first 6 tracks while LC gonna take it home from there with additional two old tracks (RPM Challenge). So let's go down to business then. Warm up was nice and simple but the music was a bit too soft for the first 5 tracks so I couldn't really felt it. Pink's Sober was a quick pace to start Track 2. Sweats dripping down from forehead after the track. Show Me Heaven was what I am waiting for but it didn't really deliver as the music was too soft.

Track 4 by The Cranials really works on the legs. We have this new move during racing where we need to shift our butt to the front of the seat by an inch or two. By doing this, we can paddle more faster but has the tendency to bounce so you need to control the resistance and core during the period. But since I had been doing this move all the while, so not that much of a problem for me. How Far We've Come by by Matchbox Twenty was really nice. Fun and tough at the same time. Need I remind you that Track 6 was so darn tiring with 4 sets of racing and aero racing. We're doing Children & Summer Rain after that which is such a killer selection by LC. Final track would be Scooter's Jump The Rock. Nice and effective is what I had to said.

So how was the whole release? I can still accept it. And can still do it for two more weeks I guess. Need to try it again with the music pumped up. So how do I rate the 4 LM programs that I had done. Now let's see, first place would have to be Body Step. Yes, surprisingly true. Music and moves are so nice to do. Second place would be Body Pump as I like the music most of all. RPM coming in third and last is Body Combat. Yes, sad but true. Where has the fire gone to?

Tuesday, October 6

I Survived Body Combat 41 @ Wisma Consplant

Finally decided to get myself a wireless USB for my desktop. Life seemed so empty and lost at night without internet connection. Don't get me wrong, my brother has like 2 iMac & MacBook Pro each next door to use but it's still best to use my own desktop to online. So ho was class tonight? Since it's my first day of work after my food poison episode last weekend, it's also my first work out this week. Recommended to take it easy for the first few classes? Heck no!! I need the work out.

Started with the new release of Body Step by Brian. Yes, finally got the moves for the party track, Just Dance. Legs was a bit weak during track 5 but managed to finished the whole class as usual. Damn! It's Sue's Body Pump class afterward. OK, decided to go soft on my Squats track by carrying 10kgs. OK, it was getting easy doing the Squats now. lolx!! And someone is agreeing with me on this too. Chest is not that hard as I mentioned. Maybe it's due to the fact that I like the whole song.

So how was Body Combat 41? For one it's confusing at some stage and a bit short with some tracks and not that uplifting as compared to the previous releases. Warm up was alright with the Chicken Little song for the upper body and Kelly Clarkson for the bottom half. Track 2 was surprisingly short for me. Remember, the theme for this release is Backyard Brawl. So they are bringing back the double jab into the tracks. We have double jab upper and double jab hook too. Track 3 was quite long as usual with the double jab and upper or is it hook? When you see me forgetting the chorey, it could only mean one thing, no I am not old, but cause it's not that spectacular maybe. Track 4 was so darn long and confusing. Got the new move call push xxx xxx thingy. Basically it's just a push plus a front kick. And lots of that too.

Track 5 was really short but non stop running and hook with jabs. So  confusing. So tired at this point. lolx! Track 6 as mentioned earlier is something similar to Shut Up & Drive with the kick Katta. This time we have side kick to the front, front knee, back kick and front knee again. Track 7 was supposed to be Muay Tai but it's getting more and more like a boxing track with lots of jab cross. But they still preserved the cross elbow and downward punch. Lots of knees too. Track 8 by Cascada was the highlight of the release for me tonight. Still can't top What Hurts The Most but it's alright. Conditioning was fun as it was Right Round again by Flo Rida. Circular push ups and C crunch is back. Damn, still got 3 more weeks to go.

Monday, October 5

One Fine Day

It's Monday and I am not working. As mentioned I had MC today. So how was my condition? Well for one I had stopped visiting the loo since last night. Well maybe once or twice but it's better now. Took my meds and try to clear off some of my work at home and make some appointments for the week. Had my breakfast nearby but the porridge was so damn bad that I couldn't even finish it. Bought a bottle of peanut butter spread for lunch and decided to order McDonald in between that. Yes, I know it's not that good but I need my strength, right? Or else, how am I suppose to do 3 back to back classes tomorrow? LOL!!!

I know it's gonna be a busy day tomorrow when I get back to the office since there are tons of paper work waiting for me to do. Paper work as in proposals to submit and tender to close. Pray hard that my tummy won't act on me again tonight as I really need to get back to work and gym. Finger crossed. Now what's for dinner? Pizza? hehehe!!!

Sunday, October 4

A Very Sick Boy!!!!

For those who didn't yet know, I am diagnosed with food poisoning. It's all started after a dinner with my gym friend last Thursday night. Felt that my tummy was growling early Friday morning. But I didn't think anything of it. Felt really cold with my whole body aching the whole morning in the office. At the end, decided to visit the doctor to get to the bottom of it. Found out that I got a bloated tummy. Well that is what I thought too. So got MC for the rest of the day and rested at home. All hell started after I woke up around 6pm as my tummy was really making a lot of noises and weird growling. Damn, I quickly rushed to the toilet and all hell let loose from that point. It was diarrhea marathon for me from that point.

Got an early breakfast with a friend and outing to HomeDeco again for the second time for me. Tummy was still manageable at that point but still need to visit the loo occasionally. Quickly got home and rest as I got a wedding dinner to attend that night. OMG~! I totally forgot how many time I visited the toilet that evening. Got dress and get ready to drive my parents to the venue. Meet with my relatives and all. I am really happy cause it's not always all of us cousins got to meet up like this. But tummy was making a lot of problem to me hence we left right after the dessert was served. Got home and rest early. But I woke up numerous time to the toilet again and again till I lost count.

Sunday morning was a tired one for me as I was exhausted and low on nutrition. Fuck it~! I have to have something solid. Drove around Bandar Puteri and decided to have BKT for lunch. Yes, I know it's suicide but at least I die with a big smile on my face. lolx!!! Did some shopping and went home but we had power outage for the whole afternoon, so it was really hot and uncomfortable for me the whole day. Can my day be any worst? Oh ya, my visit to the loo didn't stop too. Drop by my friend's house to check up on my cat. Oh, I so miss my cat. Clean his bed and walk him around the park with babe. Stomach still not well decided to visit another doctor and take the next day off. After the medicine I took at 8pm just now, I didn't visit the loo again. Well I think the medicine is effective I guess. But definitely no gym for me tomorrow. Arghh!!!

Thursday, October 1

Did You Felt It?

I was at gym when it happened. Once I got home some guy at the building told me that there was a commotion around 6pm or so. They whole building felt a tremor and rushed down to the car park. I am in the gym as usual during that time period. So I didn't felt anything. Cause most of the time, we be all jumping and moving, in my case, cycling. I heard that it (tremor) was quite strong this time as there were a lot of location being affected. I heard the tremor being felt from Sri Petaling right to the city center in Ampang. Was it that strong? Anyone felt the shock yesterday?

Personal Note: BP: 430kcal; RPM: 610kcal

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