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Friday, April 29

iPad 2 Out of Stock

Finally it's HERE and it's quickly running out of stock as we speak. Above is the pricing for the new iPad 2 which we already suspected/know the pricing will be. It's the same as the previous iPad when it's launch last year. So no surprises there. The only surprises would be the stock running out so quickly. Saw in the fan page that some of the customers are pissed and unsatisfied with some of the outlet as they claimed that the staffs reserved all the units for their family members and friends. Well, you and I know this is normal. It's just a matter of how they gonna answer to the consumers now. Anyway, if you do not want to queue up like mad and being told the stock had finishes after more than an hour queue, you can go to apple store HERE to booked online and delivery is around 1-2 weeks I heard. As you know, the iPad 2 come with 2 color, White and Black. So choose the one you fancy ~!

PS: source and picture courtesy of machines.com.my

Thursday, April 28

White iPhone 4 is coming to town (soon)

Finally the WHITE iPhone 4 is officially going to be launch tomorrow onwards. You can find the details from apple website.  Apple made the following statement regarding the new White iPhone 4 launching. 

Apple today announced that the white iPhone 4 will be available beginning tomorrow. White iPhone 4 models will be available from Apple's online store (www.apple.com), at Apple's retail stores, AT&T and Verizon Wireless stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers.
White models of iPhone 4 will be available in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Macau, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and the US, beginning Thursday, April 28 and in many more countries around the world soon.
So for those out there who haven't got their hold of the current iPhone 4 and those waiting for the White, the wait is over. I guess the new White iPhone 4 will be arriving on our shores really soon similar to iPad 2. Now, a White iPad 2 really goes well with a White iPhone 4 doesn't it? ^^ So does this mean that with the new launch of the White iPhone 4, the launch of the next generation iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will be delayed? Maybe after fall this year?

iPad 2 is coming to town

Finally iPad 2 gonna be arriving on our shore as early as this week, well Friday to be exact. Until last Tuesday, not much has been disclose by Apple's local resellers or dealers. The Star paper had announced that iPad 2 is going to be available from this Friday onwards. Apple did made a statement during their special event last March on the arrival of iPad 2 on our shores. Finally Apple had made an official announcement today on the launch of iPad 2 on these following countries: 

Apple today announced that iPad 2, the second-generation of its breakthrough post-PC device, will arrive in Japan on Thursday, April 28 and Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and eight additional countries on Friday, April 29. iPad 2 will be available at Apple retail stores at 9 a.m. local time, select Apple Authorized Resellers, and online through the Apple Store (www.apple.com) beginning at 1 a.m. Additionally, iPad 2 with Wi-Fi will be available in China beginning Friday, May 6.
Finally the wait is over and I am so looking forward to their smart cover after seeing the ad with it. Will I get it? Nope, I don't need a 10"  iPhone/iPod but sure is great if someone gonna get one for me. ^^

Wednesday, April 20

One After The Other

What a weekend full of sickness and mishaps. It all started on Friday night while I am home alone eating a souped up extra spicy thick Tom Yum noodle I bought Phuket recently. I woke in the middle of the night feeling that my throat was all dried up and it's one of those super sore throat coming soon. So I quickly drank a lot of water and went to the loo a couple of times the whole night since I drank the whole 3 liters of water that night alone. Next day, sore throat become better in the evening but my nose started to get clogged and running side by side. Super annoying at this stage as it was damn hard to sleep. The next day the running nose still continued and my sore throat had finally gone. But another bigger surprise is creeping up my body slowly. Sunday night was the worst for me as I couldn't really sleep that well. I had a bit of breathing issue. I can't take deep breath and need to rely on my mouth to inhale and exhale. 

Try imagining having running nose and difficulty of breathing at the same time. FARK!! Got up for work the next day with the whole body aching and clogged nose again. I still have difficulty breathing at this point but not as difficult as I am lying down. After the meeting, I decided to visit the doctor and she told me that I have no high blood pressure and the fever. But I have an infection on my throat which explains the soreness. Plenty of flam in my lung which blocked my lung hence making me difficult to breath properly. She diagnosed me with a mild asthma and I was shocked. I never had this experience before or any history of if. Well, maybe it's a good time that I cut down on my cold drinks. haha! 

Took medical leave for Monday and Tuesday and stayed home. On Tuesday, I'd decided to drop by the gym to give myself some workout and since I requested some tracks from Sue P, I know she's gonna kill me if I FFK her class. Skipped BS and sent my car to the car wash over at SS15 petrol station. Was talking on the phone with my lunch buddy when I felt a pull on my necklace. Initially I thought it was someone I know just pulling a prank on me but it I know it wasn't when the pull become intense and it happened so fast. The next thing I know, I saw this young Malay guy alone on his bike attempted to grab my necklace but failed. He didn't even wore a helmet that time. Everyone nearby came over and asked me how I am. 

Luckily he was alone on the heist and wasn't able to grab a hold of my necklace that firm. If he had an accomplice, I think I would say bye bye to my necklace by now. Luckily he didn't grab my iPhone, which I am really surprised. Anyway, it was a shocking experience for me but nothing was taken and I wasn't hurt, well if not counting the small red bruises on my neck due to the pulling of the necklace. I am all fine. Wednesday morning now and back to the office working with my nose all fix and breathing back to normal. Boss out station for the next two days, so it's just me and the office. Sweet~~~~!!!

Friday, April 15

Finally Up & Loaded

Finally the day for my Unifi installation had been done this morning. Appointment was for 9.30 but they came at 10am, I can accept that. Took half day off work (^^) to monitor the installation. I had already planned where I wanted to place the modem, router and phone which is on my living room upstairs. Hence I need to pull the fiber up to my back room and across the room. They are alright with the idea and when they look around my back lawn, they realized that the floor cover for them to do the cabling had been sealed. Damn~!! They give me the option to hack open my cement floor. HELL NO!!

So they have no choice but to hack open the outdoor cement to conceal the fiber to my house. I think my contractor didn't realized when he sealed up the hole during the construction. Damn~!!! As you can see from above, they made a pathway on the walkway and covered it back with cement with the cables inside. 

No this is not a ball of thread. It's actually bigger than you think. It's actually a big roll of fiber optic cables. Yup, one whole roll of them. They were quite generous in their installation although it's mentioned that only first 15m of fiber are FOC and any additional will need to be charge to the owner.
So what do I get from the package? I subscribed for their VIP 5 which cost me RM149/month. The package include this DECT phone from Motorola. I have unlimited free calls to all TM fixed line nationwide. Fixed rate of 10cent/min to all mobile numbers nationwide. 

This is the wireless router that come with the package. It's actually from D-Link but TM OEM from them so you can see a big TM logo on top of the router. 

This is the modem from HuaWei. I am not sure why they didn't just give me a wireless router with modem all in one. Now I have an additonal power supply plug for the modem and router. Sigh~! 

Last but not least the IPTV box. With this I can watch FREE local channels and some other not so popular ones outside the country. For those Channel [V] or Hollywood movies, you will need to pay from RM6-RM9 to subscribe. For VOD (video on demand), you will need to pay more and for limited time only. For now, it's FOC to all Unifi subscribers to view all the channels until end of this month. Woo Hoo!But first I will need to find myself a TV first. Damn~!

 And as promised, my connection was able to achieve at least 80% of the 5MB.This is tested using my iPhone 4 on WiFi. I heard my friend can even get more than 6000kbps at PJ area.

Monday, April 11

Plant Hunting

It was the weekends and we decided to go plant hunting for the house. Since the Master had already advice me on the location of my wealth in the house and I need to enhance it by placing some plants over at the spot. So we decided to go for some plant hunting last weekend. The location is non other than the old Sg. Buloh road. There's plenty of shops along the street and it make it more harder to decide which shop to get it from. So we just try our luck on the first shop and managed to get two pots of Zamioculcas Zamiifolia or we Chinese normally called it "Fatt Choy" tree. Babe wanted two pots of this plant right in front of the house as suggested by the Master. I just Google this up and found out that it's a poisonous plant. Huh?! For real? But I am placing it outdoor, so I guess it will be alright. 

Babe wanted another pot of tree namely Corn Plant (Dracaena Fragrans) inside the house as it is famous being an air purifier and a lot of people placed it inside the house. So we went over the next day and got another pot of this corn plant for the dining section of the house. The plant do not need much sun light and able to live in gloomy places hence it's suitable to be place in door. I just need to water it once in a day or two. 

And we got another small plant in a pot for the bathroom. Not sure what's the name of the plant but I like this Cactus Jade (Crassula Ovata) plant because of it's cute miniature size. Easy to maintain is another factor of us choosing it too. Minimal watering but best if it can be placed outdoor at night. I think we need to get some other small pot for the other bathrooms but no hurry. As the Master said, the more green I have outdoor, the more 'green' gonna come my way~! ^^

Sunday, April 10

Lost & Found

It was Friday morning and I was getting ready to work. As I was walking out from my porch to open the front gate, I saw something furry on the next house pillar. Initially I thought that it was a lost puppy and when I walked closer, I realized that it was a 'labbit'. I was thinking whether to bring it in or just leave it as I was worried someone would make 'satey' tonight out of this furry creature. No time to decide as I need to leave. So I text babe and told her about this. She as a caring animal lover as always, drove over my place in search of the labbit. After some time of searching high and low, she managed to locate 'him' behind a sand hill 2 houses from mine. So she kept the labbit inside the toilet and poured him some water. Seemed like the labbit was really thirsty after his 'adventure' out that morning.
Babe saw some kid from across the street searching for something early on but didn't managed to find him to ask what he was looking for. We suspect it was the labbit. Decided to keep the labbit for the time being and babe also drop a message at the front guard house of our finding and asked to be inform if anyone reported a missing pet. Made a shout out in my community forum too but no one seemed to know anything. A lot of people seemed interested in the labbit and wanted to adopt him. This include babe too. But the next day, as I was cleaning my porch, I saw the lil kid and quickly walked over to asked if he lost anything. He told me a white & black labbit. I told him I found the labbit and it's in my bathroom. He quickly throw everything in hand and rush over my place. Return the labbit to him and the father walked over to thanked us. Felt really nice knowing that we help someone reuniting with their love ones~! ^^

Friday, April 1

Hello Phuket (Again)

It's been at least 2 years since my last trip over to Phuket. And after that trip I was quite reluctant to return for a second trip. Reason was because I don't found that there's any attraction left for me to see unless I am going out to the beaches again (which I am not that interested). But since babe was so into the trip with her friends, I'd decided to joined in the fun. We arrived quite early that morning around 8am their time. (it's one hour earlier than our time). We checked into our hotel and started off with our walk around town. I was expecting hot and sunny weather over there since Phuket seemed to give me a 365 days bright and sunny skies but I was into some surprises when I arrived. It was non stop raining or at least drizzle for the first 2 days. Since I am not going out to the sea again, so I am not much affected. 

Babe and I woke up late in the morning enjoying our sleeps for the first time during our trip. Normally we would need to wake up early to take our breakfast and rush for the activities ahead of us but this time around, we were really laid back. Nice~! The place didn't really changed much from our last trip over. I remembered Bangla Street to be much crowded than this time around. But maybe it's due to the raining weather, that it deters the partying outside the streets. But you still see a lot of foreigners walking half naked around town as usual. We were bundle up in rain coats for the first two days which really sucks. This time around we managed to do some elephant trekking and also enjoyed some thrilling ATV rides across the muddy roads up hill. Yeah~! ATV rocks!!! (FYI, ATV - all-terrain-vehicles). 

The weather turned better on the last two days and one of my friend hooked up with the local agent to bring us around town for some good food. Richard (the agent) brought us over to this place around town which according to him served the best Thai BBQ buffet and I had to agree. Food was good and it was dirt cheap. More pictures will be uploaded on my food page soon. Since I have no time to arrange them all right now. Went for oil massage the night before we say goodbye to the land of half naked ang moh. The last day weather was really good. No sign of raining at all. We did the city tour which I didn't know existed. haha! We visited the look out point at Karon top. The big Buddha statue on the Nakkerd hill top which is between Chalong and Kata beach. Visited the shooting range and also kart circuit for some drifting action before lunch. Visited the famous Wat Chalong temples but sadly the monks were asleep when we arrived caused I wanted them to pray on my elephants statue. 

Rushed for last minute tour of the old town which is quite familiar to us since it filled with Chinese culture in it. We saw the Chinese temples which resembles the ones over here in Malaysia. Rushed for last minute shopping before headed to the air port. This time around, I didn't really took much pictures during my trip cause I had took most of the pictures before so I am a bit reserved. All of us had a lot of fun during this trip and honestly speaking, I had more fun than I expected to be. Bought tons of cup noodles and also tit bits during the trip. Managed to bought Phuket SB mug to add into my collection. Thought to bring back Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Bangkok mugs but babe worried it would be too heavy so decided to just get one for now. Maybe on my next trip over Chiang Mai or Pattaya I guess. Reached home and settled down around 1.30am. Still pull myself up for work this morning and I felt so refresh after a long holiday.

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