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Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year To All My Readers

It's just 12hours left before the new year arrive. It's the time again for all of us to think back what have we achieved during this year long and how much of our 2008 resolution had we accomplished. Well for me, it's not to say I achieved every single one of my resolution but let's just say I am satisfied with it but the major will be carried forward to next year. lol~!

For starter, I need to really look into getting a house by next year. I know the economy is slumping and all but what better time to spend when all the interest are low right now. We never know what will happen the year after next. So this will be my main resolution for next year. Other then that, I would also like to travel oversea with my girl. It's our goal to have an oversea trip each year and several local ones to treat ourselves.

After getting a house the natural thing to plan or think about would be settling down. But I don't think would be next year. Might be the year after that. We will see how it goes. No promises yet but just a thought. It's nice having someone you care and love sharing your happiness. I would also wish to spend more time with my girl as sometimes I think I spend too less time with her (is it?? or so she said).

So what's my plan for the night? Well my sister just called and invited me to go Genting for the count down. Well as long as I'm not driving, it should be fine. lol~! The mountain is gonna be a really pack and noisy at the stroke of midnight tonight. So I am wishing all my readers a Happy New Year and hope that all of you have a memorable new year eve with your friends or your love ones.

Joke of The Day

During a summit meeting recently, 3 delegates from Korea, US and Malaysia is having a discussion with the minister of Indonesia. They are discussing who should built the new tower for the country. So here is the conversation;

Korean Minister: I can built the tower for you for the cost of 300K. 100K for material price, 100K for workmanship and 100K for profit.

then the American walk over and say;

American Minister: I can built the tower for you for the cost of 600K. 200K for material as US material is the best in the world, 200K for workmanship as our workmanship is top notch in the world and 200K for profit as our living standard is very high.

then the Malaysian minister came over and pull the Indonesia minister to a corner and say;

Malaysian Minister: I can built your tower for you for the cost of 900k.
Indonesia Minister: Why so expensive???
Malaysian Minister: I need 900K because, 300K for you, 300K for me and another 300K for the Korean guy to do the tower.

Tuesday, December 30

I Survived BS, BP & BC Tonight

It was my first Body Step and Body Pump new release class tonight. Since this is my first work out for the week and I won't be able to do much classes anymore for the week. Hence I decided to do back-to-back classes. Well OK la, it's my usual routine anyway. Just that it's a new release and I don't know what to expect.

First class was Bryan's Step class. There's some new moves but it's still bearable. Music was OK and overall it was a good workout class. Continued with the Body Pump. MG is replacing Sue's class tonight as she's still on holiday. I was informed that there were some really tough tracks for the squats and the biceps and even lunges. So the class starts with the warm up as usual. I reduced my weight for squats as it was a new release. But at the end it wasn't what I expected. The track was quite lengthy but not to say intense. Chest was also not that tough as there wasn't much bottom halves but rather the new combo.

I was expecting a good work out for the clean & press so I added additional weight as there were 4 continuous clean and press moves. But again it wasn't that intense, maybe due to the break in between the sets. There were 4 sets of triple wide rows though. Triceps was something different as we don't use any bars this time around. It was all kick backs and also triceps deeps. So so only. MG challenge me for a heavier weights for biceps as he said it was simple track. So I added some weight and well, let's just say previous release was more tougher.

The lunges was damn funny. It wasn't the weight but rather the bar balancing in front of my chest which was the hard part. lol~! Something new but odd for me. Shoulder track was simple as there wasn't any push up. Yes~!!! All together it was a good work out although not as tough as some previous releases but still a good one. But the music was a but disappointing though. I don't remembered a single track from the release. Just remembered that the warm up track wasn't that motivating as Bleeding Love from the previous release. hehehe~!

Master T's combat class was really packed tonight. It was my second class and I still hate track 3. Too many speed balls and jump jabs. My legs were about to die on me during track 6 and I always got confused during the eskiva and forward kick. lol~! But the track 8 was a nice power track with the crowd's energy hitting the maximum. Did the challenge for the push ups and managed to complete it in one piece. Well although my face did turn really red at the end of the class. lol~! Normal la, blood to the head ma.

All of us continued with minum session at our usual place. Thanx again Wanie for the calendar and also diary. Damn nice. And BQ treat us for the minum session. But I didn't ordered any food ler. Wasted~! lol~! Need to cut down on my supper and also snacks till CNY. At least need to shed away 3 - 4kgs in one month. Possible? I think so. Ganbateh!!!

PS: K-Bear, bring the horse come this Friday lar~~~ lol!!!
Weights: Warm Up: 5kgs; Squats: 15kgs; Chest: 8.5kgs; Back: 11kgs; Triceps: 2.5kgs & 10kgs; Biceps: 6kgs; Lunges: 5kgs; Shoulder: 5kgs; Conditioning: 5kgs

Monday, December 29

Happy Birthday BQ

This is my first Sunday morning class in 3 months time. Well it's just because I don't get enough exercise for this two months and especially the festive seasons at the end of the year which requires me to makan so much. I think from the posts which I posted up this past week, I had consumed so much food. So extra food and less exercise only means extra weight. Damn~! I think I easily gained 2kgs this past month.

But I am not done going alone, so I decided to drag someone out from his slumber and go with me. When do you see Master C coming for Sunday class, right? Master T called him to the stage and we did a really nice track that morning. But sadly it's not BC38. Don't ask me, even Master T was surprised why he can't do the new release.

  1. Angels / Dancing Up A Storm
  2. Thunderstruck
  3. 2 Dream
  4. Bagpipes
  5. Crash The Wedding
  6. YMCA
  7. Shake
  8. U R My Phantasy
  9. Dance Floor Anthem
  10. Because We Believe
After the class had lunch with them all before heading home to rest. Dinner with the gang as it was BQ's birthday. So the venue was Neway, Puchong. David managed to come tonight. So long didn't see you bro. MD too managed to make it as he just got back from his trip. The session started off slow but the singing only starts after midnight. OMG, luckily most of the gang left and it's just left me, David, KNSQ and QQ in the room. Just wanna say one thing, We Are The Champion My Friend~!! lol~!!

Saturday, December 27

Today Not Sunday mer???

Was thinking where to have lunch this morning and at the end decided to just make ourselves some home made sandwiches at home with my girl. Nice and economical. So we headed off to the hypermarket to get some ingredients and headed home. It was really a filling lunch as we had tuna, mayo, tomato, onions and cheese. Add that all into 4 slices of bread and you got one hell of a lunch. Stayed home and finished the 3rd season of Heroes. Ya-Ta~!!!

Send my car for a check up on the spark problem. They changed the alternator belt to my original one as they can't solved the problem. This is so freaking strange. The belt is giving some problem which resulted to some electrical leakage. WTH?!! Whatever, they refunded my money for the belt and hence I will get the belt from the authorize centre next week. Sigh~! It's 4pm and I need to send my girl back home. But not before helping my to do a spring cleaning of my room. lol~!

All the while I was thinking that today is Sunday as I am sending my girl back. I am so blur. Played with her niece. Oh they're so cute and adorable. Had dinner with the family. Yes, steamboat. A new one at Bayu Perdana. It's simple herbal soup but it's really nice and the chillies was great. Super hot and spicy. After the dinner bid my girl farewell and went home. It was a slow day but at least I had plenty of rest as I it was rather a rushing week for me. X'mas had just passed and New Year is just around the corner. Makes you think what have you achieved or rather done this past year. hmm.....point to ponder~!

I Survived Body Combat 38

Yes, finally we had the launch or rather I had been to the new launch of the new release. Body combat 38 was really nice and tiring. Like I mentioned before in my post few months back, there's a lot of speed balls, down punch and most annoying of all, jump jabs. The launch last night was lead by both Master T and K-Bear. Didn't joined the Body Pump release as I got a bit pain on my shoulder since early this week and it's still there last night. But I heard that the squats and triceps was a killer. Will try it out next week.

Although it's a very late class (8.45pm) last night, but the class was really packed. Most of them wasn't the usual kakis but we all had fun. Was able to get Romiko in yesterday night to witnessed a body combat class. She was very amazed with the class and what the class did. The special guest managed to arrived when the warm up was just about to start. Yes, it's Master C. Saved by my SMS right? haha~! Damn the class was crazy and loud last night. Like I always says, Consplant members ROCKS~!!!

  1. Writing On The Wall / Because The Night
  2. Do It Again
  3. Like I Feel
  4. Headbangerz Rock Da Club / Cold As Ice
  5. The Best Damn Thing
  6. No Good (Start The Dance)
  7. Raver's Paradise
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. When I Grow Up
  10. Say (All I Need)

Friday, December 26

Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant

There is this new place called Tenji which is located at Solaris Mount Kiara. For those who don't know the exact location, well you might want to google map the place before you go. It's just further down of Mount Kiara. They are not having a buffet lunch promo for RM29++ from 11.30am till 4pm on weekday. For additional one hour you spent inside there will be an additional of RM10 but the maximum it goes is RM49++. The promo also applies during the weekend if I am not mistaken. Their normal price range from RM77++ to RM88++ for dinner.

They don't called them fresh oyster for nothing as these oysters were clean and served to you on demand. A bit hassle but it's fresh.

Here we have the sushi bar table where you can select what you wanted to eat.

Here are some of the menu which they are serving. The concept is the same as Jogoya in KL. There is some special food which you need to leave your table number clipper on the cup to place an order. Yup, same as Jogoya. Here I have 3 clippers for my table. Not bad.

Here you can see they have some Siap Kap, Yellow and Red fish on display for order.

The chef is always busy preparing fresh sushi all the time. Since it's open concept, so you can see what is happening during the food preparation.

Here is the dessert section where too served tiramisu, strawberry, chocolate and others flavours of desserts.

This is the biscuits and also cookies section.

This is where they served the soba and also their ingredients for you to pick from. They have miso and spicy flavours.

Last but not least the ice cream over here is the same as Jogoya which is from Haagen-Dazs. Long queue for the dessert but worth the wait though. They have the normal Chocolate, Macadamia, Chocolate Chips and also Mint flavours to choose from.

They do served a few type of pasta on demand. Means you need to place a clip here and wait for it to be served. Not that creamy but still not too bad. For a Japanese restaurant it's considered above average though.

Coconuts ... lots of coconuts when I start grabbing them at the beginning but after my first I couldn't see any left. The counter said that we need to wait for an hour for the stock to come in. WTF??!!! I though this is a buffet.

This is one of the best dish I had over there. I don't really remember the names but it's fish. lol~!

Fresh oysters but the size was really large same as Jogoya. Lemons were sliced the wrong way as it's really hard to squeezed.

Steamed cod fish with mushroom served with some special sauce.

Chicken herbal soup which was on demand. Waited for 10 mins for this soup to come. But it's not bad.

This is two prawns fried and served with mayo and fish eggs. The presentation of the food was really nice.

Cooked fish served with special sauce. Sorry again as I don't remembered the names of the food.

This is a Siap Kap if I am not mistaken. The meat was really soft and fresh.

This I forgot what it is. Chicken? I don't think so. I ordered so much food which I don't even know what it is anymore. But it's not that nice.

Overall I can say it's quite worth it (RM29++) for the whole deal. Food was fresh and nice. This is what we expect from a Japanese restaurant but yet not many can achieved. I was really sadden by the lack of coconut drinks as I am so into it. That is my only reserve for the place. Other than that, it's all right.

They do served coffees, Chinese & English Teas, fruit juices and a chocolate fountain. But I didn't try it as it looks very fattening and filling at that time. The place are very wide (30,000 sq.ft). There are also smoking section outside of the restaurant for small pax and also groups up to 10 or more. But make sure that you make a reservation before you head over. As the place is really pack. The promo runs from this month till mid of next year. Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

Lot L-01-01, SohoKL, Solaris Mont' Kiara
2, Jalan Solaris, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
For Booking: 1700-80-1717 or 03-6203 6896

Thursday, December 25

X'mas Luncheon @ Banquet

I woke up quire early this morning to upload some pictures and update my blog. Why so early? As we have another luncheon going on later at noon. I can still feel the pasta inside my tummy this morning and now I am going out to eat again. I am so gonna work my ass off next year. But like I always say, eat hard, work harder. So venue is Banquet at Bangsar Village. My first visit over this new shopping mall.

Thanx to Wanie who organized this gathering for all of us. The ladies were gorgeous as always.

And the man were handsome as usual.

My girl and me, well what more can I say, we're made for each other I know. lol~! But we do look nice together right?

And finally the whole gang after the gift exchange ceremony. Everyone was satisfied with their gifts. Food was satisfactory and we had a laugh during the whole meal. It was quite chaotic when you let all of us on the same table. I can still feel the food right now as I am writing this in tummy. Yes, it was that much of food which we all had. Well at least for me.


It's X'mas and the members from FF decided to have our luncheon at Banquet. It's located inside Bangsar Village II. The ambiance was really nice and cozy. There were seats inside the shop but we had opted the seats outside as there were 13 of us. Yes that many of us, so you can imagine the noise and havoc-ness we created later on.

For starter we had ordered some Fried Chicken. Yes, I know it's quite weird to order this at some fancy restaurant but it was in the menu and we were hungry. lol~!

This is pita bread with dips which comes with crispy pita bread served with a selection of Hummus, Taramasalata and Tzatziki dips. Not bad for a starter as the dipping were nice.

This is the sauteed mushrooms which are selection of Portobello and button mushrooms sauteed in garlic and olive oil. For mushroom lovers, this is a must order as it's really tasty.

I had ordered an Iced Cappuccino to cleansed all the food down. Cool and soothing.

Ok, let's get down to business. I had ordered their famous oven baked butter fish. The fish was simply marinated with salt and pepper. The fillet of butter fish is then oven baked for 20mins. Served with boiled potato and green beans with a final touch of honey, mustard and garlic sauce. The sauce was just superb. Fish was really fresh and tender.

Romiko had ordered their penne with cream of broccoli and smoked salmon. The penne is tossed in cream of broccoli and finely grated with pine nuts. Served with smoked salmon flavoured with black pepper. The sauce was really thick and rich. For those who like it that way, then this is your choice. For those who don't better not order this as it's pretty filling even looking at it.

Forgot what's the name of this dish but it's some sort of marinated chicken with herbs in green sauce. It's served with green beans and also boiled potato.

This is yet another good dish which they dish out. It's pan fried dory fish with brown sauce. Served with green beans and boiled potato. The fish was really fresh and not over cooked. Well cooked if I may say.

This is one of their most famous dessert which is a must to order. It's their Tiramisu cake. I heard that it's filled with rum inside. I know there's liquor but not sure what flavour it is though. This is really a sinful dessert. Small but very delicious.

Last but not least, I had ordered another dessert which was their fresh baked chocolate cake. It's served with a scoop of ice cream with a molten chocolate cake. Chocolate was rich and ice cream was soft and nice. They even prepared a special cake for our friend who mentioned that it was his birthday few days ago.

The whole meal was really filling and able to say satisfied. The service was quite up to par except for some delays in our orders. We did ordered some other stuff like their risotto and some other dishes which I didn't managed to mentioned in here. All together we had spent close to RM800 for the whole meal. What a treat for ourselves during this festive season. Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

1st Floor-28, Bangsar Village 2, Kuala Lumpur
For reservation: 03-2282 3228

All Well, Ends Well

The day started quite bad for me with a bad new from my manager. We lost a deal although we're quite confidence that it's ours. Yup, we're over confidence in this and had neglected the consultant side. This is really an expensive lesson learn and hopefully it will not repeat again. After the chat, went out for an appointment to Port Klang but got to the wrong location, it's West Port and not South. Damn in. Drove over and half way through my rear tyre was puncture. WTF??!!!

Well this is not new for me, so I got out and tried to changed the tyre at the side of the highway. Seeing the trailers speeding pass me was no funny business as they were really going real fast. Half way through opening the nuts and the thread on the last two nuts had washed away. OMFG~!!! Can the day be any worst???!!! No choice, I couldn't do anything now. Had to call for help. Finally found a tow truck to tow my baby. There goes RM100 for towing my car.

Got to the tyre shop and the guy asked me to get a new sets of nuts for all my tyres as the current one were not that good. I agreed as it was just some old set which I got from the dealer when I bought my rims. So another RM100 down the drain. My baby was there with me and decided to buy me lunch to cheer me up. Thanx babe : ) After lunch drove down to Sunway to get some new tyres. But they don't have the one which I wanted. Will come back again later this week. Another RM300 down the drain.

Suddenly I realized that there is this sparkling sound coming from my car. Found out that it's coming from my engine side. What now??!! Sent my car to the authorized centre and had them check it out. Found out that it's a problem with my alternator belt. Fark~! I just changed my whole timing belt last two weeks. So will claim it from them tomorrow. Up till now I was really exhausted from the whole charade since this morning.

But since it's X'mas eve, I can't just stayed at home, so we got home and bath and went to 1U for dinner. Reached around 8pm. Got a present for tomorrow's luncheon with Master T and all. Went to Chillies and booked a table. The fella said come back in another 30mins or so. There were a lot of people queueing outside. As Chillies are those few places which don't served sets dinner during eves or any other festivities. So there's a lot of people wanted to dine there.

Decided to watch a movie after the dinner and managed to get two tickets for Beverly Hills Chihuahua at 11pm. Sweet~! Went back after 30mins and we still need to wait at least 30mins more. Since baby was hungry so we decided to try our luck elsewhere, specifically Pasta Zanmai. Romiko had always like to dine over there. Was really lucky as there wasn't any queue over there. We ordered our food and it was really a nice filling X'mas eve dinner.

After the dinner we walked back to the cinema and went in. Upon reaching the seats, I found out that one of our seats were broken. Head was spinning and the show was about to start. Quickly ask some attendant from outside and he managed to get us another seat elsewhere. Lucky~! Movie was really fun and nice. So many chihuahua, what do you expect. Went home and watch another episode of Hero before calling it a day at 3am.

Romiko and Me wishes everyone Merry X'mas & A Happy New Year~!

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Can't believed that I had agreed to watch this movie even after a day. Well it's X'mas and if my babe wanna watch it, can a guy so NO? At least I enjoyed the movie too. lol~! The movie tells of a super pampered Chihuahua living in the most luxurious city in US, Beverly Hills. From the start you can see all the dogs wearing branded couture and given spa and pedicure. Does this really happened over there? I don't know.

Chloe (voice by Drew Barrymore), the main Chihuahua was left by her owner trusted to her niece, Rachael. But since Rachel wanted to go Mexico city for some surf and party, Chloe got lost at the end and ended up in the hand of some really bad guys. The journey starts from her meeting up with a German Shepard name Delgado who rescued her from the rascals. The bad guy's dog, a Doberman named El Diablo gave chase.

It tells the story of how a pampered dog could finally found her true self and become a real Chihuahua and had her first REAL bark. The story line wasn't that strong but what do you expect? It's meant for kids and teenagers. There were laugh here and there and it's quite entertaining seeing an iguana trying to eat a rat. lol~! If you're free this weekend and has nothing to do, try watching this and it may cheer you up. Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0

Wednesday, December 24

Pasta Zanmai @ X'mas Eve

Finally we had decided to have our X'mas Eve dinner at Pasta Zanmai. Once seated we quickly browsed through the menu as both of us was quite hungry at that time and it's already 9.30pm. So we ordered hot green tea to warm up our tummy first.

After browsing through the menu for some time, Romiko had decided to tried out their Beef Curry Rice. It's actually sliced beef saute in curry sauce and Japanese rice. As usual, the scent of the curry was really strong and nice. But don't expect it to be spicy though. Portion was moderate but since it's served with Japanese rice, it's really filling. The set come with a salad and also misou soup (RM26/set).

For me, as I am a creme lover, had ordered their Toriniku to Kinoko no Cream Sauce or Chicken & Japanese Mushroom in Cream Sauce Pasta. This was really a nice set. For once it's not too creamy and thick. Portion was large, chicken was fried till the outer later was crispy when you sink your teeth into it. Mushroom was plenty and pasta was just nice, not too hard and not to soft. (RM23/set)

Last but not least, I am tempted to try out another type of their pizzas. So I had ordered the Hotate to Kinoko no Mentaimayo Pizza or Grilled Scallop & Mushroom with spicy cod fish roe and mayonnaise pizza. My girl like scallop, we both like mushroom and I am a mayo lover. It's a combination made for us. And in reality the dish didn't disappoint us a bit. It was really delicious with the large size of the scallop on each slices. I must come back for more for this.

Looked at the time and it's already close to 11pm. The restaurant had their last call around 9.30pm and closed at 10pm. But since there were still customers, they obliged to served till the last. Service was great although the place was pack and we managed to get seated at the round table at the middle. Finally ~! The whole meal cost around RM85. Not bad for a X'mas Eve dinner at all. Both of us was really full till the extend that we need to have a long walk to digest the whole meal. Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0

G210B, Ground Floor Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre

A.T Seafoof Bak Kut Teh Restaurant

We heard a lot of Bak Kut Teh in our time, but seafood BKT was new for me. MD had recommended the place to me not long ago. So finally we had decided to try this place out today. The name of the restaurant is A.T Seafood Bak Kut Teh Restaurant. Like the name says, it's famous for their seafood BKT. And it's not the normal fish ball and paste added into the BKT but more.
We had ordered Pu Er for our drink. Yes, I am a Pu Er type of guy. Can't eat my BKT without a good cup of Pu Er.

For starter I had ordered a Dry Bak Kut Teh which I really like. From my previous posts, you should know that I prefer dry than wet. So this, I must try. And it doesn't disappoint me Well at least it's up to what I expect from a big restaurant like this. But not as good as Yap Chuan at Sentosa though. But still a good dry BKT. But a bit little on the portion and too much MSG or some sort powdery stuff on it.

So here comes the main dish. The seafood BKT. It consists of Sea Cucumber (RM10/100g), White Promfret (market price), Prawns (market price), Lala (RM10/set) and Fish ball (RM5/set). We asked for the soup to be spicy and they had added garlics and also dried chillies inside. The taste was really different from the normal BKT soup I'd tried before. It's thick with a mixture of seafood flavour and a tit of spice too. The portion was really large for both of us. But we managed to finished it except the fish balls. Abalone (RM38/each) are available if you wanted to add in.

The place is partition to two, air condition and non. Spacious and bright. Service is good and fast. Table is clean and also neat. Maybe it's during lunch time and not that busy so the service is better? But the place was half full when we arrived. Business was quite good I may add. You won't believe what is the damage for the lunch. My most expensive BKT meal to date, RM 85 inclusive of drinks (RM5/pack). Yup, our eyes rolled when we saw the bill. It's the sea cucumber I think. But it was really a full meal. Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0

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