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Wednesday, December 14

Price Comparison Between Telcos

Finally the pricing between the two main telco namely Maxis and Digi had been revealed for the new iPhone 4S. You can find the pricing for Maxis and Digi here. Again Digi had stated in their website to be the "most affordable iPhone plan in Malaysia". Are they? Well to save you the time of comparing, someone just did the comparison for you and it's here. Since Digi do not have a 12 months plan so we can only compare a 24 months plan between both of them.

*information from LYN forum by Huei*

iValue 3 vs iDiGi 238

Calls (mins)
Total Payment 16GB
Total Payment 32GB
Total Payment 64GB

iValue 2 vs iDiGi 138

Calls (mins)
Total Payment 16GB
Total Payment 32GB
Total Payment 64GB

iValue 1 vs iDiGi 88

Calls (mins)
Total Payment 16GB
Total Payment 32GB
Total Payment 64GB

Tuesday, December 6

Siri is ported to iPhone 4 via H1Siri

OK, so we had been hearing this for days now. Some people from China called CD-Team had finally managed or should I say dare to port the Siri over to a device other than iPhone 4S. Actually there are some other people who had done it before but since it's illegal to do so they didn't distribute it to the mass. Anyway, this CD-Team managed to port Siri over using a proxy server which they created and work on their own. Mix feedback was heard online throughout these few days as some people managed to get it to work while some didn't. Some messed up their phone and put it in a infinite loop of respring mode. Some had their phone restore several times before managed to get it to work. For those who managed to port it, were managed to operate Siri but at  time they will encounter server error as their server are crowded with people trying to connect to it. The developer had informed that they will shift their server to another location for better connectivity. Well, we will just need to wait and see now. 

So here's the step-by-step method on doing the porting but take note that I will not be held liable for any lawsuit that you may face in the future and also damages to your devices. Take note that  this port only works with iPhone 4 with iOS 5 and above. 

  1. It is recommended that you have a clean restore of your iPhone before you proceed. 
  2. Your iPhone 4 must be jailbroken for this tweak to work obviously. 
  3. Got to Cydia --> Managed --> Source --> Edit  and Add this repo (http://www.cydia.be or http://www.iphone3gsystem.fr/cydia)
  4. After adding that repo, search for H1Siri and install it. 
  5. Reboot your iPhone but remember you need Redsn0w to reboot it since it's a tethered jailbreak. 
  6. Go to Setting --> General --> SIRI and Enable it. 
  7. Try rebooting it a few times if you can't get it to work. 
Some of the people had some issue during Step 6 as they can't find the Setting icon anymore. But I guess the most common one would be "Sorry, I'm having trouble connecting to the network" or "Sorry, I don't have a network connection" error. But once you are connected, Siri is live and active. So do try this out (at your own risk). Well as for me, I might wanna wait for the real deal is here. I mean no point installing something that is half way there right? But who am I to judge. Have fun peeps~! 

Monday, December 5

Infinity Blade II

Finally Infinity Blade II (IBii) is OUT. I'd been waiting for this game for some time now. Had been playing Blood and Glory (which has the same game play as this)  but IBii beats all of the others in it's rank. I mean, this could be one of the best or maybe the best game I had ever played. Be it game-play, graphics, sounds and repeat-ability. The game came out last weekend and I'd been playing with it for days now. Currently at level 17 on the 6th Rebirth. Those who played the first installment should know what I am talking about. 

You can watch the trailer here. It's damn cool~! 

You can check out the new game-play here. There are now three types of weapons for you to choose and master. You have the normal sword & shield, two handed and dual-wielding combat styles. Other than that, you have plenty of new items like the new gems system for you to socket it to your armor, shields, helm or even ring. Totally amazing. 

I would totally give this game a 4.8 out of 5 for now. As I am still waiting for the Arena game mode which players can duel together in an arena to see whose the MAN. But nevertheless, the game is worth every penny spent. Go download it from iTunes now. It's only $5.99 for now. You can download it from HERE. Enjoy and let the swords clash~! 

Thursday, December 1

Register for an iPhone 4S now

Finally it's here ... well soon anyway. It's the phone everyone been waiting for. Again, it depends if you are migrating from iPhone 3GS or from iPhone 4. I am still deciding whether to upgrade from my iPhone 4 for now. But heck, I'd just make a reservation for the phone through maxis website. You can do the same over HERE.

Wednesday, November 9

Untethered Jailbreak?

For those still waiting for an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. I think you still got one hell of a time to go. pod2g from the Chronic Dev Team had just tweeted today that they had found an exploit recently which might be able to use for an untethered jailbreak. But don't hold your breath though. As no date had been confirm on the ETA of it. As for me, I am running my iPhone 4 on iOS 5 for weeks now with Redsn0w. No worries of reboot till date and I am covered since both my desktop at home and notebook in the office can be use to reboot it. Settled~! 

In another note, for those who heard that someone successfully ported SIRI to iPhone 4, well it's fake. We did heard this news before after the launch of iPhone 4S that someone DID managed to do it but since it's against the law to port it over to another iDevices other than iPhone 4S, hence the idea had been put to rest. But recently, there are rumors that Apple are doing testing or experiments with SIRI running on other iDevices namely iPhone 4 and 3GS. At least they are agreeing that SIRI are able to run on other iDevices other than the new dual A5 processor. Hopefully they are finally opening up their mind on this. We'll keep our finger cross on this for now. 

Tuesday, October 25

SemiTether Jailbreak for iOS 5

Well, since I had posted the tethered JB on my previous post, I thought it's just good to update you guys of an update to it. No it's not untethered JB. I had upgraded my iphone 4 to iOS 5 last week using Redsn0w JB. Yes, it's tethered but what the heck. iOS 5 is too cool to say no to. Now here's an update by BigBoss. But first let me explain what is the difference between a tethered and and untethered JB. 

Tethered Jailbreak
This is after you had jailbreak your device and tried to reboot it. Your device will get stuck in the apple logo screen or goes into recovery mode (USB cable to iTunes picture). You will now need the Redsn0w software to reboot your device. So you're in a big problem if your phone suddenly rebooted or need to be rebooted after a software install in Cydia or out of battery. 

Untethered Jailbreak
Simply put it, it's the best of them all. You can freely boot and reboot your devices as many time as you wanted. All thanks to GeoHot for last year's limer1n exploit. 

So what does this semi-tethered do? Well it will let your phone reboot and has the standard function made available. But apps like Safari, Mail and all the Cydia installed apps and tweaks. At least you can make calls and SMS right? So here is how you install the Cydia based semi-tethered app. 
  1. Go to Cydia and Choose "Manage"
  2. Choose "Sources" 
  3. Choose "Edit" and then "Add"
  4. Then enter this URL "http://thebigboss.org/semitether" and Choose "Add Source"
  5. Return to Cydia after installing the app
  6. Go to Search and search for semitether 
  7. Choose to Install and after installing your device will be prompted to reboot. 
You device will now be able to reboot but to make all the apps workable, you will need to boot tethered once more using Redsn0w. This is still in a trial or beta mode so do try with caution and do back up your data. Have I used it? Nope, I had Redsn0w installed both on my laptop and desktop. So it won't be any issue if my phone did rebooted. And if my phone ran out of battery? Heck, any phone need to be recharge after running out of battery. What's the difference right? Cheers~!

Monday, October 17

Tips on Improving Battery Life Running on iOS 5

I had read on reviews and feedback from users who had upgraded to the iOS 5 that their battery life decreased a lot. This seemed more obvious on both iPad and iPhone users as compared to iPod. Well, you can expect the extra battery usage since there are so much new features (200+) in the new iOS 5. So here are some tips on improving your battery life. Most of them are settings which you can disable since you do not need it to be running at the back. 
  1. Disabling Bluetooth (Settings/General/Bluetooth > OFF)
  2. Disabling Location Service (Settings/Location Service > OFF)
  3. Turning OFF Notification Service for some/all of your apps (Settings/Notification >OFF)
  4. Disabling iCloud Services (Settings/General/iCloud > OFF) *this maybe the most significant one. 
  5. Disabling Ping (Services/General/Restrictions/Enable Restrictions/Ping > OFF)
  6. Disabling Time Zone Adjustment (Settings/Location Services/System Services/Set Time Zone > OFF)
  7. Disabling Diagnostic & Usage Reports (Settings/General/About/Diagnostic & Usage > Don't Send)
  8. Reset Network Settings (Settings/Reset/Rest Network Settings) *this will reset all your password, VPN and APN in your network settings. 
  9. Some users also suggested that removing and adding back your email account helps. Hence, you need to Delete Email Accounts -> Reset Network Settings -> Reboot -> Adding Email Accounts
Some of the users even mentioned that their battery life drop drastically down to half, even during standby mode. Some iPhone users even complaint about their phone heating up. There are mix opinion on these issues, some blaming it on the iCloud and had disabled it. Some are blaming on the Time Zone Adjustment setting. I haven't upgrade to iOS 5, so I am not sure how is it affecting my phone. Let me know how is your iDevices acting up after upgrading to iOS 5. Hope the above tips helps you. 

Thursday, October 13

iOS 5 is LIVE

Finally the long awaited iOS 5 had been released hours ago. I had posted an update on that several months back and after iPhone 4S was released last week, the long awaited iOS 5 had finally been released by Apple today. And the iPhone Dev Team took no time in exploiting the new iOS 5 and gave us the JB for it. Well it come with no surprised actually if you are following the updates (like I did). They had already JB iOS 5 GM version which is pre-loaded for iPhone 4S so they just need to tweak a bit before releasing it to the mass after Apple releases iOS 5. You can download Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze to JB your iDevices now. 

I am going to explain here how to JB using Redsn0w 0.9.9b4 for iOS 5 devices. You can download Redsn0w [HERE] and Sn0wbreeze 2.8 beta 8 [HERE]. Note that Redsn0w only support the following iOS 5 devices:
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPod Touch 3G
  • iPod Touch 4G
  • iPad 1
Nope, there is no JB available for iPad 2. God bless those who are running on 4.3.3. Since it won't support iPad 2, that goes the same with iPhone 4S. Cause both of this iDevices are running on the new A5 processor. Both Redsn0w and Sn0wbreeze are tethered JB unless you are using 3GS running on an older bootrom which is untethered. I am not gonna go step-by-step with the JB in here. Well unless my friends or readers out there requested it (a bit lazy). There are reports saying their iPhone got stuck on the loading page. This might be cause by the Cydia apps crashing as it's not supported by the new iOS. 

Some of you JB owners used AptBackup, PkgBackup or xBackup from Cydia to backup your apps but do take note that not all apps support the new iOS as mentioned earlier. It may crashed on your iDevices in some cases. And even in iTunes, you will need to reinstall all your apps since not apps are supported on the new iOS. Here's a YouTube video showing how to JB using Redsn0w. Enjoy~! And again, please back up your iDevices before you do anything. And the writer won't be taking any responsibility for anything that happens to any reader's iDevices. 

Thursday, October 6

The Legacy of Steve Jobs

I was driving my car early this morning when I heard the radio mentioning someone died and it sounded like Steve Jobs (1955-2011). Yes, it's confirmed after I quickly browsed through Apple's website during the bumper the bumper jam. You can send your regards and condolences HERE. It was just a day (more or less) after Apple unveiled their latest iPhone 4S to the market. I think it came to a shock to all the people in the world hearing about this. Everyone knows that he decided to take an absence of work before the launch and I thought that he just wanted to recuperate after a long work. Everyone knows that he survived his past cancer problems but I guess God decided that HE too wanted someone as genius as him to be next to him up there. Maybe God wanted an iGod? OK, bad joke. 

Along these years, Steve changed a falling company and rebuild it again and now being the leader of all the smart phones companies. He had brought us iPod, iTouch, iPhone and iPad which changes the technology world entirely and bringing the game up to another level for all the other makers. Now everyone tries to beat Apple. It is definitely a sad day for all of us Apple fanatics out there. He will be miss but his spirit will move on and be with us each time we pick up an Apple product. We just hope that his predecessor can carry on the torch and bring Apple to another new height. God Bless and May Your Soul Rest in Peace~! 

Wednesday, October 5

Finally it's iPhone 4S and Not 5

Finally the cat is out of the box. It's official that iPhone next generation phone is dubbed 4S rather than 5. This means that it's just an upgrade rather than a whole new design of the phone. Honestly I am a bit disappointed. I am really looking forward to the 4" display that we had been hearing for so long now. But people over at Cupertino. Their shares even drop 5% after this announcement during their Let's Talk iPhone event late yesterday (our time). Nevertheless, the new iPhone 4S do come with a lot of "upgrades". Here are some of them worth mentioning:-
  • Dual-Core A5 Processor: It's the same processor that the current iPad 2 is using. Apple claimed that it's 2 times faster in performance and up to 7 times faster graphics as compared to it's predecessor, iPhone 4. 
  • 8-Mega Pixel Camera: Well, at least they got this right. I think the new iPhone should have at least an 8-megapixel camera since most of the smartphone in the market has it for so long. The camera also comes with a larger f/2.4 aperture. Other features like improved backside illumination sensor, auto white balance, advanced color accuracy, face detection and also reduced motion blur-ness. 
  • HD Video Recording: Now you will be able to record full HD 1080p videos on this baby. It also comes with anti shake reduction feature during recording. 
  • World Phone: It is also dubbed the world phone because it is able to work both GSM and also CDMA network. Apple claimed that they are the first manufacturer that come out with this feature as the phone will automatically switch to a better network between these two. In other word, better coverage. 
  • Faster Network Speed: The speed has been doubled to 14.4 Mbps on HSDPA. 
  • Improved Battery Life: Each time Apple comes out with a new phone, they made the machine more faster but at the same time better battery life. This is one of their key feature for me. Since it's pointless if you increase the performance on the battery expenses. 
  • SIRI: SIRI is the new personal assistance that everyone has been talking about since it was demoed online early this year. You can use  SIRI to composed a mail, make a phone call, search online and even locate a place just using voice control. 
Other than all that, the new iPhone 4S comes loaded with the new iOS 5 which come with more than 200 new features that we have been talking all this while. iPhone 4S is available in US for $199 for the 16GB, $299 for 32GB and $399 for the new 64GB capacity. As usual, US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia will be able to pre-order on the 7th October and will be launching one week after on the 14th Oct. Other countries like Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithunia, Luxemberg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland will be on 28th Oct. The rest of the world would need to wait till the end of the year for it. Looking at the brighter side, I can re-use my current casing for the new iPhone 4S. Saved a lot of $$$. 

Tuesday, September 27

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Finally I had managed to watched this very movie which caused so much buzz lately in the cinema. Not it's not Johnny English. It's our own local production called Nasi Lemak 2.0. The movie is directed by non other than the controversial blogger Namwee. I wasn't sure if I wanna watch this movie in the first place but I had a few good response from my friends for the movie and decided to watched it before it was taken down. Damn, booking the ticket itself was damn hard. Almost all the halls are full each day. Even the midnight shows. Finally managed to get some tickets over the new MBO at Subang Parade. 

The movie features a lot of local celebrities like Adibah Noor, comedian Afdlin Shauki, singer Reshmonu, violinist Dennis Lau, local singer Karen Kong, ex-DJ cum blogger Pete Teoh and some veteran actor and singers like Dato' David Arumugam (Alleycats) and Kenny & Chee (babba & nyoya) and lastly Miss Malaysia herself Nadine Ann Thomas. The movie focus on Namwee as Chef Huang who acts like a savior to the neighborhood after being saved by someone when he was young. He and Kak Noor (Adibah Noor) are like fire and water as the latter sells nasi lemak at her stall opposite his restaurant and was doing very well. Xiao K (Karen) came over to seek Chef Huang help to save her family restaurant and this embarks the journey of Chef Huang and Xiao K. 

Along the way they meet with Baba & Nyonya (Chee & Kenny) who teaches Chef Huang how to cook real sambal. Then they went to meet Curry Master (David Arumugam) who only speaks Tamil to learn about spices. Finally they meet with Hero Resh (Reshmonu) and also fisherman (Afdlin Shauki) who has four beautiful wifes and kids. Finally Chef Huang has a final showdown with his former classmate, Lan Qiao (Dennis Lau). OK, maybe the story line isn't that solid but heck it's a movie about our country and the best part is that we can really relate to all of the stuff from the movie in our daily life. Take for instance, electricity being cut off without any warning, how cold our local car's air cond is and how the power window stop working after 2 years. There are a lot of remarks made towards the government but it's all very true. 

It talks about unity and the spirit of 1Malaysia in the movie. How 3 different races work together to achieve peaceful harmonious living. The director did take some shots on some issues like the Lingam case and also the pornographic sex scandal case by one of our local chief. I think, only us Malaysian can truly understand and feel the whole movie is all about. I don't think anyone like Hong Kong or even Singaporean understand some of the jokes being made in the movie. Unless you really do follow Malaysia news a lot. Lastly, the movie does gave me a lot of laugh and something to ponder on. If there's a chance, I would watch it a second time. haha~! Walao Eh Walao Eh Walao Eh~!!!! 

Monday, September 19

My New Onkyo Home Theater

Finally I'd bought my home theater to go with my 50" Full HD Plasma. I had initially gave up the hope of getting an AVR and just get those Samsung or Panny's home theater system but when I saw this baby, I know I need to have it. It's Onkyo HT-S5300 home theater set which come with 7.1 system. The best part, it also come with an iPod/iPhone dock (charging) to go with it. How cool is that. I had initially plan to get a 5.1 system but since this system can go up to 7.1, I guess I can always use it later on when I have an AV room of my own. 

The HT-S5300 home theater comes with Onkyo's R580 AV receiver. It supports the new HDMI v.1.4a (which support 3D and Audio Return Channel). Although I am not currently using a 3D-TV but at least I am ready for it if I do upgrade in the future. It comes with audio & 1080p video processing via HDMI and I have 4 of those on the input and 1 output. I'm currently plugging in my Unifi TV box and also Media Player into the AVR. I still have two more for future use (i.e PS3 or XBox) and also Blu-Ray player. As usual, the AVR supports the highest level of sound like:
  • Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio;
  • Dolby Pro-Logic IIz which features 2 more front high speaker input and 
  • Burr-Brown 192 kHz/24-bit DAC (PCM1690) for all Channels. 
There's plenty of stuff in the specification sheet but I do not know from one to the other so no point writing it all out in here. 

The home theater come with one big 25cm Cone Sub-Woofer . Particularly like the conic legs underneath. Makes it look so classy. This baby weights 10.7kg. Not that heavy actually.

As mentioned the home theater is a 7.1 sound system so it means there's 7 speakers and one sub-woofer. The top horizontal one would be the center front speaker. It has a max. input power of 130W with 6 Ohms impedance. The two tall vertical speaker underneath the center speaker would be the front surround speakers. And the 4 smaller ones would be the surround and surround back speakers.

Lastly the iPod/iPhone dock for connecting my music with the AVR and also movies (480p only). The dock is so slick since it's a match with the AVR. And most importantly it charges my iDevice at the same time. How cool~!
So here's a rough diagram showing how a 7.1 surround system is being place. Being the geographical nature of my current living room. I am not able to place the 4 remaining surround and surround back speakers for the time being. Maybe I really need to do some modification on my plaster ceiling to pull the cables back from the AVR. For the time being, just gonna enjoy the current 3.1 system (which sound sound good on DTS). Tested my new home theater on Resident Evil and Ip Man 2 on DTS. Damn the sound system was so blardy loud. But as the technician said, the speakers need to be season in due time for better sound quality. Well let's see then. For the time being, gonna copy some DTS movies from my friends to test my new baby out.

(Picture courtesy of Cbiz)

Friday, September 9

Les Mill's 3rd Quarter Review

It's been a while since I updated my Les Mill's GX launches. Well, I am not that much of a hardcore comparing to last  time maybe. I still join the classes more than ever but I don't really bother or craze for the upcoming releases anymore. Just finished doing all the new releases for the program which I normally joined, Body Pump 79, Body Combat 49, RPM 52 & Body Step 85. Actually I did Body Pump 79 unofficially few weeks back under some instructors class before. Had a feel of it and I really like it. So let me go through briefly on the releases. Again, these are just my opinions and do not reflect on the program itself. 

Body Pump 79 focuses more on core workout. Well actually all the Les Mill's program this time around focuses on core muscles anyway. Warm up was nice with the cover music from Taio Cruz's Higher. We're finishing off the warming with a bicep roll this time around. We have a squats combo of 4 singles and 4 bottom halves this time around. 2 sets of those combos and 2 more sets of additional 4 singles and bottom halves to the end. This track really kicks to the heart. We can sing along with Sean Kingston's Party All Night with the Chest track. Nothing particular special here. 8 singles combos with 2 sets of 4 bottom halves. There is a break after the 3rd set though so you can load up. 

Now here's the nifty part of the Back track. The over head press is back (I think it's called that technically). We have 3 over head presses then down for 3 singles before going up again for two more sets. There are a total of 2 sets of those combos before finishing off with just 2 sets. Your heart should be on the 80% mark by now at least. Triceps is a bit easy as we start with triceps extension and down triceps push and some bottom halves before going to dips and over head towards the end. And you can definitely sing your heart out with Lady Gaga's born this way in Triceps. Biceps isn't that tough this time around too. I like the music from Bon Jovi's livin' on a prayer for Biceps. We have quick up and slow down then 8 bottom halves. The combo is around that. 

The killer track would again be the Lunges. We have Fireworks on Body Pump 78 now we have Bruno Mar's Grenade. Let's see, we start off with squats then lunges back to squats then lunges (2nd leg) back to squats then lunges (right leg) and lunges (left leg). We have singles and two bottom halves, down and hold, singles and 8 bottom halves combos in between. Yes, it's that freaking crazy. After killing your legs, we continue with our shoulders. Scooter is back and we have the new standing back move with the plates which we normally do on our knees. We start with push up and end with push ups too. The raises are similar to Raver's In the UK actually. 

Warmup: Higher – Logan S. feat. Mandy Brewer
Squats: Closer To The Edge – Mekon Garden
Chest: Party All Night (Sleep All Day) – Sean Kingston
Back: Written In The Stars (Sunny Dee Remix) – Jason Born
Triceps: Born This Way – Southern Light
Biceps: Livin’ On A Prayer – Altiyan Childs
Lunges: Grenade (Damn-R Mix) – Jason Born
Shoulders: J’Adore Hardcore (Extended Mix) – Scooter
Abdominals: We’ll Be Alright – Travie McCoy
Cooldown: The Crow & The Butterfly – Shinedown
Alternative 5 – Triceps: If We Ever Meet Again (Hans-O-Matik Bigroom Radio Cut) – Pandora BX

Thanks God that the new Body Combat 49 is a good one, or at least I do think so myself. For me it's back to the basic. We have a good warm up track from Jay Sean's Down for the upper body and Linkin' Park's New Divide for the bottom. This is one hell of a long warm up track. It's close to 10mins. I realized that we did the knee twice for the warm up. It is said to warm up our legs for the later tracks since we have lots of kicks and lunges. Track 2 & 3 are quite short to compensate back to the long warm up I guess. I particularly like Track 3 because of the song Barbra Streisand. There's not much lyrics in it but the tempo and the beat really goes well with the chorey. I did this release twice but I don't really remember the chorey much now. All depends on muscle memory nowadays. LOLX!! 

Track 6 which suppose to be a conditioning track, well is not. I think Les Mill's had long decided that they are going to scrap that. We have a lot of front and back kick couple with block combos. It's tiring but I like it. Muay Tai track is a fan track. We have lots of knees again. Yup, just go crazy with this one. And finally the final peak track. We have the 8 singles jab cross and two single punch each combo. Then there's double upper on each side and back to the punches. Lots of fun indeed. For the abs track we have the circular push up back again. Well technically it's called circular-square. You will know when you sees it. Overall it's a cool release. 

1a. Down - Studio 88
1b. New Divide (M & Ace Remix) - Rivendell
02. Kick In The Teeth - Badlands Inc
03. Barbra Streisand - Northern Accelerators
4a. Lord Of The Rings - Nick Skitz vs Blissphoria
4b. Hava Nagila - Alex M vs Marc van Damme
05. Don’t Need - Hixxy & Technikore feat. Intraspekt
06. Unfaithful (Nivara Remix) - Comeea
07. Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) – Swade
08. Turn To Me (Supreme & MOB 2010 Remix) - Trinity
09. Dance With Me - 3OH!3
10. Somewhere In The World - Altiyan Childs

Before the release, some instructor told me that it's not going to be a good release to teach. Damn~! But once I did it for the first time, I can still accept the whole release. Well except Track 1, 4 and 6 at least. After the second time of doing it, I can accept all the tracks accept track 1. Really~! What the hell is that? That track totally lost me. I don't really feel the motivation in it. Luckily track 2 is a strong one and managed to bring the whole class back to the peak. I can really feel the motivation in this track. The first hill belongs to Lady Gaga again with Born This Way. Totally love this track. Mixed Terrain takes time to grow I guess. Nothing special. Interval is just pure intensity. You go up and you go down. It's a short spark and off you go. Nice way to shock my heart in this track. Speed work is a bit plain for me. It's similar to some previous release to the extent that I think it's an identical twin (even the chorey). Finally we have the last Mountain to conquer. We have a new move called Benchmark Resistance. Well to put it simple, we ride with the climbing resistance. Don't we all? haha! 

Pack Ride: Beautiful People (Club Version) – Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi
Pace: Take Over Control – Martina Lorene
Hills: Born This Way (Kris McTwain Remix) – Other Ego
Mixed Terrain: All In – Badlands Inc
Intervals: Witchcraft – Blau
Speed Work: Disarm Yourself (Club Mix) – Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
Mountain Climb: Discover (Club Mix) – Paffendorf
Ride Home: Science & Faith – The Script
Stretch: The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
Alternative 3 – Hills: Rhythm Of The Night (Alex K Remix) – Frisco vs Corona
Alternative 9 – Stretch: Choose You – Stan Walker

Finally, Body Step 85. I like the We warm up. Cause some of the recent releases do not have a good warm up. I am talking about the music selection (or remixes) to the chorey. This time around, we have Chris Brown and Maximum for the warm up. We start the warm up with a vertical board orientation. Actually I don't really like vertical orientation for the warm up. Sigh~! Step Athletic has a nice song to it. At least we don't have something silly like the quick burpee like the previous releases. Mixed Strength is similar to One Night in Bangkok actually. We have a lot of triple movement on the floor. Power Peak has a new move AGAIN. We have some push ups towards the end. Argh~!!! Really anti-climax. Step Recovery was nice and easy. We have the usual knee lift and repeaters on each side. Party Step was alright if I remember right. Didn't do the Speed track since it's a 45mins class. But the instructor did told me it's a really nice one. Final Peak track is a good one. Reminds me of Final Countdown actually. We have 8 repeaters on each side then cut down to 4. Lots of over the board even from the start. At least there's no silly chorey with the plates again. 

Warmup: Here I Go – Maximum
Step Warmup: Yeah 3x – Chris Brown
Step Orientation: The Call – Graffiti Girls
Step Athletic: Sure Fire Winners – Solar Collective
Mixed Strength: Who’s That Chick – Ultimate
Power Peak: Jump! – Mickey Index
Step Recovery: Muscles – Annie Lee
Party Step: Show Me How You Burlesque – Carla Cross
Speed Step: Objection – Mirage
Peak: Real Things – DJ Riddle
Recovery/Leg Strength: Uprising – TransNoise
Cooldown/Stretch: Rocketeer – Original Fire
Alternative 8 – Athletic Circuit: Revolution – Colorbox
Alternative 9 – Athletic Circuit: Last Train To Trancentral – Bodytronixx

PS: tracklist and posters courtesy of nzglen

Monday, August 29

Is This Your Final Destination?

Recently I had just finished another long run movie after Harry Potter (8 Episodes), Planet of The Apes (6 Episodes) and now Final Destination franchise. Gosh~! How many times do they really have to get kill? Well anyway, we can't blame Death for making his job a bit interesting now, can we? The first franchise started from the year 2000. It tells a group of teenagers who cheated death as one of them had a premonition thingy before the actual thing happens. So the group of teenagers and adults left the Flight 180 before it explodes into flames. But as they all said, you can't cheat Death. So one by one is being killed/died with accordance with the way they were supposed to die in the initial plan.

This first episode gave us all a very good and suspense feeling of death and what is reflects on our real life. I mean, every little thing that we do might lead to our own death or some one else. How cool in a twisted sick way I might say. But the way the director, James Wong lead the audience gripping on their seats on how the person is going to die was just awesome. So at the end no one survived except Ali Larter which come back on the second franchise. Highlight death would be Sean William Scott being decapitated by the metal plate flung off from a passing train. Cool~! 

The second episode comes 3 years after the first. Since they thought they can make some really big money of out how people die. Well, death do sells. So the second part of the movie tells of a bunch of people got save from a freak Highway 180 accident. Trust me, it's really out of the world. So this bunch of people started to die one by one just like the initial movie. But some one gave  them an idea on how to prevent death is by creating another life. Well some bullshit bout balance of life where a life will eliminate off a death mumbo jumbo. OK, here's the interesting part of the movie, they found bout the plane accident (Part 1) and the people on board are related to them one way the other. 

Hence, them (people from Part 1) who were saved from the initial plane crash had created a chain of event which resulted the people in this movie to be still alive and death is not happy about that. But at the end, everyone's dead. As they said, no one cheat death TWICE. Highlight death moment would be the guy being cut in many piece by the barb wires. Wicked~!

The third installment come 3 years later in 2006. This time around, a bunch of teenagers (yes, it always revolves around young people) who went for a roller coaster ride called High Dive and survived yet another freak accident. I think Death is slacking off his job by now. So the survivors did some research online and found out that there are similar cases (plane crash and road accident) where the people who survived those accidents, die one by one after that. So they had decided to fight against their fate and at the end 3 of them survived. But not for long as after 5 months after they all goes their separate ways, they some how bump into each other in a subway. One of them saw the number 081 (in reflection of 180 which is also the same flight number on the plane crash in Episode 1). She had a premonition again but this time it's just few second a head so they didn't have enough time to save themselves. At the end, all of them die. Highlight of the movie would be one guy being penetrated by a flag pole. I mean, how bizarre can it get? 

This movie came 3 years later (I think it's a trend) in 2009. This time, Death comes in 3D. Yup, the movie jump into the 3D bandwagon. The movie focuses on a bunch of audience from McKinley Speedway who had, Yes you got it, survived another bizarre freak accident. Crush to death by a spun off tyres out side the stadium? I mean, death really wanted her to die so badly. But at least, Death is getting more creative after the 3rd installment. Again, they thought that they can cheat death again by skipping an accident on their own life but heck they are wrong. This is the part where the 3 left survivors who get together in a cafe to celebrate their victory against Death's plan. At that point, the main actor had another premonition about Death's coming plan and realized that all that had happened after McKinley Speedway and all the other death is actually a red herring from Death to bring them all together for a final showdown. No money for guessing who won at the end. 

Now, after 2 years, in 2011 Final Destination 5 had reached the 5th installment. I assumed this is the last but we never know. It all depends on the box office I guess. If the cinema goers still like it and would pay for more, why not? The story tells of a company retreat went wrong when the suspension bridge which their bus is on decided to give way, due to strong winds. An idiot would know that Death got something to do with it. Well, the main actor had a premonition and pulled his colleagues off the bus before it plum to the  sea. And you know what that does to Death's reputation by now. It's a big No No. So one by one of them die in some freaky horrifying ways. OK, sometimes, the director did get too creative especially how the gymnast fell to death after some freak accident during practice. 

In this episode, the coroner (same guy from all the episodes, which brought us to believe he is Death himself) gave them some light on how to save their life. They need to kill someone innocent or not meant to die in order to skip the death toll on themselves. One particular funny moment would be the guy visited the spa and the conversation he had with the Chinese masseur. Anyway, three of the survivors left (why is it always three?) and the couple finally managed to board the plane for their trip over to Paris. Now here's the catch, when I saw the date of the ticket, which is dated in the year 2000 and the tickets read Flight 180, I know what is going on. Some teenage kids got kick off the plane right before taking off since he had a premonition that the plane is going to explode in mid air. Yes, it's the same flight 180 from the first movie. So both of them die and the most outrageous part would be the third person who survived got killed by the fallen parts from Flight 180 WHILE DRINKING IN A BAR!!!. I mean, how ironic can that be? Death really have some really sick sense of humor. hahaha! 

Tuesday, August 23

iPhone 5 Coming Soon

It's been a while since I updated on the iPhone news. Well since there's been a lot of speculation on the net lately bout the coming soon iPhone 5, I had decided to just mentioned some of it for my readers. Apple had been testing and releasing iOS 5 betas for developers for months preparing the apps developers of their new update (via iOS & iDevices). The launching of the new so-called iPhone 5 is more realistic with both AT&T and VP confirming that the new iPhone 5 would be launch early October (supposedly on the 7th) and are taking pre-orders as early as 29th & 30th September. It means that Apple will launch the new iPhone around 2nd or 3rd week of September before the pre-order. And with Apple's past record, they will announce their new iOS few days before their new gadget (i.e iPod & iPhone). So expect to hear the launch of the new iOS around the first week of October. To tell you the truth, I can't wait to update to the new iOS 5 while waiting for the iPhone 5 to arrive on our shore (maybe late 2011 if we're lucky). Till then, I am alright with fooling around with the iOS 5 since the JB has already been available for it. Fingers cross!

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