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Saturday, December 27

I Survived Body Combat 38

Yes, finally we had the launch or rather I had been to the new launch of the new release. Body combat 38 was really nice and tiring. Like I mentioned before in my post few months back, there's a lot of speed balls, down punch and most annoying of all, jump jabs. The launch last night was lead by both Master T and K-Bear. Didn't joined the Body Pump release as I got a bit pain on my shoulder since early this week and it's still there last night. But I heard that the squats and triceps was a killer. Will try it out next week.

Although it's a very late class (8.45pm) last night, but the class was really packed. Most of them wasn't the usual kakis but we all had fun. Was able to get Romiko in yesterday night to witnessed a body combat class. She was very amazed with the class and what the class did. The special guest managed to arrived when the warm up was just about to start. Yes, it's Master C. Saved by my SMS right? haha~! Damn the class was crazy and loud last night. Like I always says, Consplant members ROCKS~!!!

  1. Writing On The Wall / Because The Night
  2. Do It Again
  3. Like I Feel
  4. Headbangerz Rock Da Club / Cold As Ice
  5. The Best Damn Thing
  6. No Good (Start The Dance)
  7. Raver's Paradise
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. When I Grow Up
  10. Say (All I Need)

2 Octopus:

Coffee Prince said...

now I still feel tired

BaBy OcTopUs said...

OK la~ that night really sweat a lot. good work out ~ keke!

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