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Tuesday, December 16

Legs Shaking, Body Aching

Whole body was still a bit sore from last night's class. But I need to attend the three back to back classes as I won't be able to attend any classes this week. Brian's Step class was really packed tonight. After finishing the class my legs was a bit tired compared to my body which was still OK. Continued with Sue's class. It's her last class for this year and we will be seeing her after new year. Class wasn't that tough compared to previous ones. But still a good work out.

Combat class was super packed tonight with some new members attending. CP, BQ and QQ was around to joined too. A real energetic class if I might say so myself. I guess everyone just need to release some tension from work. Chat with Master T and the rest for a while before headed to shower and went home. No minum session for me tonight as I need to get ready for tomorrow's trip. Still considering whether to drop by the Branded Sport Sales tomorrow before heading down. But I heard it's organized from RSH, so don't put such high hope into it.

  1. Apache Rock Bottom / Somebody Told Me
  2. Beat It
  3. Fly Away
  4. We Will Survive
  5. Dead Ringer For Love
  6. Behind The Cow
  7. Check Your Head
  8. Heartbeatz
  9. Bounce/Shake/Move/Stop!
  10. Now We Are Free

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