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Wednesday, December 24

Pre-X'mas Dinner Pt.1

This is my first pre-x'mas dinner for the week. There is still some dinners on the way this week till next month. The original place was supposed to be the restaurant opposite Laundry (forgot the name) but most of my friends gave me some negative feedback, so I'd changed it to Bavarian at the last minute. Since I wanted to try out the place so much, so might as well take this opportunity and whack it. lol~!

It was a long dinner as we were there around 9pm and waited all to arrived at 10pm. The kitchen close at quarter to 11. So we quickly order and wait for the food to come. I was really hungry the whole night waiting for my sausages to come. We all had a long chat and all while waiting. The place doesn't look like 10pm at all with the crowd coming in and all. Well maybe it's happy hour and it's close to X'mas?

So this is what I bought. So cool right? lol~! Any guess what's this?

Dinner was good and we ended with some gift exchange. Surprisingly I got Romiko's gift and she got mine. Call it fate or whatever you want. But we were that destine. lol~!!! So this is what she bought. Yes, it's a sushi head solar powered toy. kekeke~!

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