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Thursday, December 25

X'mas Luncheon @ Banquet

I woke up quire early this morning to upload some pictures and update my blog. Why so early? As we have another luncheon going on later at noon. I can still feel the pasta inside my tummy this morning and now I am going out to eat again. I am so gonna work my ass off next year. But like I always say, eat hard, work harder. So venue is Banquet at Bangsar Village. My first visit over this new shopping mall.

Thanx to Wanie who organized this gathering for all of us. The ladies were gorgeous as always.

And the man were handsome as usual.

My girl and me, well what more can I say, we're made for each other I know. lol~! But we do look nice together right?

And finally the whole gang after the gift exchange ceremony. Everyone was satisfied with their gifts. Food was satisfactory and we had a laugh during the whole meal. It was quite chaotic when you let all of us on the same table. I can still feel the food right now as I am writing this in tummy. Yes, it was that much of food which we all had. Well at least for me.

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