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Sunday, January 18

Body Pump 69 Sizzler

BODYPUMP® 69 is a strong, intense release that you’re going to learn fast and have fun with! The music is pumping with awesome tracks from Fall Out Boy, Pink and Rihanna, motivating you to really challenge yourself – and your class. The squats track is tough but, as the song suggests, it really gets the party started! There are three blocks of work and in each block the legs are pre-fatigued with bottom halves before the singles.

The chest track is short, simple and hard. Fall Out Boy’s rocking track I Don’t Care provides the momentum needed to get through more killer bottom halves before you start the good, honest, back work in track 4. It’s a classic track with three sets of identical work.

Pink’s huge hit So What ensures the biceps track is oozing attitude – this song is definitely the fun peak of this release! It’s another short, intense track but you’ll feel the burn in the bottom halves. There’s a new move in the lunges track – the three quarters squat. Coming up threequarters of the way in the squats means the load is kept on the leg muscles and boy, does it hurt!

And there’s no relenting of the pain in the massive shoulders track which features two supersets. You do three exercises back-to-back to challenge the shoulders in a slightly different way. Don’t be fooled with the cool feel of Kid Rock’s All Summer Long in the abdominals track as there’s a strong core challenge ahead, before you catch your breath and cool down to the smooth sounds of Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down.

And here are the complete track list for the new release:-

01. Better In Time - Jamie Knight
02. Get This Party Started - Dan Winter
03. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy
04. Castles In The Sky - Liz Kay
05. Shut Up & Drive - Rihanna
06. So What - Pink
07. Stand Alone - Dyce
08. All I Ever Wanted - Basshunter
09. All Summer Long - Kid Rock
10. Let Me Be Myself - 3 Doors Down

Source: Thanx Glen for the review on the new release again.

4 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

songs are pretty sucky as usual.
Get this Party started Squat-Was in tricep, awful, this one worse.
I Don't Care Chest - Enough of Rock Songs!
Castles In The Sky Back-Lovely Lunge, why remake!!!
Shut up n Drive Tri - Now, Glen, SHUT UP!
So What Bicep-Another Pink! C'mon!
Stand Alone Lunge - Falling asleep....zzzzzzzz
All I Ever Wanted SHoulder - All I ever wanted are the good oldies, not trash.
All Summer Long - Can't wait to get through the session and leave
Let Me Be Myself Cool Down -Thank God it's all over!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

You were there during the DVD filming? You knew Glen too? lol~!

Aleximon 2.0 said...

haih....the song is so boring....

BaBy OcTopUs said...

A lot of familiar songs but with different remix. So just cross your fingers that the remixes is better or at least on par with the current one.

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