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Saturday, January 31

Day Out With The Birthday Boy

Woke up quite late today and called up my friend confirming our lunch appointment today. Drove over to Ken's house while waiting for Aldred to come over. Initial plan was to have our brunch at some dim sum shop at Desa Petaling but ended up at The Ming Room at BSC but the place was packed. Encountered a funny scenario again, let me recollect the scene.

Women: Do you have a table for 3?
Waitress: Yes, outside the corridor.
Women: WHAT?? (mad and surprised) We're paying premiums here for the food and service and you want us to sit at the corridor. You thought we're having lunch at some Kopitiam is it? (while looking at the gentleman next to him).

We had the same thought but we didn't speak it out loud like she did. But customer had their right to speak out their piece of mind, so I can't blame her entirely. Try our luck at the new Grand Imperial Restaurant. And it's too were full. Who said economy was slumping? So at the end we settled down at La Bodega. It was a good lunch while we catch up with each other. Did some window shopping before heading back to Ken's house.

On the way home, we stop by a stall selling roasted duck and bought half a duck. I guess the duck is the gift for Ken this year. lol~! Damn syiok~! I know it's fattening and very poisonous but it's so juicy and good. Finished off and went home to rest. But my head got better of me and I am on a 24 drama marathon for 5 hours. Skipped dinner again. Hopefully I can still wake up tomorrow for gym.

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