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Thursday, January 15

Now You Know Why It Happens

There's always something funny happening around us. Your work place, restaurants, cafes, gym and for me it happened in a bank. I had just collected my claim for the month and was depositing it into my account. So here's the scenario. I was double parking outside the as it was a busy area. So you can imagine me limping over to the bank quickly behind the someone honk on me.

So while I was queuing up to bank in the cheque, I saw something funny or rather weird. There was this guy in front of me trying to bank in some cheques. He was punching the account numbers and the amount and finally when it was time to slip in the cheque something happened or rather something didn't. I heard this beep beep sound coming out and an error on the screen. He didn't really know what was happening. But I noticed that the cheque was not going in entirely.

So I pointed to him that something was wrong with the cheque. And when he finally managed to get the cheque back out, I noticed that the orientation of the cheque was wrong when he inserted it in. And hence the machine was not accepting it. So what happened next? The whole machine hang. OMG~!!! Now I know why there were so many machines being 'offline' all the time. And the funny part was, he didn't know that it was his action that caused this problem. And he was complaining to me that the machine hang. Duh~!!!! So I went to the next machine and quickly made my deposit and finished in less than 1 minute.

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