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Friday, January 30

KL One Day Trip

I had promised my friend for a day in KL with some of the best food through out the day. So we started the day with dim sum at Damansara Utama. Food was good and we left for KL around 10am. Reached Sg. Wang and had a walk from Sg. Wang to Pavilion and back. What a long walk we had. Drove to Kuchai for Tian Hong char siew but they haven't started operation yet. So drove to Happy Garden for Kum Kee char siew but they too are not open. Who said that the economy is not good?

I am determine to find a good place to makan for my friend. So decided to try my luck at Jalan 17 for Tua Huat's Loh Mee but they too are closed~! Head ache~!! Finally decided to go makan at Seksyen 17's Thai Fried Rice. This is one of the best Thai fried rice I had. I had been eating here for close to 7 years. Went over Digital Mall to get some stuff before heading back home. Suddenly remembered that I was supposed to have yoga class tonight at Summit.

So quickly changed and drove over to joined Jean's yoga class. Surprisingly it was almost full. Finished the class and roamed around Summit as usual waiting or Master T's class. Jam class was canceled at the last minute so we started a bit early with some new members. So we did some low impact tracks. Finished off the class and have a long chat with Master T and Jac before heading to Taipan for minum session. Got home and I was damn tired but managed to watched a few episodes of 24 before calling it a day at 3am.

  1. Stuck On You
  2. Livin On A Prayer
  3. Luv U More
  4. Jigga Jigga
  5. Power of Love
  6. Maniac 2002
  7. Fight
  8. Back In The U.K
  9. Stop The Rock
  10. When Love & Hate Collide

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