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Thursday, January 29

CNY Cameron Highland Roundezvous

Woke up on the second day of CNY and drove back to KL to pick up my babe. But not before visiting one of my friend's house and getting some red packets. Took my close to 3 hours to reach Banting town around 8pm to arrive. Had late dinner and before the end of the night, got myself into my babe's family trip up Cameron Highlands. OMG, what had I got myself into now.

So the next day, all of us had breakfast before starting our journey up North. Had a stop in Tapah R&R while waiting for the rest of the convoy (4 cars). I used the old road whereas the rest used the new one entering from Simpang Pulai. As I thought, I was the first to make it up the hill. Waited for the rest to arrived and checked into our hotel. Damn this is one hell of a good hotel that we found last night online. It's called Titiwangsa Hotel. RM400 nett for one family suite. It had two separate rooms with living rooms with two queen size bed and one single. 3 bathrooms and 2 TVs. And it's only 15m walk from Brinchang town. Sweet~!

So the rest of the day was filled with hopping around from one place to another looking for souvenirs and fresh vegetables. At the end of the day, we had our steamboat in house and walk to the night market at Brichang town before finishing up the end of the night with Karaoke session in the hotel. Yes, you heard me right, it's karaoke session for all of us. Damn havoc with the kids shouting and all but it was really a nice day. Tiring but enjoyable day.

Woke up the next day (Wednesday) and had our breakfast and checking out of the hotel. Before checking out, they decided to gamble a bit in the room. Well what is CNY without some little bit of gambling right? I just watched as usual as I don't gamble that much. Finished everything and off we go to the rest of the stalls and shops for last minute shopping and all.

This is one of the farm which we went to which grows Sai Yong Choy. Nothing special but since we're from the city and never really did went to the farm before, it's a new thing for me. lol~! Managed to got down the hill around 6pm and decided to go Ipoh for some Kuey Teow soup. OMG~! And we're rushing for dinner at Banting later on. So off we go to Ipoh for some local food.

It was quite jam at the restaurant with a lot of visitors from out of town. But managed to get a place and finished off our meal there. Started our journey around 7pm and finally managed to reach Klang at 10.30pm. There were a lot of cars on the highway that night. Jam for a while and rain in between the journey. Had some stop but luckily her aunt was a good driver and we managed to swift pass through all the cars safely. Rest early (3am) as I got some appointments lining for me few hours later. And here we go again~!

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