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Saturday, January 17

From Dusk Till Dawn

Woke up really early this morning as I was planning to go to the DKSH warehouse sales. Managed to drag my babe out of the bed and go with me. Arrived around 9am and people were already leaving with bags of stuff they bought. The funny thing was the banner wrote 9.30am. But I have past experience on this sales so I went early this time. Managed to grab some toothpaste, instant coffee, facial wash among other stuff. This time around there were more items to offer compared to the previous I went.

Finished shopping and went to Romiko's sister new house at Sentul. Her two niece are so cute. Spent the whole afternoon over there and left around 2pm. Decided to go shopping for a pillow and instead bought a whole bunch of other stuff from Sg.Wang. My babe got herself a whole set of new wardrobe from tip to top. This is what we call compulsive shopper. lol~!!! We left around 6pm and gt stuck in the car park for almost 30minutes or more due to the jam outside. Stupid stupid jam. Went for dinner at Soo Kee Restaurant at Medan Imbi.

Got home and brother called saying that he's on his way over with my dad for dinner. Head spinning. But I can't say NO to my Dad, can I? So I suggested to go Damansara Hokkien Mee and ordered Hokkien Mee (what else do you think) and Peking Duck. Don't really ate any as I was still full with the previous dinner at KL. Super tired right now and tomorrow still have a whole day of appointments to attend and stuff to do. I need rest.

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