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Thursday, February 12

Lost Boy Pt.1

I arrived in J.B yesterday and usual finish up my appointments and went to check into the hotel. I was quite proud of myself as I managed to find most of the places with out any help or maps. Like I said, my sense of direction is really good. Or so I thought. Bath and changed before heading out for dinner and some window shopping.

Finished my shopping at Holiday Plaza and decided to go somewhere else as it's still early. So drove over to Woodlands and saw this place called Johor Bahru City Square. Sounds cool and decided to have a scout. Park my car and managed to find what I was looking for in there. Had my dinner inside which was really a bad choice. Nevermind, since it's just dinner so it's time to head back to the hotel. Now here's the fun part started.

Was exiting the plaza into the main road. Saw few sign boards (i.e Woodlands, Kota Tinggi, Pusat Bandar and Skudai). Which sign do I follow? I can actually see my hotel from where I am at that time. I guess it's just less than 5 km away. But to cut the story short, I managed to get myself lost and ended up at Tampoi which was 10 of kilometres away. Passed by the whole seaside avenue but I did found out where is Danga Bay by now. I think that is the only upside of the whole getting lost scenario. Managed to get back to where I started the whole journey which was the City Square, TWICE. Yes, I was that lost. Finally managed to get back to the raod I am familiar with and were back to my hotel after 35mins although in reality it would only take 5 mins. Finger cross~!!

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