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Monday, February 9

Happy Chinese V-Day Dinner

This year like any other year, I had celebrated my last day of CNY at my aunt's house with the rest of my spouse. Dinner at my aunt house is nothing less exciting with the delicious food that both my mom and aunt cooked up each year. So I had kept my tummy empty since lunch for the dinner.

This is the Char Siew and Siew Yuk from Loong Kei at OUG. I guess everyone should recognized this name if they are living nearby or even far away. It's a local name overhere. Although the pork was bought early this afternoon but it's still that crispy and juicy.

Loong Kei is not just famous for their pork but rather their Roast Duck. They haven't stop operating since the 30th of CNY. So they will start their rest from tomorrow onwards. Yes, business was that good.

This is fresh water prawns in spicy sauce. The sauce was bought by one of my uncle in Semenyih. The shop is famous for their chilly and other type of sauce. It's very spicy and sour too. So it's suitable to go with steam fish or prawns. Delicious.

This is another definitely return each year, my uncle's specialty fried chicken. No preservayive and other artificial ingredients. Just the way they cook it way back in the 70s.

What is dinner without some green. Here we have the all time favourite Mixed Culiflower & Brocolli with button mushroom. This is definitely an all round favourite vegetable. Cooked with less salt and oil. The healthy way.

OK, this is the Acar that the neightbour at the back share with us all. I am not an Acar lover so I am not sure what is the taste. But from the feedback, it was really nice.

Last but not least, we have the Stewed Chicken Leg with Mushroom. This is another favourite dish by my family. I just taste the musroom as I am not a chicken feet lover. But it's really nice as it is one of my mom's specialty dish.

Dinner was really filling as we had those on top and more for two table. My cousin had also prepared a lot of dessert and also herbal teas. My short was all tight at the end of the dinner. My gosh, I ate a lot during this weekend. Back to the GX classes next week. Like I always say, the more I eat, the harder I work.

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