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Saturday, February 28

Stupid Stupid Jam

I can't imagined those people who stuck in the jam each and everyday for hours in the morning going to work. Oh wait, I have. And two days in a row. OMFG!! Last Thursday I was stuck in the jam for one hour. It was from Kinrara to Menara Axis using Old Klang road. So on Friday we thought that we came out half and hour early to beat the jam. But we were stuck in the jam for one and a half hour. WTF??!!!! I can really FEEL the tension and also frustration of my friends now. But luckily my work hour is quite flexible and I wasn't in a hurry. But still the feeling of being stuck in the car for hours. Stupid fark~!!!

Thought to skipped step class as I am doing too much cardio classes and there was a bit of pain on my left ankle. So waited for K-Bear's pump class and placed my board at the back. Must low profile now days. LOL! No worries, you can still hear me singing at the back dear. It was a good work out as usual. Continued with combat which was really funny as all of us was really having fun mocking each other. LOL! Chat and bath before headed to our usual hang out spot and continued our gossiping, I mean networking. Got home and continued my drama till 3am. Nice!

  1. If I Were You
  2. Guitar Damage
  3. Fly Away
  4. We Will Survive
  5. Crash The Wedding
  6. Vogue
  7. Shake
  8. Heartbeatz
  9. Let's Get It Going On
  10. Breath Easy

8 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

I will back soon !

K bear said...

Track 3 is fly away! And track 6 is vogue! My dear

Little Princess said...

One more minor mistake.. Track 4 is We Will Survive :P

Little Princess said...

So.. any good deal from Tang's? I heard that Burberry The Beat is selling at a very cheap price.

I got mine at RM200 for a biggest bottle in HK; whereas Msia was selling around RM300 that time. It's still kept in my drawer and sealed.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

K-Bear/LP: OMG~! Don't know what I was thinking while writing this in the morning. Just woke up and pakai hentam only. haha!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LP: Yes, Tang's got lots of good bargain. Romiko got a Puma dryFit at a 80% discount so it's only RM20+ only. She bought a lot of stuff. haha!

Little Princess said...

Wow.. only RM20++, very affordable la. I have one Puma USP tank top which costs me RM100, damn!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I think should be the same top as the normal selling price is around RM100+.

Thought to get their shorts also. also 60% less, but seemed too short for me. haha!!! Cause can only wear for pump class only.

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