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Sunday, March 29

Boosting The Econony Pt.2

It was after my house hunting @ Kemuning that we decided to drop by Pyramid to get some beach wear for our coming Krabi trip. So as we're searching around for some good swim suits, as usual we drop by Nike and Adidas for a peek as they are having some sales. Babe got herself another pants for gym and I got myself a new T. Thanx dear for the shirt. Continued with our venture into Jusco and finally got myself two sets of beach shorts and another T-shirt. OMG, I am spending too much but it's so darn cheap. After close to 4 hours of shopping, babe still haven't decided on her swim wear. At the end we decided to call it a day or else we be shopping till dinner. Had dinner at Bellygood and got home and rest. Got some supplements for my mom at Guardian warehouse sales earlier today. What a bargain, Efamol's EPO + Fish Oil for only RM 24 per bottle of 300 caps. Money spent but for the sake of my mom's health, you can't put a price tag on that.

Woke up early and spent 4 hours waiting for my babe at the saloon doing her hair. What a long day. After she's done, went to Guardian warehouse sales again to get check if their Glucosamine and their Pamelo Seed had arrived or not. The good lady was so nice to ask me to leave her my number so that she can call me when it arrive. What do you think, I had spent almost close to RM 400 at her stall. Had early dinner and went home but bro called as he wanted to get himself a sunglasses at the warehouse. So went again with bro and he managed to get himself a sunglasses at the end. Babe bought some supplements for her mom and dog. Had dinner again with bro and since I had packed the roast duck earlier, so we had Loh Mee & Fried Rice @ Tua Huat with Roast Duck from Loong Foong. Luckily the lady boss allowed us to bring in the food and ate it. Sent my babe back KBT and pack my stuff for tomorrow's class. What a long day I had.

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