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Monday, March 9

Coco's Back

Finally after almost 1 week of disappearing, Coco is finally back. I had searched high and low from back lanes to houses to back alleys but I couldn't locate this silly cat. We (babe, housemates) were really giving up hope. As we thought that someone had capture Coco and lock him up some place. But at the least expected time while me and my babe were watching our drama around 12midnight this morning, I heard a very familiar sound. It's Coco's necklace bell. I quickly leap off my bed and rushed out to the main door and saw Coco running in while crying (sounded really like crying) and rush to his bed. He was munching on his cat food like he's not eaten anything for weeks. So we poured in another full bowl and he finished it too.

Gave him one can of cat tuna and he finished it too. One thing for sure, he is very hungry and was purring (like crying) all the while. We were all very happy and glad that Coco is back. Gonna lock him up in the house for at least 3 days before deciding whether to let him out again or not. Gave him a bath today and he is all manja the whole day with us. I think someone drop him off some where far away and he traced his way back here and was really really hungry and miss us all. But the most important thing is that, he is safe and back with us all. Silly cat~!

4 Octopus:

Sweeie said...

It breaks your heart when the dearest pet was gone with his round-the-world trip right? I can feel you!! Cant imangine if either one of my girls went missing!

Nevertheless, cats always find their way home...

Better make sure your keep an eye on Coco! =)

Anonymous said...

Good to hear your pet found its way home.
Wah.... Coco very smart oso... Come back on a PH .... haha!

Terror ... can finish 3portions in one go :))


BaBy OcTopUs said...

He still kept on purring up and down as he wanted to go out. I still want to quarantine him till further notice. LOL!!

Cats are like dogs I guess, they will always find their way home. :)

You too, take care of your two girls. Maybe one day can bring my Tiger over to play with your girls. LOL!!! Yes, he's not afraid of dogs.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

LGM: Yes, I think he knows that we're all at home. As I was most of the time not at home last 2 weeks and away out station. So maybe he got bored and started on a long long journey. LOL!!

But thanx for the wishes~!

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