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Wednesday, March 25

Home Loan

It was around 8.15am this morning when my alarm sounded and I can still hear the rain outside my house. Oh, what a good night sleep. Why am I still sleeping? Well this is because I have an appointment at Shah Alam later this morning at 10.30am. So I can still slumber on my bed till 9.30am before waking up and get ready. The rain isn't that heavy anymore so I slowly drive to my destination and finish up before noon. Head back to the office and had lunch with my colleague. Appointment with KNSQ @ Jaya One today to discuss some stuff on home loan. Thanx again dear for your time and info. Will definitely give you a ring when I had decided on anything.

I was initially not going to gym tonight as someone told me that Sue P and Master T is not teaching. But I had some last minute news that Sue P is going to teach tonight and some guy name Loh is replacing Master T. Well what the heck, since everyone is going. So pack my stuff and drove to Consplant as usual for Brian's Step class. I was so energetic during the warm up first 3 tracks but I it was totally 180 degree change during the forth track. I don't know why? I was really bored, demotivated and wasn't concentrating at all. PMS? LOL!!! But managed to finish off the class at the end.

Continued with Sue P's class and decided to increased my weight for the night. But was worried of my form tonight. What the heck, just whack it lar. So I increased on the warm up, squats, back, lunges, shoulder and biceps. Yes, I used weight during lunges. Like K-Bear said, it's not a long track and it's not that hard. Finally it's the new guy, Loh time to teach Body Combat. What do I think overall? His ques wasn't on the spot (well according to LP) but I didn't follow much as I just do based on my memory. Motivation is there but lack power in the punches as I can see that he his punches and cross was very fake. LOL!!! Nevertheless, all the chore was done right, if I remembered correctly. So it wasn't a bad class. Finished up and had minum session and had a long talk later when QQ joined us. What a good topic to share right? LOL!! Will definitely have a part 2 on it.

Weights: Warm up: 6kgs, Squats: 15kgs; Chest: 8.5kgs; Back: 11kgs; Triceps: 6kgs; Biceps: 6kgs; Shoulders; Press On The Bar with 6kgs; Lunges: 6kgs

2 Octopus:

Guan Teck said...

Oh My God! if i didn't said cabut, it will still continue until the old taste close the topic still no yet finish loh.....

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I think I am the one who say balik rumah la FP. LOL!! Ya la, still continue with "that" topic. LOL!!!

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