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Saturday, March 28

House Hunting @ Kota Kemuning

I was out house hunting after lunch at Kota Kemuning. Roamed around SOS area but most of the houses were either sold out or corner lots. There were a lot of unoccupied houses but without any sign of selling or anything. Called up a real estate agent and managed to meet up with one of the agent and check out the new place called Indah Elite and Residences.

This is the Indah Residences design which is in the second phase now. First phase sadly to say is sold out except for some end lots and corner. Selling price starts from RM305,000. Second phase starts from RM353,000 and will be completed next year August. I saw the show house for the phase 1 and was quite impressed with it. Although it's not as amazing comparing with the one at Putra Prima but it's still better than the others. As the design was very modern.

This is the earlier phase which is called Indah Elite which consist of Phase 1 & 2. Phase 2 starting price is RM298,00 but the real estate is asking for RM 357,000 for the ready units, damn it~! Might as well I get the new Indah Residences II. End of the day I am still deciding as RM 350K for a house is a bit to difficult for me alone to support. So I am still open for opinons out there, anyone got any good property to introduce?

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