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Saturday, March 28

I Survived Body Balance 44 @ Consplant

OK OK, for those who were there, I didn't really do the whole Body Balance 44 but rather a sizzler of a few tracks from it. Well let me start from the beginning before getting into that. Arrived early as usual and saw JJ doing his usual class in his bling bling shirt last night. If the lighting is bright enough, I guess you can get blinded by his shirt. LOL!! Started the class of the night with K-Bear's pump class. Wow~ ! Full house! Hence I was force to set my bench right in front of her, yet again. LOL!! As promised I had increased my weights again last night for most of the tracks. Luckily my legs wasn't tired from the previous night RPM class.

We all continued with Body Combat after the heavy lifting session. My elbow as usual was a bit sore even before the class. But I still continued with the class as my presence was 'needed' in the class. LOL! Still can't get the conditioning chore right although it's my 4th class already. Head ache. So after the class, K-Bear wanna shared some moves from the new Body Balance 44 with me. What the heck, I was up to anything from BB. LOL!! It was quite tough for the abs track and the standing strength wasn't that bad too. So can considered that I had survived Body Balance 44 too. Sweet~!!!

2 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

4th class combat u enter, I havent enter !!!, I almost out from Combat liao!

Body Balance 44 a bit tough, 1st time enter it, sweat sweat sweat ! Some of the move quite funny!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Nvm la, BC 39 OK onli nia. Nothing special except Track 7. Kekeke!

BB 44 still OK la. Like the abs track as it's quite tough. :)

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