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Sunday, March 15

My Segamat Trip

It was Friday evening when I started my journey down to Segamat. Equipped with my GPS and 3 pretty girls in my car we started our journey and reached around 6pm. Freshen up in the house Eva rented for us before headed for dinner with the family members. Food was quite disappointing hence, I won't be blogging bout it. We didn't have much to do on the first night but just chatting with each other on tomorrow plans.

Woke up early morning thought of trying out the best Wanton Noodle in Segamat, Yik Kee but it's too early and they haven't started business yet. Hence, tried another stall called Cheong Yik Kee and it was really plain. Started to get dress and prepare all the stuff to be played on the
'Heng Tais'. Yes, I am part of the 'Chee Muis'. LOL~!!! The Heng Tais was really sporting and managed to finished off most of the games. So all of us went to the groom's house afterwards. Quickly came out after that to try out this famous Bak Kut Teh place Jess was talking about. Please see my post later. Dinner starts at 7.30pm as people there are very punctual. Dinner ends around 10pm and we all headed home to rest.

Woke up early to try out the famous kopitiam stall called Nan Yang. Damn it was pack but the most of the bride's family members was there and we managed to get a table when we arrived. It's their custom to go for second after Nan Yang. So off we go to Yik Kee for their Wanton Noodle. Yes~!! What a sight! We had 8 tables combined together for all of us. There were at least 30 plates of Wanton Noodle on the table. It was so noisy all of us were talking and laughing bout everything. Started off my journey back around 11.30am and reached at 2pm. Sent Jess & Priss back to home before headed to Putra Prima to look at the new launch house. I was really amazed and satisfied with the design and package. But location is a major factor. Drop by my bro's house to have a discussion with him on this. Had late lunch with them and check out another property at Kinrara before heading home. Damn the rain was so heavy just now. Gonna rest early as I am so damn exhausted from all the driving.

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Anonymous said...

U really know how to BULLSHIT hor! kakakakaa

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Everyone know how to BULLSHIT one la, js how beautiful u bull only ma. LOL!!!

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