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Thursday, March 12

Travel, Travel, Travel

Finally booked the tickets for my trip with babe to Krabi this coming May. Quite a bargain as the flight tickets were less then RM200/pax. We'll be staying at this 4 star resort called Krabi La Playa. Heard from my housemate that the place is quite convenient and sort of happening too. 4 days 3 nights tour inclusive of accommodation, breakfast, return airport transport, free city tour and tasting their famous duck noodle. I think we got the price for the coming MATTA fair. Just saw the rate for Hong Kong and Bali just now from my housemate. Very interesting, Hong Kong & ShenZhen 7 days 6 night for less then RM800. I love travelling when we got the best deal in town. LOL!!!

Didn't managed to joined Jean's Yoga tonight as I left my office at 6pm. Sky was dark, rain was pouring down like cats and dogs. Got stuck in a jam from Eastin Hotel till BU tol, but at the end I managed to reach Summit on time. Was fooling around with my new gadget's GPS on the way to Summit. Damn it's so cool~! Master T was a bit late tonight and heck we did some really old tracks tonight. As I was about to pay my parking ticket just now, I realized that it's not in my pocket. WTF~! Search high and low and finally rush back to the gym and locker room. No luck! Fark! When I was about to leave a nice guy walk up to me and said, "Looking for this?" Hell yeah~! It was my parking ticket. He saw the ticket next to the mirror in the locker. Suddenly felt so lucky tonight.

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  7. Let The Beat Control Your Body
  8. Welcome To The Black Parade
  9. Not Gonna Get Us
  10. Breath Easy

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