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Monday, April 27

Another Manic Monday

Monday will always be that busy for me. Finished my meeting in the morning and quickly finish off my proposal and replying all my emails. Have lunch with colleague before heading off to KL for my appointment. After rapping up the meeting I need to rush over to North Point to collect the MacBook from my bro's office. Zee wanted to meet up with me over at Midvalley but I was rushing this afternoon but we still managed to bump into each other when I am walking towards North Point. What a small world. My bro's office is in North Point and I accidentally park my car in The Gardens, so I need to walk so far over. At the moment I am carrying my own notebook and my sis's iBook so you can imagine how difficult it is walking so far with two notebook.

But that is not the end, after grabbing the MacBook from my bro's office, I need to carrying an additional notebook back to my car. OMG~! 3 notebooks. Damn heavy and the distance was so far. Quickly rush over to TC for Riyo's Step class. Luckily class wasn't that pack tonight. But I am position behind the pillar so I didn't really saw Riyo in front. Sigh~! Changed my shoe and rush to sign up for RPM class. It was a full class and I just realized that we need to follow the position of the bike rather then the number on it. Darn~! Class was really tough tonight. Legs were so weak and tired but still managed to climb up the stairs and changed my shoe again for Combat class. Tracks was totally from Body Combat 38 (mostly). And I think Malaysian Idol's singing is getting better as he can memorized the lyrics more nowadays. LOL! I just realized that I placed 3 notebooks at the back of my car during the whole class. haha!

  1. Writing On The Wall / Because The Night
  2. Try It Again
  3. Like I Feel
  4. Headbangerz / Cold As Ice
  5. Elevator (it was supposed to be The Best Damn Thing but I request for a changed)
  6. No Good
  7. Raver's Paradise
  8. What Hurt The Most
  9. Here I Come
  10. In The Air Tonight (really getting board of this song)

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