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Thursday, April 30

Driving Without A License

Got a text from QQ that she wanted to join me to go for the Nike Warehouse this morning. Actually I was quite rushing this morning as I totally forgot that there is a sales meeting between me and my manager. Gosh~! Luckily it finished early and managed to settled most of my work before leaving. Reach around 11.10 am and people were already inside searching high and low for what the place had to offer. We quickly walk over to the shoe section but was quite disappointed as there is not much choices (or at least the one we fond of) which is being displayed. But I managed to get myself a Nike Pro, Nike Free for my niece and a wrist band for myself. Saw some instructors and members while we were there too. But it was a bit disappointing as the stuff wasn't that cheap and not much choices too. Sigh~! 

As I was walking to Subang Parade for some window shopping before the class, I suddenly found out that my driving license had expired since 29th April. OMG~! I had been driving without a license for two days already. So I don't think I'll be driving down Penang tomorrow unless someone gonna bail me out from jail when the police found out that I am driving without a valid license. LOL!! Tonight, as usual, joined both Cindy's pump class and also QQ's RPM. QQ's class was extremely power tonight. Well mostly cause all of us is shouting our lung off after track 3. LOL!! It was really tough as I followed what I learnt yesterday night and increased my resistance. Damn~! I think I work extra hard tonight from the pool of sweat I saw below me at the end of the class.  Didn't go for minum tonight as all of us wanted to get an early rest for tomorrow's trip. Can imagine all those Char Kuey Teow, Asam Laksa, Cendol and etc that we're all gonna have on this makan trip. Kekeke!

3 Octopus:

TTB said...

LOL. But trust me, "someone" drove without a license even LONGER than you hehe... luckily they don't have this rule saying that driving licenses cannot be renewed if expired more than... months. :p

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I think there is a rule that states that you need to redo your driving test if it's expired more than 3 months is it? I am not sure too. kekeke! That 'someone' I know?? hehe!

TTB said...

That "someone" you know had driving license expired for months. But no need to redo test :D

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