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Sunday, April 5

House Hunting Pt.2

Woke up early as usual and suddenly had the craving for some good nasi lemak. So drove over SS2 and luckily it wasn't the queue wasn't that long that morning. Saw someone from gym and he was with his baby and wife. Finish my breakfast and started my house hunting session with my bro. Decided to go over Setia Alam to check out some sub-sales units. Saw a few units but I am not that interested on it. Drove over Kemuning Utama to check out the house again with my bro. They are very interested on the design and the location. Had late lunch around 4pm at SS15. I still think the quality of BKT over here had deteriorated.

Got a text from ex-colleague for dinner and a new place for dessert in Kepong. Pick up Calvin and meet up with Terrence along the way. Steamboat was nice and we had a long laugh during the dinner. Continued with our dessert after that. My colleague actually got to know this place from Ho Chiak. The place is called Dessert Brother and we had ordered a lot of dessert to share among each other to test all of it. Very nice. Definitely going back for a second.

Woke up early again as I had a lunch appointment with my bro. We had an appointment with another real estate agent at Puchong. The house that we're gonna check out today is Puchong Hartamas. But it wasn't that attractive. Bad thing about sub-sales is that I am not able to enjoy the free MOT and also S&P fees from the developer but most of all the houses are so badly maintain or rather not maintain at all.

Discussed with bro and both of us are quite interested in the Kemuning Utama property. Recommended the location to Master T and he too agreed with me on this. Had a drink with him and exchanged some ideas of the property. Really gonna have a serious thought on this property. But buying a house is not like buying some vegetable, so really need to calculate and look at the future value and all. Plans are made and hopefully all will fall into place very soon.

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Little Princess said...

Wow.. i will have so many friends staying around me in the future. I have 2 ex-colleagues also bought a house in Kota Kemuning. Haha~!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Cause I saw they are already building the road connecting to the exit from your side to KESAS. So from the other side, we don't need to pass the two traffic light.

So if we buy now, it's more commercially advantage to us as I think the price will rose once they had completed the shortcut. :)

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