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Wednesday, April 8

Having A Drink With An Old Friend

Got an invitation from an old friend for happy hour today. Well since I have time to spare, why not. Since I am quite nearby Bangsar as I'd just left the KWSP building. Parking always an arse over at Telawi. Finally found a spot next to EON Bank. Damn far from La Bodega (if you know the place). But since he's buying, I am OK with it. LOL! It's been years since my last visit to La Bodega @ Jalan Telawi. My last visit to La Bodega is with the same friend few months back at BSC. What a small world. 3.30pm and we're both having our pint of Hoegaarden chatting and laughing ourselves off. Something or someone is missing, called Ken and off he came to join us later on. It's nice catching up with some old friends having some beers and enjoying ourselves.

Looked at the time and it's almost 6.30pm and I left for Uptown as the RPM class starts at 7.30pm. My friend told me that the road heading towards PJ will be very jam later. Luckily I managed to reached Uptown around 7pm. Got a call from K-Bear while speeding over to Uptown. Aiya~ I still don't know the objective of you calling me. LOL! Damn it was having rain when I arrived so need to go to the basement and park inside. Walk in the gym and quickly get change. Studio in Uptown is a bit similar with The Curve but less bike. Anyway, it was a good workout. Sweat a lot and have tons of fun while doing it. Next round tomorrow at Consplant, although the same track, but to me it's still great.

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Objective is simple! To check whether you will be at consplant to ride together! But you are not... and Uptown toooooo Far....

So I went home... hehehe

BaBy OcTopUs said...

If you really wanna ride together should come over Uptown. Consplant just me and you only and you need a lot of space to ride .. opss .. i mean we need a lot of space. LOL!!

So at the end you went home! KNS!

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