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Monday, May 25

Back To Myself

My first back to back classes since my long holiday. And I was thinking about holding back on my first step class but then I thought, what the heck~! Just max it out and sweat it off. Totally love the first track we did Tribal Dance for the final power track. What a way to finish off the class. RPM class was pack tonight. Track 5 was especially tough with 4 sets of standing attack mix with sitting climb and then to aero-race. But it was really a powerful and intense class as I sweat so much. Well that is what I came here for. Continued with Master C class with BQ, Wanie and Cindy. Sifu and Co. was here again tonight. I think I am gonna see their faces quite often on Monday night. Just wanna shout out in here, Happy Birthday Master C and Thanx Wanie for your muffins. Gonna get home early to finish off my drama tonight. hehe!

  1. Ready 2 Go / Rock This Party
  2. We're Not Gonna Take It
  3. Angels Eye
  4. Jump That Rock
  5. You Can't Stop The Beat
  6. Stamp
  7. Hardcore Angel
  8. Believe In Me
  9. Church
  10. Red Warrior

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