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Wednesday, May 13

RPM Challenge

Finally I had joined Lilian's RPM Challenge class tonight. It was really a pain in the arse looking for a parking space tonight. But luckily I managed to get a spot right in front of the building. It was only 5.45pm but almost all the bikes had been booked. Luckily QQ arrived earlier and signed in for 3 of us (MD & BQ). So what is the different between a normal 50 minutes class and an one hour Challenge class? Well all I know is that there are another additional 2 more tracks for the challenge. Seemed like I was the only newbie on this Challenge class tonight.

Tracks was really tough even for the speed work. I am feeling that speed work are more difficult than mountain climb tracks. The speed work seemed so long tonight. Half way through while Lilian was calling out MD & BQ's name, she shouted my name too. How the hell did she know my name? Well only one suspect comes to my head. QQ found something wrong on my shoulders during the class. Hmm....need to look into that as I don't even realize it during the class. But I won't be here next week. Sigh~! So gonna try to fix it on tomorrow's class. Oh, another RPM class tomorrow. Ouch~!

PS: Is dolphins really that similar to sea lion? Well one of my friend think so. LOL!!

2 Octopus:

md said...

damn!! i'm like half dead yesterday!! luckily today is not RPM Challenge.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Nvm la bro. Slow slowly. Build Stamina ma .. kekeke! I am so panting also during the speed work. My gosh so loooong macam tak habis2 ... kakaka!

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