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Monday, June 15

Am I Picky? or Choosy?

I was speeding back from Melaka this evening and dropping by Bangi before heading to The Curve. Luckily managed to make it on time. Got my usual spot next to the pillar. Yup, I was rushing for the new Body Step 76 tonight and Riyo is leading the class with Ken M. shadowing. Riyo's attire was so bling bling tonight with Ken joining in. Totally like the shirt! So how was it? The warm up track In The Air + Twilight Zone was nice and there was a new step which is a cross over board tap (which I did wrongly and didn't even realized it). The last power track was so funky and powerful. Totally love the new release.

Continued with Herny's RPM new release class. As I did this release before last week at uptown, I had some idea what to expect. Hell I was wrong. I was totally exhausted from Track 5. I didn't realized it was that tough during the first time I did it. Maybe I over did it tonight as 'someone' advised me to add some more resistance after hearing my comment bout the new release. Or maybe I was just a bit tired from the first class and the rushing over. Anyway, walk out standing tall with body full of sweat. Heads up to the locker and grab my glove.

Next was Master C's Body Combat class. Surprisingly Malaysia Idol wasn't here tonight. I sensed that the class was a bit low without him shouting and singing. Missing him?? Don't think so!!! Managed to correct my chore for Track 6 this time around. And Yes bro, you got the hand correct this time. LOL!!! Finally got to try out the conditioning which was rumoured to be very tough. NO!!! Didn't even brake a sweat, well OK, maybe that was a bit too much. But it wasn't as tough as I though it would be. Push up was short and the Comodo move wasn't that tough but still I can felt a bit of tension on my shoulders at the end of the class. Cool down was nice with lots of katta.

So finally I walked out the class and saw Man Behind The Pillar tonight. He was asking me to join the class which I declined. Why? According to him, I was choosy and picky of the instructor. NO! I am just being Loyal!! LOL!! As Body Pump class requires good pre-cue by the instructors and I am not familiar with the new release yet. So it would be killing myself if the cue was late and not precise. Well you should know what I mean. So in a way I am picky of good instructors but not to the point of you accusing me of being prejudice. LOL!! But like I said, I will join your class without a doubt if you are the one who is teaching.

4 Octopus:

Aleximon 2.0 said...

if he saw what you right, he must happy till cant sleep lor

BaBy OcTopUs said...

no need to see lar, I told him already ... :O

Swee said...

Was it what he told you? Not what I heard tho' .... Hahaha... He must be missing so much la :p

BaBy OcTopUs said...

What he told me? Which part did you mean?

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