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Saturday, June 13

I Survived Body Combat 40 @ The Curve

It was really a pack day for me today. As I need to meet up with my family at Paramount to pay my down payment and having lunch with them afterward. After reaching home babe and me quickly pack as we need to reach The Curve earlier to get a locker as it was Miracle 09 today. Luckily I managed to get a locker thank to someone. Babe wanted to join Funky Line Dance with his friends. Damn it was so hot when we arrived. Luckily it slowly cool down as the day pass by. CP, LP and BQ arrived later. When I signed up for Body Combat, it was already 68 participants. At the end of the day, there were more than 100 people joining the launch.

I know Kung-Fu!!

The place was so darn pack and stuffy but we all had fun.

Taking a break for paparazzi session with babe.

The gang with Master T and Lilian after the launch.

Last but not least me with Master C and Master T after we're all showered and clean. LOL!!

So how was the launch? Let me recollect now. The launch was lead by Master T with a strong warm up with the tune of Layla by DJ U Hey vs DJ Minagawa and Hot n Cold by Katy Perry. I especially like Shitdisco's I Know Kung Fu in Track 2. The moves and the combine combo was new and nice to do. Not to mentioned the dramatic kung fu stance that goes with it. The moves were strong and the combo was superb. Master C took over for Track 3 and 4. Lot's of upper and speed ball for Track 3. I like the strong goth like sound of Track 4 but I can't say the same for the second half with lots of eskiva and jump kick.

Track 5 was a fun track being lead by Don from Thailand. It was lots of repetition of double jab and jump jab with hook and body ribs. Nickelback's Burn it to the ground in Track 6 was a powerful track. The chore was long and nice. Definitely not a conditioning track but rather a powerful one. Didn't like the Muay Tai track that much as the moves are quite simple and not much combos. Finishing off the last Power track with a recycle track from N-Trance's Set You Free. It was powerful and strong track to do. Didn't stayed back for conditioning and cool down as the space was limited.

After the launch we all walk around checking out the Tribe's Challenge but didn't stick back long enough to know who won. So I walk around while grabbing anyone I saw for picture session. Although we're all exhausted but we all did have lots of fun during this Miracle. But I think the crowd is getting smaller if compared to the previous one. Maybe FF need to do something bout this. Anyway, can't wait to do the new launch for Body Step tomorrow and also the rest of the week with the other classes. And once again, Happy 10th Birthday Body Combat. Fight On!!

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