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Tuesday, July 14

A Change Of Plan

Was sms-ing Master T this afternoon when he informed me that he will not be teaching tonight due to his sore throat condition. So I had asked BQ to checked online who is replacing and she told me it's some guy called Jayson. Never heard of the name before but I had some ideas in my head at that time. Got to gym and started with Brian's Body Step class. The crowd was rather little tonight but we had fun doing it. At that moment I had decided to join RPM and not Body Combat tonight. So after the class I quickly set up my board and bars and quickly ran into my locker to grab my car keys to my car to get my another shoe. Ran back up and quickly take my place.

While I was in the locker I saw Andy and by then I know Sue P. won't be here tonight. Whatever. I need the exercise and I had already set up all my stuff in the room. Damn it was so darn packed tonight. So during the Lunges track, I ran down together with Anthony and Wilson to queue up for RPM class. Got a bike and ran back up to continued with the Shoulder Track. Damn, he was doing Tribal Dance. Finished up the class and quickly changed my shoe and waited for the next class. It was my second time joining Brian's RPM class. Had requested a track from him in the locker last minute. Because The Night AGAIN for Track 7. LOL!!! What to do, the song got Ommph!!! I really push myself really hard tonight as it was the last class and I gave it my all. Sweat extra more tonight and it was so satisfying.

PS: For certain someone, me not joining BP class didn't necessary mean that I gained weight. I practically lose a lot since last time. :Þ

2 Octopus:

md said...

salute u lar bro!! super hardcore RPM-er..haha!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

we very ed hog one ma bro. I believe you will be doing the same thing also. lol~~~

the rest of the gang were lost in the BC class ler. haha! kesian them.

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