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Saturday, July 4

Pet World 2009 @ Midvalley

It was Saturday afternoon and I am queuing up for tickets with babe for the Pet World 2009 at Midvalley. Upon entering heard some one calling my name from a far. Oh my, it was Shane from gym. He told me that he was from the organizer of the show and from the DSLR he's holding I can guess that he's been appointed to shoot the pictures in the show.

Was really amazed with this fella who was holding his pet. Yes, it is a racoon. How rare can this sight be. Definitely worth a shot. But it was really hard taking one as the racoon was always moving around. Guess this is the best shot I had.

Saw this sad Doberman laying on the floor while I am passing by. I still prefer them to be black. Like the one I had at home.

This is the black Doberman which I mentioned about. This is just a pup. Oh he's so obedient and cute.

Lots of companies ranging from grooming school, pet food manufacturers, pet shop, shelters and lots more can be found at the fair.

OMG, this Pommeranian is so freaking CUTE!! Yes, he's trying to sleep while I am taking this picture.

This is definitely my highlight of the whole fair. It's a pure breed, shimmering silver coated Miniature Schnauzer. He is so active and it took me more than 20 pictures to get this one right. So elegant and so smart is what I can say. Definitely something I am gonna have one day.

No this is not a dog. It's a rabbit dress in an angel costume. They are having this Dress Up Your Rabbit Competition. And this all white Angel Rabbit won. Well deserved for him as he was so damn cute in that costume complete with angel wings and the round circle on top of the head.

What yer looking at? I got this picture perfect shot and might as well been my best shot of the day. Hear me roar!!!!

Didn't stay long as I need to rush home for my movie session at 1Utama. Well spent RM10 for two for the afternoon. If you're an animal lover this is the best to be on the weekend.

2 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

OMG~ I love that little Pommeranian, so CUTE!! My favourite breed it is.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Yup it's very cute. Like a ball only when they are small that time. hehe! :)

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