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Wednesday, July 15

What's That Button For?

As usual RPM class at Uptown tonight and was able to registered for BQ tonight. It was just QQ and BQ with me tonight. We did some real tough tracks again tonight. Well it's a challenge class and they don't called it Challenge if it's not tough, now won't they?! Was fiddling around with my new gadget before the class. Everything was set and it was time to do the first track when QQ told me to press START on my watch. LOL! Totally forgot that I need to press START. Silly me! At the end of the class, I checked on the watch and I had burned off over 700 kcal. Not bad (I think). Cause I heard that you can burn over 1000 calories is it in RPM? Still have a lot of functions to figure out. QQ showed me her Polar F6 series which is a bit more stylish. And Lillian's F11, well don't even wanna go that far. LOL!!

QQ was supposed to replaced Vincent's class tonight but since there was only one guy in the class so they decided to canceled it. Well BQ was hesitant in the beginning to join but after some brain wash by yours truly, she decided to join but it was too late as QQ had already canceled the class. So we bathed (separately of course) and I decided to go Murni tonight (as Old Town as a bit too boring for me). Had ordered their Roti Special and wasn't quite full yet. So we decided to ordered their Spaghetti Meat Ball. Yes, Murni served that too. Portion was large with 5 freaking BIG meat balls. Taste was alright and portion was very generous. We're all full at the end of the last bit. Gone home a full and happy guy. There goes my 700 over kcal down the drain.

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Don't get too hooked up with the numbers, especially the calories burnt, most of the time they are over estimated by quite a big margin as the measurement is calibrated against average adult, regardless of one's lifestyle.So take that number as an indication or comparison on the same basis. Same goes for those calories burnt shown on treadmill/cycling machines.

Burning over 1000 calories (not the one shown on the watch, but Effectively speaking) on RPM or on any GX classes is practically impossible. Even the most demanding sport such as endurance running/cycling/skiing if done outdoor at professional level wouldn't burn that many. Also, don't forget you are a seasoned GXist, therefore you will burn less energy compared to those doing the same moves at same effort level.

Didn't mean to pour cold water, but just don't want you to be misled, incase you start giving yourself even more excuses to eat more food!!!grrrr......

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Thanks for the heads up. Ya, definitely won't be hook on the numbers but just a indication as of what I have achieve. Ya, I read from health mags that seasoned GXist like me won't burn as much as those doing it less, that is why I need to varies my work out to surprise my muscle as you will put it.

I am more on cardio classes mix resistance previously. Now I am more focus on the cardio work out. So it's a bit of change once in a while. Hopefully I will be back to resistance again soon. If certain some one can still motivate me to. LOL!!!

And the last paragraph just gave you up. hahaha!!! Thanks for the advice.

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