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Tuesday, August 18

Finally It's Below 70

Everyone is sick around me these days. I think the death toll for h1a1 till date had reached 64 people in the nation. No funny matter. Myself had some minor sore throat these few days. I think my sore throat started when I cook and ate Maggie last weekend and again yesterday night. haha! Ya, I know it's not good to have too much instant noodle but some times it's nice to have a treat for myself. Anyway, am trying to sweat it out and drinking a lot of water in the process. So I think it's helping my throat a lot by doing this. Not sure if drinking babe's enzyme help but heck it's very nice to drink at night and good for digestion.

Mental note, need to cut down on dinner. I think I am catching back my dinner after gym these few days. Need to control myself not to take so much food after gym. Almost meet my target weight so it's worth it. Finally managed to get my weight below 70kgs. Yes, I weight that much all these years. I think I lost close to 10kgs within the year or so. Totally forgot what is my age when my weight is below 70kgs. Again this proves that hard work do pay off. I don't do supplements and weight loss program but just hard healthy work out and control diet. No point doing so much and don't control your diet right. But I do treat pamper myself once in a while. I eat hard hence I work harder while enjoying my life. That's one of my principle in life.

Mental Note: BS: 526kcal.

2 Octopus:

Anonymous said...

Congratulation man. Nice hearing someone achieving their goal of loosing weight the good ol' healthy way, exercising.

Don't forget to tune in for the new BC41 and BP71. Adios!


BaBy OcTopUs said...

thanks bro. i had always believe that to stay healthy, maintaining a healthy diet and also sweating it out each day at gym is the best way. the slow and steady way.

thanks for the comment again. will definitely be waiting for the new releases over here soon.

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