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Thursday, August 20

I Won Something Tonight

I arrived quite early today at gym and decided to do some warm up of my own in the RPM studio. As usual did a playlist and the rest was history. Cindy is showing me the face again when she saw me doing RPM alone in the studio. No babe, I am not deciding to take RPM instructor-ship but thanks for recommending. Break for 10 minutes before her class and wipe clean the floor before CL arrive for his Yoga class. Didn't burned that much during Body Pump class but damn the back track was tough. I didn't even completely finish the last 7 sets of rows. I think the song is Fly On The Wings of Love. And before that, the chest track was quite tough too but I forgot what's the name of the track. Was it Have A Nice Day? Not sure but she did asked us to add in additional 1kg and take it out after the break. Someone, amaze me, please.

Saw Alvin and made a last minute request for Track 4, what else but California Dreaming. He was supposed to do Amazing as the rest of the tracks was really tough according to him. We did Hot Stuff for track 3 before California Dreaming and it was really tough with lots of standing climb. I Want You To Want Me and Why is the next two song but I am not sure what is the last one though. Is it Love Comes Again? I know it was quite tough though. Anyone? Amaze me again. LOL!! Continued with Body Combat class with Master T & Alvin L doing the G.I Joe theme class. Not much crowd tonight but we all had fun and give it our all. BQ even shouted in the class, so I guess she's working something out tonight. At the end of the class I was so lucky to have won tickets for G.I Joe this coming Saturday for TWO at USJ. Thought to continued with Brian's RPM class but BQ looked a bit pale to me and decided to call it off. What a night, what a work out.

Mental Note: SS: 413kcal; BP: 424kcal; RPM: 531kcal; BC: 718kcal

3 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

ai yor, you didnt shouted, the ticket give to BQ lah....

Anonymous said...

Track 3 -chest - take extra one out after the break? - BP 63/ Famous last words


BaBy OcTopUs said...

alex: fyi, i shouted more than her that night, lolx

someone: i'll take your word for it since you're -someone- lolx

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