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Monday, August 24

No Stock?!!!

A friend of mine (and you know who you are) kept pestering me bout the iPhone 3G S. I can answer you on the plan and some of the technical question but I don't work with Maxis la bro. LOL!! I had asked around town and found out that the phone had run out of stock and those who book it now (and that mean you) will only be able to get their phone after 1 month (at least). Insider news from Maxis states that the new stock are only coming in after a month but no promises. The one that people are getting now is from the pre-booking that they did during my time. Luckily I got mine on the first day it arrived in our shore. This is the power of banging on their table (literally) and asking for my phone. I think I am starting to master the phone now and also the iTunes which gave me tons of problem in the beginning. Can't stop downloading the application online nowadays.

Personal Note: SS: 400kcal; BS: 554kcal; RPM: 766kcal; BC: 687kcal

6 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

your friend hor, go to Maxis center just keep quite, how he want to know more detail ?

HIs job cant get a big screen phone lah, later the screen break lagi heart break !!!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

i already told him what he wanna know. now just need to go and book only. that i cannot help already. he want fast ... i also cannot help la. haha! who ask him to book so late. kekeke!

Aleximon said...

if really want fast, then just paid it cash to buy the phone. At Maxis KLCC...: )

Baby octopus said...

Nope. Dun have stock. U pay cash also no stock. Unless he go to the one I told you previously next to my company.

Aleximon said...

can use some relation with maxis, they will give u, trust me !

BaBy OcTopUs said...

Ya la, go and tell them he is related to Ananda Krishnan. lolz

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