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Wednesday, August 12

This Is RPM Challenge!

Before the class I had requested some tracks through some 'connection'. Although it's quite last minute but at the end Lilian was able to make it. KNSQ came back on Monday and she decided to join RPM tonight with us. Nice seeing you again babe. QQ was team teaching with Lilian tonight. Class was a full house again tonight. But luckily we managed to secured the third row again. So how was the class? Let me see if I can go through with the tracks.
  1. Let's Get It Started
  2. 2 Sway
  3. Never Ever Surrender
  4. California Dreaming
  5. Gangsta's Paradise
  6. Children
  7. True Believer
  8. Only If I
  9. Because The Night
As you can see, the tracks was a killer and with me requesting for Track 4 -6 doesn't help much. Yes, a lot of people were cursing (in their head) when they heard Children. haha!! Work a lot tonight and sweat a lot too. Burned like 880kcal tonight. What a class, what a workout, what a CHALLENGE!!

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

KNSQ got wear mask or not ? take care ler....lol

BaBy OcTopUs said...

no la. so we are all exposed~ lolx

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