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Wednesday, September 16

I Hate Moving House!!!

Moving house is such a fuss. I mean it's not just the head ache of moving my stuff out from my current house to my brothers but something else. Now I need to change my mailing address too. I have so many bills ranging from credits cards (4 banks, I think), insurance, housing progressive letters, lawyers corresponding letters and not to mention from friends and relatives. Other than mails, I need to go over Tm Point to terminate my telephone and also broadband services. Fortunately I had managed to terminate the phone and broadband today. Still got few more banks to go for the alteration of address. Not to mention going over to the lawyer firm and developer's office to do the changes. Gonna move most of my stuff out to my parents house this weekend and unfortunately I won't be able to go back to my hometown during this long holiday. Sigh~ ! I hate moving house.

3 Octopus:

md said...

everybody hates it ler bro!! once u moved in to your new house, u will feel the satisfaction & happy on owning a house more ever its your 1st house!!

Baby Octopus said...

that is the problem. this is not my new house. in other word, i need to move again~~~~ arghh!!!

Aleximon said...

you need to move again in next 12 months....hahaha...maybe the old things just buang lah, new house, all new things !!!!

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