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Sunday, October 11

Life Back In Track

Life had finally back in track for me this weekend. For one, internet connectivity is GREAT over here. It's even faster than I am having at my place. I am now able to download multiple movie and drama and assured that it would be completed on the next morning. Supernatural Season 5, Heroes Season 4 and Gossip Girls Season 3 and not to mentioning my favorite Kang Xi show. LOL!!

Saturday was really long and tiring for me. As I need to get a cage for my cat and make it in time for a friend's open house. Transport my cat back to my babe's house at Klang after the luncheon and get him groom after that. Need to get ready for my friend's wedding dinner after settling my cat's welfare and all. It's great meeting with my friends again during wedding dinner and also someone I hasn't seen for quite some time.

2 Octopus:

Aleximon said...

how fast is the internet over there ? 2mb ah ?

Aleximon said...

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