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Monday, October 19

No BC Tonight

This is my first class on Monday night after missing for almost a month. Quickly placed my board at my usual spot and get myself ready. But was disappointed as Riyo wasn't teaching tonight but was replaced by Bryan. They had just changed the name on the board last minute as I saw Riyo's name when I arrived. I even saw a women return her board after finding out it's not her. Well I am not particular with the instructor and I had tried his class before and it's passable in my book. Realized that I love the new release of BS after each time doing it. Continued with Herny's RPM class and LP was able to join tonight. The class was packed tonight and luckily I was able to get a bike tonight. But the bike wasn't that good so I was a bit annoyed during the speed work. Damn I was so exhausted after the class.

Decided not to join my usual BC class as I wasn't in the mood at all. I am so bored of the new release. Can't wait to return to the old tracks selection next week. But the class was so damn full as usual. Got home early and bought a double special burger for dinner. Woo Hoo!!!

2 Octopus:

TTB said...

no need to do BC lah if already burnt 800 over kcal in RPM!

BaBy OcTopUs said...

lolx~ you got me there babe!!! will sit this release through and come back next week for some BC classes maybe. hehe!

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